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Spesifikasi Pork Test Kit

Rapid immunochromatographic test for qualitative determination of porcine meat antigen in foods, kitchen and production facilities.

Consumption and handling of pork meat is strictly prohibited by some religious confessions. Pork meat may also cause allergy and food intolerance.
 is based on principle of immunochromatographic rapid test (lateral flow) and may be used for qualitative or semi-quantitative determination of porcine meat antigen in foods, kitchen and production facilities. In immunochromatographic (lateral flow) method, the target antigens are bound by highly specific antibodies attached to the test line and colored microparticles. This two-site binding results in formation of immune complex visible as the colored line.
In the mixture of meat of different species, determinates at least 1/1000 (ie 0,1%) part of the porcine meat antigen. This corresponds approximately to determination of 5-10 milligrams of porcine specific antigen per kilogram of the solid material (5-10 ppm). shows negative result in homogenated meat of following species: cow (beef), sheep, antilopes, horse, moose, reindeer and other deers, chicken, turkey, goose, duck, rabbit, kangaroo. The test is also negative in human blood and muscle tissue.
NOTE: The test gives FALSE NEGATIVE result in meat products processed by long-duration (>3 months) seasoning – e.g. jamon, prosciutto. To check such products for pork, we recommend to use XEMAtest Pork Fat/Blood, Cat# X316.  If the visual test gives unclear results, we recommend to re-check the porcine antigen by the quantitative laboratory methods, e.g.  Pork antigen ELISA () or PCR.


If the test strips were stored below 20C, bring the required quantity of the strips to the room temperature before opening the pouches.
Carefully open the pouch with sharp instrument. TAKE CARE  NOT TO DAMAGE THE TEST STRIP.
Dip the test strip into the liquid part of the specimen observing the right direction and depth (not deeper than the colored line marked by arrow signs) and keep for 5-10 seconds to ensure soaking.
Put the test strip onto the CLEAN horizontal surface; do not touch or move the test strip for 5-10 minutes.
Read the test result.


 The test strips (dipsticks) should be stored at +18-25ะก
 Use the test within 10 minutes after opening the pouch because the test kit is very sensitive to moisture.
 DO NOT TOUCH the reaction membrane.
 Do not use the kit when its pouch is torn,  or test strip is broken or damaged.
 All the components of the test kit are disposable; do not use them repeatedly.

 Do not use the test strips beyond the expiration date.
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