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Siemens SIMATIC TP700

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Spesifikasi Siemens SIMATIC TP700

Cari berbagai macam dari pilihan terlengkap Laser Pointer. Cari penawaran terbaik dan termurah dari supplier terlengkap di Indonetwork.
Brand: Siemens Name: Siemens SIMATIC TP700 Type: 6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0 Specification of the display screen TFT Screen diagonal 7in Screen width 152.4mm Screen height 91.4mm Color quantity 16777216 Resolution ratio ( Picture element) Resolution ratio of the horizontal picture 800 Resolution ratio of the vertical picture 480 Light in a poor light MTBF background is lighted ‘ The temperature is 25 degrees of C) 80000h Can regulate the background to light Yes; 0-100 % Operate the component Keyboard script Button quantity of the function The tape has buttons of LED Whether not Systematic button Whether not The figure is input and input with the letter Digital keyboard Yes; Screen keyboard Alphanumeric keyboard Yes; Screen keyboard Touch-sensitive screen Touch-sensitive screen Yes The course is operated and expanded It is in charge of ( LED) that the quantity / luminescence is secondary F1 … Fx Quantity / button F1 … Fx Direct a button ‘ Touch buttons and input the ancillary equipment as S7) 32 Installation way / installation May install vertically ‘ Longitudinal form) Yes May install horizontally ‘ Horizontal form) Yes Power voltage Voltage type of the power DC Specified voltage / DC 24V Allow the range, make the limit ( DC) 19.2V Allow the range, have the limit ( DC) 28.8V Input the electric current Consume the electric current ‘ Specified value) 0.5A I² T, the maximum 0.5A² s Power Consumption, typical value 12W Processor Processor type X86 Yes ARM Whether not Memory Shan Cun Yes RAM Yes The ones that are used in user’ s data can use the memory 12Mbyte Export the type Info LED Whether not Power LED Whether not Error LED Whether not Sound Buzzer Whether not Loudspeaker Yes Time Clock Hardware clock ( Real-time clock) Yes Software clock Whether not Buffer memory Yes Can move ahead simultaneously Yes Interface RS 485 interface quantity 1; 422/ 485 of the interface associations of RS USB interface quantity 2; USB 2.0 The fan your Model B USB interface quantity 1; 5 stitches Slot quantity of SD card 2 The interface quantity runs side by side 20 mA interface quantity ( TTY) RS 232 interface quantity RS 422 interface quantity 1 Other interface quantity There is interface of software Whether not Industrial Ethernet Interface quantity of industrial Ethernet 2 Industrial Ethernet state LED 2 Port quantity of the integrated switch 2 Agreement PROFINET Yes Agreement that PROFINET IO supports Yes Support IRT Yes; Take WinCC subsequent edition Support MRP Yes; Take WinCC subsequent edition PROFIBUS Yes MPI Yes Agree ‘ Ethernet) TCP/ IP Yes DHCP Yes SNMP Yes DCP Yes LLDP Yes Network attribute HTTP Yes HTTPS Whether not HTML Yes XML Whether not CSS Yes Active X Whether not JavaScript Yes Java VM Whether not Other agreements CAN Whether not MODBUS Yes Support EtherNet/ IP agreement Yes Alarm / diagnosis / status information Diagnostic message The diagnostic message can be read Yes; S7 controller EMV Inhibit radiation for radio interference according to EN 55 011 standard The radiation interference of radio accords with EN 55 011 ( the grade A of critical value) Yes The radiation interference of radio accords with EN 55 011 ( the grade B of critical value) Whether not Protect the grade and protect the classification Protect the grade ( EN 60529) IP20 IP ( front) IP65 Including the type 4, front Yes Including the type 4x front Yes Standard, permission, certificate CE Yes KC lets Yes cULus Yes C-TICK Yes Use in the anti-blast area ATEX area 2 Yes ATEX area 22 Yes CULus I a district Whether not CULus I 2 districts, 2 grades Yes FM I 2 grades Yes The environment is required Erection site Vertical There is no allowing the sloping angle the most largely when ventilated of outside 35 degrees Operation temperature Operation ( Install vertically) While installing vertically / minimum 0 degrees of C While installing vertically / maximum 50 degrees of C Operation ( Largest sloping angle) In most large sloping hour such as view / minimum 0 degrees of C In most large sloping hour such as view / maximum 40 degrees of C Operate ( install vertically, longitudinal form) While installing vertically / minimum 0 degrees of C While installing vertically / maximum 40 degrees of C Operate ( the largest sloping angle, longitudinal form) In most large sloping hour such as view / minimum 0 degrees of C In most large sloping hour such as view / maximum 35 degrees of C Deposit / transportation temperature Minimum -20 degrees of C Maximum 60 degrees of C Relative humidity The largest relative air humidity 90% Operating system Windows CE Yes Exclusive Whether not Other Whether not Configuration News reveals Yes There is gentle system of newspaper ‘ Including bumper and responder) Yes Course value reveal ‘ Export) Yes Can stipulate course value ‘ Input) Yes The scheme is managed Yes Configuration software STEP 7 Basic ( TIA Portal) Whether not STEP 7 Professional ( TIA Portal) Whether not WinCC flexible Compact Whether not WinCC flexible Standard Whether not WinCC flexible Advanced Whether not WinCC Basic ( TIA Portal) Whether not WinCC Comfort ( TIA Portal) Yes; Above V11 edition WinCC Advanced ( TIA Portal) Yes; Above V11 edition WinCC Professional ( TIA Portal) Yes; Above V11 edition Language Online language On-line / running time language quantity 32 Language Language of each project 32 Language D Yes GB Yes F Yes I Yes E Yes CHN ” Traditional Chinese ” Yes CHN ” simplified form of Chinese Character ” Yes DK Yes FIN Yes GR Yes J Yes KP / ROK Yes NL Yes N Yes PL Yes P Yes RUS Yes S Yes CZ Yes SK Y es TR Yes H Yes Function under WinCC flexible Storehouse Yes Application software / selection one Internet Explorer Yes Pocket Word Yes Pocket Excel Yes PDF Viewer Yes Media player Yes SIMATIC WinCC Sm@ rtServer Yes SIMATIC WinCC Audit Yes Visual Basic script quantity Quantity 100 Task plan device Time controls Yes The task is controlled Yes Help the system The character of each information text is counted 70
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PT. Mandiri Raya Tangguh

PT. Mandiri Raya Tangguh adalah Automation, Control And Industrial Supply.Dimana perusahaan kami bergerak pada bidang Electrical equipment yang berkonsentrasi pada Automation Part( Sensor, proximity, photosensor ) , PLC Part, Control Inverter, Inverter Part IGBT, RECTIFIER, DIODA dan Indutrial Part lainnya. mulai bulan april 2013 kami merupakan agen resmi dan importir untuk produk inverter Merk SINEE, dimana memiliki kualitas yang handal dan Harga yang sangat economis, cocok untuk industries dan semua pabrik manufacturing Brand : Omron, Autonics , Hitachi, Mean Well, CKD, SMC, Schneider / Telemecanique/ Merlin Gerin , Hanyoung, ABB, Festo, Oriental Motor, Panasonic , Pepperl + Fuchs , Kasuga , Mitsubishi Electrics , Fuji Electrics, Sunx / Sun-x , Sick , Keyence , Siemens, Legrand, Kinogawa, Shihlin Electric, Socomec, hager, Ewig , Idec , Supreme, Lenze, Delta, Sony , Yaskawa , Unitronics , Fuji Seiki , Culter Hammer, Nachi, Nitto Kohki, Dan beberapa brand lain nya

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/5qTguz3d7WubzYFw7
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