LU-503 food-Safety detector (sulfur dioxide)

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Spesifikasi LU-503 food-Safety detector (sulfur dioxide)

Cari berbagai macam dari pilihan terlengkap Food Safety Kit. Cari penawaran terbaik dan termurah dari supplier terlengkap di Indonetwork.
LU-503 food-Safety detector (sulfur dioxide).

LU-503 food-Safety detector (sulfur dioxide)

LU-503 food detectors are used in food safety field, it can detect the content of sulfur dioxide in food such as glace fruit, dried fruit, dried vegetables, sugar, biscuit, day lily, wine, ratafee, rice noodle, noodle, shelled fresh shrimp, sun-dried shelled shrimp, dried beancurd sticks, steamed bun and so on.


After the food samples been pre-processed, the sulfur dioxide in which reacts with reagent and produces fuchsia compounds which can absorb visible light in selectivity and the depth of the compounds color is direct proportion to the nitrite content in the food samples. This detector just automatically determines and displays the sulfur dioxide content by detecting the absorbency.


1. It adopts national standard modified method to quantificationally detect the content of sulfur dioxide in the food;

2. It adopts SCM intelligent control, has the functions of measuring, setting, storing, printing and curve making and correcting, and with high automatization;

3. With big LCD and big data storage capacity it is equipped with interface for micro printer and RS-232 communication;

4. It can detect food sample without adding any apparatus by users, because this detectors are equipped with pre-processing equipments and full of reagent.

Technology index

● Channels Q’ty: 4

● Measuring lower limit: 1.0mg/kg

● Measuring range: 0~2000mg/kg

● Measuring accuracy: ≤5%

● Interface: RS-232

● Printer: SP-T16SHz - 153

● Power: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz

● Outline dimension: 283×154×91 mm

● Main frame weight: 2.30Kg

Food Safety Kit
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