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Quick 70V Rapid Full Spectrum Water Quality Analyzer

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Spesifikasi Quick 70V Rapid Full Spectrum Water Quality Analyzer

Cari berbagai macam dari pilihan terlengkap Multiparameter Water Quality Meter. Cari penawaran terbaik dan termurah dari supplier terlengkap di Indonetwork.
Multiparameter Water Quality Meter

product details
Quick 70 Series Full Spectrum Water Quality Rapid Analyzer

Product description

Quick 70 series "Full Spectrum Water Quality Rapid Analyzer" based on UV-Vis spectrophotometer technology, with built-in standard method curve of water quality industry measurement items, can directly measure and read the sample concentration. There is no need for users to purchase standard substances, just add the reagents that come with the product as required, and the sample measurement can be completed. There is no need for complicated sample preparation before the test. The process is simple, and the error caused by the preparation of the sample is avoided. Simplified one-button measurement function design and automatic sample rack configuration ensure that non-analytical professionals can also successfully complete the sample determination, simple and easy to use.

Quick 70 series is a full-spectrum water quality rapid analyzer. Its test items are based on national industry standards: COD- "HJ/T 399-2007", ammonia nitrogen- "HJ 535-2009", total phosphorus- "GB11893-89", total nitrogen - "HJ 636-2012". Quick 70 series is a standard UV-Vis spectrophotometer, which is more cost-effective. Quick 70 series can pass the metrological verification of JJG178 "Verification Regulations for Ultraviolet, Visible and Near Infrared Spectrophotometers" and meet the requirements of regulations.

Quick 70 series has more accurate measurement results than other water quality analyzers. The transmittance accuracy is ≤0.3%T. The test wavelength error is ≤0.05nm, and the measurement data is more accurate.

Quick 70 series adopts a color touch screen, which makes the map, curve and data more intuitive and convenient. Measurement data can be exported through output methods such as U disk and built-in printer. The host software can also be upgraded with one key through U disk, which is convenient for users to customize the needs of the test project.
Functions and Features

The host includes: water quality analysis module and spectrophotometer module;

The photometer module has functions such as: basic mode, quantitative measurement, full wavelength scanning, kinetics and multi-wavelength measurement;

Test items: According to national industry standards: COD- "HJ/T 399-2007", ammonia nitrogen- "HJ 535-2009", total phosphorus- "GB11893-89", total nitrogen- "HJ 636-2012";

Measuring range: total nitrogen 0.5-150mg/L, ammonia nitrogen 0.015-50mg/L, total phosphorus 0.6-100mg/L, COD 0.7-15000mg/L;

Verification regulations: meet the requirements of level 2 in "JJG-178 Verification Regulations for Ultraviolet, Visible and Near Infrared Spectrophotometers";

Colorimetric upgrade: 1-5cm automatic quadruple cell sample holder, which can test four samples continuously with one key, more convenient to use;

Simple maintenance: unique socket-type tungsten lamp/deuterium lamp, lamp replacement without optical debugging, easy equipment maintenance;

Professional total nitrogen measurement: it can be used as a professional total nitrogen analyzer. With automatic UV dual wavelength switching, it is easy to use, flexible and efficient, and has good wavelength repeatability, precise results, and direct reading of concentration;
Preset curve: preset various measurement modes and curves;

Supporting reagents: with complete set of professional consumable reagents, the working steps are greatly reduced, and the measurement is simpler and more accurate;

Convenient operation: 7-inch color touch screen, user-friendly design, direct reading of concentration, Chinese display interface;

Data processing: can store massive test data, view it freely, and support U disk export;

Supporting digester: the standard dual temperature zone digester can digest two water samples with different temperature indicators at the same time, which help save time.

Application fields

Widely used in third-party testing companies, sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment engineering companies, biopharmaceuticals, paper printing and dyeing, metallurgical forging, leather electroplating, petrochemicals, food and dairy industries, sewage companies, universities and scientific research institutes for water quality analysis.

Partial test items

COD, Ammonia Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, Nitrate, Nitrate Nitrogen, Free and Total Chlorine, Sulfate, Sulfide, Color, Nitrobenzene, Formaldehyde, Anionic Surfactant, Iodide, Carbon Disulfide, Sulfur Cyanate, trichloroacetaldehyde, turbidity, permanganate index, nitrite nitrogen, phosphate, fluoride, cyanide, total chromium, hexavalent, aniline, volatile phenol, hydrazine hydrate, triethylamine, etc. .

Technical parameters

Quick 70
Quick 70V
Main parameters of spectrophotometer
Optical system
Quasi-double beam, 1200/mm holographic grating
Quasi-double beam, 1200/mm holographic grating
Spectral bandwidth (nm )
Wavelength range (nm)
Wavelength accuracy (nm)
Wavelength repeatability (nm)
Stray Light (%T )
Transmittance accuracy (%T)
Transmittance repeatability (%T )
Baseline flatness (Abs)
Noise (%T)
0% line≤0.1;

100% line≤0.2
0% line≤0.2;

100% line≤0.3
Drift (Abs)
Other parameters of spectrophotometer
Wavelength resolution (nm)
Photometric range
0-200%T, -0.301-3A,
0-200%T, -0.301-3A,
Light source
Deuterium and tungsten lamps
Tungsten lamps
7 inch color touch screen
7 inch color touch screen
Chinese, English automatic switch
Chinese, English automatic switch
Data output
U disk, thermal printer
U disk, thermal printer
Software upgrade
Support one-key upgrade of U disk
Support one-key upgrade of U disk
Power range
90~250V/AC 50-60Hz
90~250V/AC 50-60Hz
Parameters of water quality analyzer
Sample holder
1-5cm automatic quadruple cell sample holder
1-5cm automatic quadruple cell sample holder
Test items
Test item customization
Data printing
Thermal line printer
Thermal line printer
Data upload
Infrared, USB
Infrared, USB
Linear coefficient
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Website kami : www.mitrakatigasejahtera.com

Dengan hormat, Kami adalah perusahaan swasta nasional yang bergerak di bidang Agent tunggal dan Distributor serta Suplier peralatan laboratorium kualitas air dan udara, Getaran dan Soil Test kit, General Laboratory instruments , Peralatan laboratorium Untuk Universitas :
1. Fakutas Teknik
a. Alat Laboratorium Teknik Sipil
b. Alat Laboratorium Teknik Metalurgi dan Material
c. Alat laboratorium Teknik Kimia
d. Alat laboratorium Teknik Kelautan
e. Alat Laboratorium Teknik Lingkungan
f. Alat laboratorium Teknik Fisika
g.Teknik Arsitektur Jual alat laboratorium air Jual alat laboratorium buah Jual alat laboratorium ekologi Jual alat laboratorium hasil perikanan Jual alat laboratorium lingkungan Jual alat laboratorium mikrobiologi Jual alat laboratorium udara Jual alat laboratorium meteorologi Jual alat kenyamanan kerja

I. Peralatan Laboratorium Kualitas Udara:


a. Gas analyzers for Automotive.
b. Smoke meters.

2.DELTAOHM (Distributor Indonesia). 

a. Temperature - Humidity.
b. Pressure.
c. Air Speed anemometer.
d. Light meter.
e. Air Quality - CO - CO2
f.  Multifunction - Dataloggers .
g. Photometry-Radiometry.
h. Acoustic. 
i.  Hand Arm  and whole bodyVibrations analyzer.
j.  Microclimate. 
k. WBGT Area Heat Stress Monitor. 
l.  Environmental Analysis & Water Analysis .
m.Temperature Probes .
n. Temperature and Humidity Transmite.

a .Epam 5000 Environmental Particulate Air Monitor
b. Particulate Air Monitor 
c .Personal Dust Monitor
d. Particulate Sensing System


a. Sound Level Meter
b. Noise Activated Systems
c. Audiometer
d. Vibration Meter 
e. Air Sampling 

. AIR METRIC MiniVol Portable Air Sampler for TSP,PM2.5 PM10

. Peralatan Laboratorium Kualitas Air


a. Photometers
b. COD-Equipment 
c. BOD-Measurement
d. Turbidity Meters
e. Hand-held-Meters
f.  Rapid Tests 
g .Comparator 
h .Flocculation 
i.  Powder Dispenser.

2. Sandberg & Schneidewind

-a.Trawas ( Water Testing Kit)


a. Horizontal Alpha Water Sampler 
b. Vertical Alpha Water Sampler

4. CKC
a .Portable Suspended Solids Monitoring


a. OSIRIS Particulate Monitoring
b. DustMate hand held dust detector PM 10,PM 2.5 ,PM 1,TSP
c .TOPAS Particulate Monitoring.
d. Noise & Vibration
e. Off-Road Vehicles
f. Sound & Noise
g.Gas Monitors


Lab Equipment :

A.  Autoclaves.

   -  Horizontal Autoclave
   -  Plasma Autoclave
   -  Medical Autoclave
   -  Portable Autoclave
   -  Table Top Autoclave
   -  Vertikal Autoclave.

B.  Automatic Glassware Washer.   

C. Airborne Particle Counter.

 -  Dust Monitor PM10, PM 2.5 PM 10 , TSP.
 -   Dual Flow Particle Counter.
 -   Hand held Airborn Particle counter.
 -   Portable Airborne Particle Counter.

D. Baths and Circulators.

-   Water Bath.
-   Constant Temperature Water bath.
-   Heating Circulating Baths
-   Thermostatic Baths
-   Refrigerated Thermostatic Bath and Heating Circulator.
-   Rapid Low - Temperature cooling circulating bath.
-   Stainless Steel Water Baths.
-   Tissue Flotation Water Bath.
-   Refrigerated Thermostatic Water Bath.


-    Density Balance.
-    Electronic Balance.
-    Analytical Balance.
-    Precision Balance.

F.   Blood Collection Monitor.

G.  Biochemistry Analyzer.   
H.  Blood Thaw machine.

I.  Centrifuge.

-   Cell Washing Centrifuge.
-   Haematocrit Centrifuge.
-   High Speed Centrifuge.
-   Low Speed Centrifuge.
-   Mini Centrifuge.
-   Refrigerated Centrifuge.
-   Vaccum Concentrator Centrifuge.

J.  Colorimeters.

-  Benchtop Colorimeter.
-  Spectral Colorimeter.
-  Haze Meter.

K.  Colony Counter.

L. CO2 Incubator.

-  Air -Jacketed CO2 Incubator.
-  Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubator.

M.  Chillers.

- Air Cooled Chillers.
- Water Chillers.

N.  Chomatography.

-  GC-MS.

O.  Drug Detector.

-   Portable Explosives Drug Detector.
-   Portable Trace Drug Detector .
-   Desktop Trace Drug Detector.
-   Portable Trace Drug Detector.

P.  Differential Thermal Analyzers.
-  Density Meter.
-  Dosimeter.

Q. Environmental Monitoring Equipment:
 -  Digital Differential Pressure Meter. 
   Gas Detectors.
   Handheld Ozone Tester
   Online Ozone Meter
   UV-Absorption Ozone Meter.
-  Electrophoresis System
-  Elemental  (CHN) Analyzer.
-  Freezers.
-  Freeze Dryers
-  Fume Hood
-  Flame Photometer.
-  Flammability Tester.
-  Gel Documentation.
-  Hybridization Oven.
-  HPLC.
-  Ice Makers.
-  Incubator.
-  IR Carbon Sulphur Analyzer.
-  Jar Testers.
-  Kjedahl Systems.
-  Latex Stability Tester.
-  Lab Refrigrator - Freezer Combination.
-  Laboratory Shakers and Mixer.
-  Muffle Furnace.
-  Microscope.
-  Magnetic Stirrers and Hotplates.
-  Microtome.
-  Moisture Analyzer.
-  Microplate Reader & Washer.
-  Microwave Digestion System.
-  Milks Analyzers.
-  Nucleic Acid Purification System.
-  Oven.
-  Oil And Grease Analyzer.
-  Oven Incubator.
-  Opacity Meter.
-  Polarimeter.
-  Peristaltic Pump.
-  Pharmaceutical Testing.
-  Particle Counter.

Petroleum Testing.
   Automatic Bomb Calorimeter.
   Automatic  Tag Closed Flash Point Tester.
   Distillation Tester.
   Automatic Dielectric Tester.
   Aniline Test Equipment.
   Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter.
   Closed Cup Flash Point Tester.
   Wax Oil Content Tester LWCT-A22.
   Mechanical Impurity Tester (Weight Methode) 
   Insulating Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester.
   Color Tester.
   Demulsibility Characteristics Tester.
   Density tester.
   Dropping Point Tester.
   Existent Gum Tester.
   Engler Viscometer.
   Kinematics Viscometer.
   Low Temperature Tester.
   Octane Number & Cetane Number Tester.
   Open Cup Flash Point Tester.
   Oxydation Stability tester.
   Rust And Corrosion Tester.
   Residue Carbon.
   Rotational Viscometer.
   Specific Gravity Tester
   Automatic Softening Point Tester.
   Sulphur Content Tester.
   Automatic Thermogravimetric Analyzer.
   Vapor Pressure.
   Water Content Tester.
-  Platelet Agigator  and Incubator.
-  Potentiometric Tritator.
-  Particle Size Analyzer.
-  Plasma Extractor.
-  Plate Sealer.
-  Rotary Evaporator.
-  Refrigerators.
-  Refractrometer.
-  Spectrometer.
-  Spectrophotometer.
-  Sample Concentrator.
-  Stomacher.

Solar Powered Products:

   Solar Eco Freezer.
-  Stroboscope.
-  TOC Analyzer.
-  Tube Furnace.

   Testing Instruments

a. NDT Testing Instruments.
    Portable Vibration Calibrator.
    Digital Brinell hardness Tester.
    Digital Low load Vickers Hardness tester.
    Rockwell hardness meter.
b.  Plastic Testing Instruments.

-   Aging Oven 
-   Charpy / Izod Impact Tester
-   Falling Weight Impact Tester.
-   Heat Sealer.
-   Lasting Adhesive Tester.
-   Lasting adhesive tester.
-   Melt flow Indexer.
-   Notch Cutter
-   Oxygen Index Tester.
-   Primary adhesive tester.
-   Vicat Softening temperature & HDT machine .
-   Vacum Leak Tester.

c.  Rubber Testing Instruments.

-   DIN abrasion tester
-   Mooney Viscometer.
-   No Rhotor Rheometer.
-   Rubber Low temperature brittleness tester.
-   Three Roll Mill Machine
-   Rubber-weiss plasticity testing machine.

d.  Paper Testing Instruments.

-    Whitteness and Chromaticity tester.
-    Whiteness meter.
-    Tensile Stiffness Tester.
-   Automatic horizontal tensile tester.
-   Vertcal Tensile Tester.
-   Pulp beating Refining Freeness tester.
-   Water Absorption Tester.
-   COBB sample Cutter.
-   Coefficient of Friction tester.
-   Electronic bending stiffness tester.
-   Paper and Cardboard Thickness meter.
-   Ink Rubber Tester.
-   Softness tester.
-   Carton compression tester.
-   Paper Air permeability tester.
-   Internal Ply bond Tester.
-   Puncture strength tester.
-   Paper tearing tester.
-   Electronic Tearing tester.
-   Mullen burst tester.
-   Crush tester.
-   Bekk smoothness tester.
-   Folding endurance tester.

E  Soil Testing Instruments.

-   Soil Water hardness meter
-   Soil Moisture Meter.
-   Soil Nutrient Tester.
-   Soil Salinity Tester.
-   Soil Water Potential tester.

f.  Other testing meter.

-   Bench Top Gloss meter.
-   Gloss Meter.

Test Chamber

-  Drug stabbility Test Chamber.
-. Plant Growth Chamber.
-  Salt Spray Test Chamber.
-  Ozone Test Chamber
-  Sand and Dust Test Chamber.
-  Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber.
-  UV Test Chamber.
-  Xenon Test Chamber.

- Automatic biochemistry analyzer
-Bath and Circulators
-Biosafety Cabinets
-Gas Chromatography
-CO2 Incubator
-ELISA Reader
-Fume Hoods
-Gel Documentation
-Glassware Washing Machine
-Heating Mantle
-Hotplate Stirrers
-Kjeldahl Systems
-Lab Freezer
-Lab Refrigerator Freezer Combination
-Lab Shakers and 3 D Rockers
-Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
-Microplate Reader
-Microplate Washer
-Mixers and Vortexers
-Rotary Evaporators
-Tests Chambers
-Thermal Cylclers
-Ultrasonic Cleaners
-Vacuump Pump
-Water Distiller
-Water Purification Systems
-Water testing

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