WOODWARD 8290195 Speed Control 24V Part Number 8290-195 8290 195

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Spesifikasi WOODWARD 8290195 Speed Control 24V Part Number 8290-195 8290 195

Woodward Speed Control 8290-195
The Woodward Flo-Tech™ Speed Control provides precise speed control of an engine with separate dynamics for stable, responsive engine operation at rated and idle speeds. Electronic Circuits All circuits in the Flo-Tech Speed Control are solid state and are not serviceable in the field. The printed circuit board is manufactured by Woodward to provide maximum tolerance to temperature and vibration. Components are wave soldered to the board, and the circuits are computer-tested to assure maximum dependability and accuracy. Potentiometers, accessible through the control-box case or input through the terminal board, provide all adjustments to the control system. A 10-turn potentiometer provides precise adjustment of the rated-speed setting. One-turn potentiometers provide adjustment for rated speed, fuel limit, idle or unloaded gain and stability, and rated or loaded gain and stability. In addition, the control can be fitted with external potentiometers to set the idle speed and to trim the rated speed from a remote location. Speed Control The control converts the signal from the magnetic pickup on the engine into a dc voltage level which is proportional to engine speed. This voltage level is compared to the rated or idle speed setting. After the speed error is modified by GAIN, STABILITY, and SPEED TRIM, the result is sent to a driver that provides 0–200 mA to the Flo-Tech Throttle installed on the engine.

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