Percent Gas Oxygen Analyzer

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Spesifikasi Percent Gas Oxygen Analyzer

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Percent Gas Oxygen Analyzer

Percent O2 measurements are used in a multitude of industrial processes to ensure that the level of oxygen is either kept within a specified range or below a predetermined threshold. Because customer needs for % O2 measurements can differ greatly from one customer to the next and from industry to industry, it is critical that the offering of percent oxygen analyzers from any manufacturer is complete, state-of-the-art and innovative.
AMI Percent Oxygen Analyzers are not based on a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy. Our extensive line contains accommodating patented designs, as well as key technologies, to ensure that every analyzer delivers the most reliable measurements in a compact and rugged footprint yet remains incredibly easy to use. In fact, our analyzers are available in multi-functional configurations:

permanent mount or portable requirements
hazardous areas or general purpose use
atmospheric pressure or ambient pressure sample applications
single or multi-channel requirements
value or advanced packages
analyzer industrial design or specialized probe design.

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PT. REXINDO OOTEKNIK incorporated in Bekasi, Indonesia to fulfill any rapid development of diverse modern industry commands an ever-increasing need for industrial plants and success of these industries is highly dependent on cooperation with the right partner for the business.
PT. REXINDO OOTEKNIK established since 2012 by a group of engineers who have experience in the various fields of engineering that could support any industrial needs especially on Engineering, Technical Services, Instrumentation & Control and Industrial Supplies.

We have some experiences of supplying products in varies kind of industries, such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Coal & Mining, Pharmaceutical, Food Industries, Petrcochemical, etc.
Our team of sales engineers possess many years of experience in assisting clients in automated processes to enhance product quality, increase productivity, reduce waste, improve safety, and to meet regulatory requirements. The result is a solution tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers.
Therefore we represent some agency from International Company that related with our main business.
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