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Spesifikasi UDT-814D-12 AIRBATH Dissolution Tester - LOGAN INSTRUMENTS

PT. SPEKTRA SURYA UTAMA merupakan distributor alat laboratorium sejak tahun 1992 dan merupakan distributor peralatan, sebagai berikut :

UDT-814D-12 AIRBATH Dissolution Tester

The UDT-814D-12 AIRBATH Dissolution Tester is the newest apparatus for 12 position dissolution testing. This 12-vessel dissolution tester is designed for easy operation and built to operate continuously. The two additional (optional) vessels can be used for blank, standard or media replacement.
Not like the traditional water bath, the UDT-814D is directly heated by AIRBATH with a special safety feature. The automatic safety shut-off switch shuts off the system when the temperature is over the preset safety limit and auto resets the system after the temperature goes above the limit. The shafts for the paddles and baskets are interchangeable, which makes it easier to change test methods.
The height adjustment for paddles and baskets are set electronically. USP calibration Balls are provided for height validation. The vessel plate is made of a new acid resistant material. The no-vibration design combined with speed/temperature self-calibration ensures all tablets dissolve at the same speed and temperature. An additional VTC-100 heater circulator is added to the UDT-814D-12 to speed up the heating time.
Several options are available with the UDT-814D-12 including an automated sampling manifold to link the unit with other instruments such as automated sampling systems or a syringe manifold for easy manual sampling. Other options are a tablet-dropping tray and an external printer.

Large easy to read LCD display for Speed, Temperature and Time
Self-centering vessel design and self-calibrating speed and temperature control system
Electronic sampling height adjustment for paddle or basket at different media volumes
12-Spindle with additional 2-positions for blank and standard configuration
Password protection control

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PT. SPEKTRA SURYA UTAMA merupakan distributor alat laboratorium sejak tahun 1992 untuk peralatan Laboratory, Analytical dan Alat Lingkungan. Kami merupakan distributor peralatan : Polarimeter, Saccharomat, Refractometer, Colorimeter, Saccharoflex - SCHMIDT + HAENSCH; Dissolution Tester, Tap Density Tester, Disintegration Tester, Test Friability Tester, Hardness Tester, Transdermal Diffusion Cell, Automated release Rate tester- Logan Instruments; Levelogger, RainLogger, Water Level Meter - SOLINST

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