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Cari berbagai macam dari pilihan terlengkap Expansion Joint. Cari penawaran terbaik dan termurah dari supplier terlengkap di Indonetwork.
METALLIC EXPANSION JOINTS ( PATH-001) Description Metallic expansion joints are used in piping systems, pressure vessels, valves etc. to absorb thermal expansion, vibration and to react at predetermined pressures and forces. They are used successfully not only in comparatively simple applications such as heating and ventilating systems and vehicles exhaust pipes, but also in sophisticated areas of nuclear reactor fuel guide tubes. The expansion joints carry numerous types of media, including steam, emission gases, water, acid, alkalis and hydrocarbon. Metal expansion joints are designed as per EJMA, the international design standard for manufacturing metal expansion joint. In judging the design of a bellows convulation, consideration has to be given to pressure an temperature requirement together with movement and flexibility, the optimum solution can provide for a convulation of the unreinforced type, single or multi-ply construction for low flexibility and large movement and root ring reinforced type for high pressures. The versatility of our manufacturing facilities will allow multi-ply bellows to be manufactured for pressure up to 70 bar and beyond. Metallic expansion joint in different configuration such as tied, hinged, gimbals both in single and universal configuration, with material stainless steel, inconel, etc. The bellows expansion joint is a thin walled flexible element that allows growth in piping system while containing the pressure and medium flowing through it, each bellows has a unique working pressure, spring rate, and cycle life that entirely depend on its geometry and material. The bellows has several convulation that allows movement in axial, lateral and angular direction. SINGLE EXPANSION JOINT ( SEJ) The simplest form expansion joint, of single bellows construction, designed to absorb all the movement of the section in which it is installed. The most common example is that of a single bellows designed to absorb axial movement only. This is often reffered to as an axial expansion joint. UNIVERSAL EXPANSION JOINT ( UEJ) Universal Expansion joint consist of two bellows separated by a short connecting tube and is capable of absorbing combination of axial, lateral and angular movement.
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PT Sabi Tehnik adalah Perusahaan Manufacture Expansion Joint. Beberapa Jenis Expansion Joint yang diproduksi, yaitu Metal, Fabric, Rubber dan PTFE. Brand/merk nya adalah PATHFLEX. Bidang lain adalah Kontraktor Mechanical dan Electrical. PT. Sabi Tehnik berdiri sejak Tahun 2010 sampai sekarang.
PT. SABI TEHNIK bertekat menjadi perusahan pendukung pembangunan yang handal dan partner binis terpercaya.

Bidang Perdagangan :
1. Expansion Joint Fabric, Metal & Rubber,
2. Gasket Ring,Spiral Wound Gasket, Double Jacket , Aneka Rubber,Insulation Rope/Cloth,etc
3. Flexible Hose
4. Gland Packing,Mechanical Seal
5. Valve,Strainer,piping
6. PTFE Lining, Rubber Lining
7. Thermal Jacketing
8. Others of Spare Part of Mechanic
Bidang Jasa :
1. Contractor Civil, Mechanical, Electrical.
2. Machining & Steel Fabric
3. Mechanical Improvment
4. Conveyor System unit & roller
5. Insulation for Boiler, Ducting, etc.

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