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Spesifikasi SENSING HEAD FEM-1S 90S KYOKUTOU Position Sensor

Cari berbagai macam dari pilihan terlengkap Position Sensor. Cari penawaran terbaik dan termurah dari supplier terlengkap di Indonetwork.
In the world of manufacturing, accuracy and efficiency are the keys to success. Kyokutou understands the need for a partner to provide the highest quality tools at the lowest price. We offer premium quality deburring and chamfering tools that deburr in a single pass, saving you time and money. We also produce custom deburring tools that fit your individual needs.
Our line of deburring tools, the Burr-Bye, Ultra Deburr and Elipto Master tools are made of high-speed steel, can handle any job from aluminum to titanium and can be used in the CNC machining centers you currently have. These tools can be used in single or multi-spindle drilling machines, lathe, NC machine tools, special machines as well as hand tools. Our deburring and chamfering tools range in measurements; from both metric and inches from as small as 0.0315” (0.8mm) to as big as 2” (50.0mm) sized holes.
In addition to our top of the line tools, we offer the Broken Tool Detector for your CNC machining centers you currently have. This device features an intelligently designed sensing mechanism that will automatically stop production when a broken tool or product is discovered, saving time and money in lost materials and productivity. It is easily installed and used by major manufactures all over the world.
Broken Tool Detector fo CNC Machines
When it comes to preventing product loss due to broken tools continuing to run in a CNC machine, Ultra Tool's FEM Broken Tool Sensing Device has you coverd. It will detect a broken tap, drills, reamers or product and automatically shut down production in your CNC Machining Center. This will save you thousands of dollars by protecting the product from getting damaged. This state of the art device is simple to install, and is already in use at top auto manufacturers around the world, replacing inferior and outdated phototube and acoustic emission sensors.
The FEM Broken Tool Sensing Head is controlled by a microcomputer and features a fully sealed air tight (ISO IP67 Waterproof), so there are no side effects from machine vibration, coolant, oil, or chips from the CNC machine. It detects a broken tool when the sensing needle's full rotation is compromised, the Sensing Device sends a signal that shuts down the CNC Machining Center. It operates under a high-precision DC Swiss motor that drives the needle and the control unit’s IC circuits and the microcomputer guarantees its quality and reliability.
The Broken Tool Sensing Device can be used in a wide variety of NC machines, such as Lathes, Drilling Machines, and NC Machining Centers, as well as in Transfer, Rotary Index, Tapping, Multiple Drilling, and Automatic Assembly Machines.
Products :
FEM-1CP (GREEN FRONT PANEL) : The Sensing Head and Exclusive Single Axis Controller for standard
use, single START input will rotate the Sensing Needle FWD, after the tool has been detected.
FEM-1CP/T (RED FRONT PANEL) : The Sensing Head and Exclusive Single Axis Controller, has the same operating principle as the FEM-1CP, START input gives detection direction (FWD input F) and HOME direction (REVERSE input R) uses a separate input.
FEM-1CP/W (ORANGE FRONT PANEL) : The Sensing Head and Exclusive Single Axis Controller for Automatic Lathe applications is for work piece detection exclusively (not tool detection). START input is the same as FEM-1CP except when a work piece is detected at the specified angle a NG signal is given. 
Sensing Head 45S, 60S, 90S, 120S, 180S
Sensing Cap : Plate Cap (dia 12x9), Needle Cap (dia 12x9)
Sensing Needle : Dia 1.2x105, Dia 1.2x155
Sensing Plate : 5x105xt0.4, 5x155xt0.4(R)
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"Price is what you pay, Value is what you get…”
About Us

Cv. Revianes Utama Indojaya was established on 2008, specialising in supplies of Machinery’s, Power Plants, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Mining, Tools - Equipment & Industrial's Spare Parts.  
Over time Revianes expanded into being a Procurement Service Provider for companies who seek to work with suppliers who are able to supply a wide range of industrial products of various brands.
Services both the Marine and Industrial Industries with an extensive range of spare parts / machinery / equipments receiving full support from all the major manufacturers in U.S.A., UK, Germany, China, Japan, Korea and Singapore.
And also assure fast response to any customer’s requirement and we take full responsibility for the goods from the time of ordering until delivered to our customer’s site.
Our products went through a process of  Quality  Control as well as Warranty Control from the producer.
Whatever you needs, our knowledge in this field will ensure your requirement will be handled efficiently at the most competitive price.
We are committed to ensure and deliver quality products and services in meeting our valued customers’ requirements and expectation with our service that is second to none.
Value Added Services
• Able to supply obsoleted parts of various brands
Company Values
• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Respect
• Determination
• Discipline
Why choose Revianes ?
We offer you a complete service, starting from the preparation of our offer up to the delivery.  The process is simplified and easy for you to comprehend.  These are the advantages you enjoy when you choose Revianes.
We aim to build long term associations with our customers and will not go for short term gains.  If we are favoured with a trial order it will give us a chance to show you the level of service and personal attention that Revaines offers. Many of our customers that joined us in the late 2008’s are still with us today.  Keep In Touch !
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We’re always interested in new projects, big or small.  
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your  project.
Customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Quick response within 24 hours.
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