Low Flow Control Valve

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Spesifikasi Low Flow Control Valve

Masoneilan 28000 Series Varipak* Low Flow Control Valve The Masoneilan 28000 Series Varipak globe-style control valve provides excellent throttling control performance in micro-flow or very low capacity applications. It includes an integrated actuator design with an external flow adjustment feature providing customers with a unique flexibility to optimize their process in-situ. Features & Benefits: * Precise micro-flow control for improved process efficiency * Field adjustable actuator allows customers to change valve flow capacity without removing or disassembling the valve saving time and avoiding valve over-sizing which can result in accelerated trim wear * Versatile design options built on a common platform minimizes overall inventory and training requirements * Compact and modular valve design offers excellent throttling control for micro-flow applications * Integrated compact actuator design offers a standard flow-capacity adjustment feature for inline versatility Application: The Masoneilan 28000 Series Varipak control valve is designed to handle low flow control applications requiring precision and accuracy. The globe-style construction is suited to meet the following types of service conditions and operating requirements: * Low to micro-flow applications * Moderate to high pressure drops * Tight shutoff seat leakage * Cavitating & flashing liquid applications * Low emissions and zero leakage options * High pressure operating conditions * Low temperature and cryogenic applications Design: The Masoneilan 28000 Series Varipak is a compact control valve assembly with an integrated actuator and positioner design. Customers can easily adjust the valve flow capacity to meet changing process requirements. * External flow adjustment and tuning feature to optimize process efficiency * Bellows seal construction provides zero leakage performance for toxic or lethal fluid applications * High pressure anti-cavitation trim option effectively prevents potential valve damage Specification: Sizes: 1” ( 25 mm) Standard, ½ ” & 3/ 4" ( 15 & 20 mm) Optional Ratings and Connections: Flangeless, Threaded & Welded: ASME 150 – 1500, UNI-DIN 20 – 250 Flanged: ASME 150 – 600, UNI-DIN 20 – 100 Optional : ASME 2500, UNI-DIN 420 Body Materials: Stainless steel ( Standard) Monel, Hastelloy C, Alloy 20 ( Optional) Actuator: Model 27/ 28 spring diaphragm
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