WOODWARD 8256-021 EPG ACTUATOR 8256021 8256 021

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Spesifikasi WOODWARD 8256-021 EPG ACTUATOR 8256021 8256 021

WOODWARD 8256-021 EPG ACTUATOR 8256021 8256 021

Electrically Powered Governor Systems

The 512/524 and 1712/1724 EPGs are three-component governing systems for

12 or 24 VDC operation. All EPG systems include an actuator, an electronic speed

control, and magnetic pickup.

Isochronous electronic controls are available with either start-fuel limit or with switch selected

dual dynamics.

Droop controls are available for certain types of parallel generator application. Load

sharing devices are available for use with the isochronous models used in paralleled


The selected EPG actuator is mounted on the prime mover and mechanically linked

to the fuel control. The rotary design and output shaft on both ends gives 30

(512/524) or 35 (1712/1724) clockwise or counterclockwise travel to low-mass, low friction

fuel linkages. Preloaded internal return springs supply the shaft torque in the

decrease-fuel direction and for shutdown should the electronic control signal be lost.

A rugged cast aluminum housing permits installation of the speed control on the

engine skid.

In operation, the control compares the speed of the engine with the desired speed or

desired load and sets the actuator position to correct discrepancies.

Gain and stability adjustments tailor the governors response to the specific engine.

EPG controllers with switch-selected dynamics allow stable operation at no load and

brisk response when the unit is heavily loaded.
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