RHZK6.8/ 30 Breathing Apparatus

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Spesifikasi RHZK6.8/ 30 Breathing Apparatus

RHZK-6.8/ 30 Breathing Apparatus Details : Self-contained compressed air operated breathing apparatus Product Data 1. Model: RHZK-6.8/ 30 2. Volume of air cylinder: 6.8L 3. Working pressre: 30Mpa 4. Air supply flow: e300L/ min 5. Alarm pressure: 4~ 6Mpa 6. Weight: 10.5kg Priciple Components 1. Full face mask 2. air supply valve 3. pressure gauge and rest air warning system 4. pressure reducer 5. back support 6. compressed air cylinder RHZK6.8/ 30, carbon fiber compound material volume: 6.8L, capacity: 2040L RHZK Series of products Type RHZK-6.8/ 30 Working pressure of the cylinder : 30 Mpa Max air volume of cylinder : 2040 L Air supply flow : e300 L/ min Cylinder Volume : 6.8 L Alert Pressure : 5~ 6 MPa Usage time min : 60 Weight Kg : d10.5 Package Dimensions : 77* 30* 49 cm Certificate : CCS Notes : Carbon fabric Technical Specifications 1. Air cylinder: be used for storing of the compressed air for respiration.The working pressure of the cylinder is 30Mpa.The material is steel for 5L and 6L cylinder or a carbon fiber compound material for 6.8L cylinder.The cylinder valve is an important part connected to a pressure reduce valve. 2. Pressure reducer: be used to reduce the high pressure air to 0.8 0.2Mpa for a stable output pressure for the lung governed demand valve.It is fixed in a back support and combined with a cylinder valve. It has a high pressure interface and a low pressure output interface.The high pressure output air flows in a high pressure gauge and rest air warning device by means of a high pressure hose.The low pressure output air flows in an air supply valve by means of a medium pressure hose.The pressure reduce valve is combined with the medium pressure hose and the high pressure hose. 3. Medium pressure safety valve: be assembled on the low pressure output interface of a pressure reduce valve.When the inner pressure of a pressure reduce reducer reaches 1.1 1.7Mpa, it causes opening of the safety valve automatically to release air pressure so that the medium pressure tube and air supply valve remain in normal operation state. 4. Medium pressure hose: It consists of a pressure rubber hose and an air supply valve. 5. High pressure hose and high pressure guange and rest air warning system: the high pressure hose is a pressure rubber hose that provides high pressure air to a high pressure gauge and a rest air warning device.The pressure range of a pressure gauge is 0-40Mpa.The sections of 27-30Mpa working pressure, and, 5-6Mpa warning pressure are marked with blue and red signs .When the cylinder pressure sinks to 5-6Mpa, the rest air warning device makes a continuous sound of 90dB to warn the user to escape a hazardous atmosphere.Meanwhile, the cylinder can provide air to user for 5-8min. 6. Lung governed demand valve and bypass device: The demand valve is a positive pressure valve providing over 300L/ min air flow.It consists of a reinforced nylon body, an open lever and a bypass device and there is manual switch for air outside of the valve that is printed with mask ? OFF? .The bypass valve is a spare safety device that can provide a stable air supply which does not pass a breathing switch.Turn the bypass valve 1/ 4 cycle anti-clockwise to supply continual air. 7. Back support: be used to fix a cylinder and a pressure reducer.The loading is well distributed on two shoulders by means of a back belt that consists of a shoulder belt and the waist belt. Full face mask: A positive pressure face mask providing a wide field vision and fine transparency. The mask is manufactured with silicon rubber ans is sealed with double-deck ringed sheets.There is a small mouth-piece in the face-mask which matches the mouth and nose.It can reduce the respiration resistance and harmful space.There is an exhalation valve inside the mouth-piece.The visor? s material is polycarbonate.A tight belt combination with the mask through a fast clip draws the belt tight to match the face of the user.The mask has double-deck sealed ring so that the user can use it in safety.
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