Safe Deposit Boxes ( SDB)

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Spesifikasi Safe Deposit Boxes ( SDB)

In the course to acquire new customers and stabilize the banking transactions with customer, Safe Deposit Boxes ( SDB) service is rapidly playing a more significant roll in the customer services. SDB vault which protect the valuables of customers are required to be a High Security Area, free from any kind of attacks and disaster with regards to functions as well as facilities. Mosler, taking into consideration seriously and sufficiently the entrusted responsibility, consolidates here the technical know-how, accumulated for long years, of physical security equipment will help the mutual reliability build up and be reinforced between your bank and customers. PT Aneka Star offers two MODEL of SDB: ( 1) DELUXE SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES - External Hinge. ( 2) CONCEALED SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES - Internal Hinge. The boxes size are 3" x10" , 5" x10" , 10" x10" , etc. * Mosler SDB doors are made of solid anti magnetic stainless steel with Hair-line finished to look bright and beautiful. Laminated finished Stainless Steel Doors are also available. * Solid rear interlock hinges securely guard against any attempt to open even the hinges are destroyed or totally cut off. * Locks provide 1.000.000 combined key changes for maximum locking security. Especially designed tumblers make it impossible to insert an turn the customer key until Guard Key has been fully operated. * Each Mosler SDB is furnished with an easy to handle and carry bond box. * For customer convenience, pull shelf installed on each SDB section and move-able stainless steel step-ladder is also available.
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PT. Aneka Star

PT. Aneka Star berdiri pada tahun 1976 bergerak dalam bidang manufaktur Office/ Banking Equipment & Security ( dengan merk MOSLER) dan Storage/ Racking System ( dengan merk WESTAR) . Semua produk adalah produksi lokal dengan lokasi Pabrik berada di Cibinong dengan kantor pusat terletak di Jakarta.
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PT. Aneka Star

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