Relay ARTECHE RJ8DI Complete With Socket Mounting

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Spesifikasi Relay ARTECHE RJ8DI Complete With Socket Mounting

Instantaneous Auxiliary Relay ARTECHE RJ8DI Complete With Socket Mounting
Arteche relay sockets performs two main functions: facilitate relay wiring and provide a strong and resilient physical interface with the installation, especially in safety and most demanding applications. Arteche relay sockets range includes front connection, rear connection and flush mount sockets. Socket terminals can be screw or faston.
Instantaneous relays contacts change instantaneously from non-working position to working position when its coil is energized, coming back contacts to the initial non-working position when the coil is no more fed.Arteche instantaneous relays are designed to ensure an optimal response and extreme security in the most demanding environments.Their technical and mechanical performance makes them an optimal choice for safety-critical applications and in installations where security and durability are a must.
Arteche manufactures instantaneous relays from 2 to 16 contacts (RD-2, RF-4, RJ-8 and RI-16 models) with optional features to meet each application requirements:

DI and V models: Relays with overvoltage protection in parallel with the coil, through diode o varistance (i.e.: RD-2DI, RF-4V, RI-16DI).
R and XR models: Fast and ultra-fast operation time relays (i.e.: RD-2R, RF-4XR and RJ-8XR).
SY models: Relays with seismic characteristics, shock and vibration withstand (RD-2SY, RF-4SY and RJ-8SY).
SYDI and SYV models: These relays combine seismic characteristics with overvoltage protection (i.e.: RD-2SYV, RF-4SYDI and RF-4SYV).

Arteche has a range of instantaneous relays with extremely high breaking capacity. To learn more please visit contactors.
Arteche also manufactures FF instantaneous relays series, a product range specially designed to meet the most demanding requirement of railway industry.
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