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Spesifikasi LENZE

8200 Vector The modular range of 8200 vector frequency inverters in the power range from 0.25 to 90 kW provides a complete and consistent solution with everything you need to facilitate operation, handling, diagnostics and communication. Pluggable function modules can be used to integrate the 8200 vector into the control and automation world of your machine or plant. The compact dimensions save you space in the control cabinet. For customised cooling concepts, we can offer " push-through technique" and " cold-plate technique" versions. For operation, you can choose to use either the plug-in Keypad XT operating module or a PC running the user-friendly Global Drive Control easy operator software, which is available free of charge. The devices for 400 V mains voltage are optionally available with the integrated " safe torque off" safe standstill) function from 3 kW upwards Control Cabinet Drives - 8400 The Inverter Drives 8400 have been designed for consistent process optimisation throughout all phases of the value-added chain. They reduce your outlay from selection onwards, via project planning, production, commissioning and beyond to service. The inverters are supplied complete with integrated shield connections. This reduces the time required to prepare for and carry out assembly work. The functionality and drive behaviour of the 8400 series BaseLine, StateLine, HighLine and TopLine develop consistently from one to the next which makes your selection process simple. The diagnostics, connections and tools, operation and parameter settings are all identical across each design. The strengths of the 8400 series really prove their superiority when you use different models in your application. Upgrades at a later date are no problem. If the features of a StateLine no longer suffice, you can easily replace it with a HighLine without having to redesign your control cabinet 9300 Vector The 9300 vector range of vector-controlled frequency inverters is also ideal for complex applications such as those found in dosing, filling and feeder systems as well as on winding drives. Function blocks that can be connected in accordance with user requirements enable the inverter to behave like a PLC and take over open-loop and closed-loop control functions, in addition to managing the actual drive task. This relieves the burden on and, in some cases even the need for, higher-level controllers. An easy-to-use interface facilitates operation. Predefined basic configurations speed up commissioning. The high-performance standard product combines with a perfectly matched range of accessories, which includes communication modules, to complete the offer for applications in the power range between 0.37 and 90 kW. The devices are optionally available with the integrated " safe torque off" ( safe standstill) function. Drive PLC The Drive PLC is a freely programmable and powerful PLC dedicated to the control of inverter drives. Not only is this control unit capable of monitoring the movements of your machine, but it can also take charge of central control tasks. The Drive PLC is programmed using the PLC languages of the IEC 61131-3 international standard. As well as offering options for connection to the most popular types of fieldbus, the Drive PLC also features gateway functionality. Received process data are forwarded to the connected drive controller via the built-in system bus. The input and output terminals of the Drive PLC can be extended quickly and easily by means of extension boards or function modules. Catalog / Model Number Description Comments E822AFCC-010 STAND. INTRFACE MOD. 8200 VECT E82EV113_ 4C200 15HP 8200 VECTOR E82EV222_ 4C 8200 SERIES VECTOR E82EV302_ 4C LENZE 8200 VECTOR 500V E82EV802_ 4C 8200 VECTOR DRIVE 500V EMZ8201BB EMZ8201BB, KEYPAD FOR 8200 SER EPM-H502 LENZE 8200 PROG. MOD. INTFC E82EV371-2V 8200 VECTOR E82EV371_ 2B * DO NOT USE-USE LZE82EV3712B* E82EV371K2B 8200 VECTOR INVERTER E82EV751K4B INVERTER, 8200, .75KW, 1.8A E82EV752K4C LENZE INVERTER ( 23.405.715) E82MV152-4B001 8200 VECTOR DRIVE, 1.5KW 830-021 KEYPAD FOR M1420C DRIVE - ESMD302X2TXA LENZE 3KW 200V AC DRIVE SMD - ESMD152L4TXA SMD- 2HP, 1.5KW, 480V, 3PHASE - E82MV551 4B004 INVERTER, MOTOR DRIVE E82ZAFAC010 OUTPUT MODULE E82ZAFS 8200 VECTOR INVERTER STANDARD I/ O MODULE EMZ8201BB 8200 FREQUENCY INVERTER PROGRAMMING MODULE EMZ8272BB.V001 DIAGNOSIS TERMINAL FOR 8201 CONTROL MODULE EVF8202E LENZE INVERTER SERIES 8200 FULLY DIGITIZED STATIC FREQ. * EVF8202E LENZE INVERTER SERIES 8200 WITH KEYPAD 1 HP 230V SINGLE EVF8202E LENZE INVERTER SERIES 8200 PHASE .75KW, 4.0 AMP EVF8212-E ( 23.495848) LENZE DRIVE EVF8214-E FREQUENCY INVERTER, LENZE EVF8216E FREQUENCY DRIVE EVF8218-E LENZE FREQUENCY DRIVE ( 23.656566) EVF8241-E HVAC SOFTWARE EVF8242-E 1HP, 480V AC DRIVE EVF8243-E 2HP, 480VOLT, FREQUENCY DRIVE EVF8244-E 4HP, 480 VOLT, FREQUENCY DRIVE EVF8246-E AC DRIVE, 15HP, 460VAC 9371BB 9300 DRIVE OPERATION MODULE KE YPAD ESMD222X2SFA 2.2HP , 240 VOLT, IP20 HOUSING - ESMD751L4TXA LENZE SMD, 3PH, 480V, 2.1A - ESV552N04TXC 7.5HP 480VAC N4X SMV SERIES - ESV751N01SMC 1 HP, 120/ 240 VOLT SINGLE PHAS - ESMD113L4TXA LENZE SMD, 3PH, 480V, 21A - ESV402N06TXB SMV 590V AC 5HP 3PHASE - EMF21021BV001 COMMUNICATIONS MODULE FOR 9300 SERIES DRIVE EMF2131IB PROFIBUS INTERFACE MODULE FOR 9300 SERIES DRIVE ESP-GDC1 GLOBAL DRIVE CONTROL 9300 SOFTWARE 8212E 2 HP AC DRIVE 8214 4 HP DRIVE ESMD302X2TXA LENZE 3KW 200V AC DRIVE SMD ESV112N02TXB 1.5 HP, 240V, 3 PH, SMVECTOR ESV152N02YXB 2HP/ 200-240VAC 1PH OR 3PH ESV152N04TXB SMV SERIES VFD 3HP 480V 8201 .5HP AC DRIVE 8201BB KEYPAD 8201-E 1/ 2HP, 230 VAC VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVE 8202 1HP DRIVE E82CV251K2C E82CV251K2C, VFD E82EB251X2B 1/ 3HP 230V INVERTER LENZE E82EV113K4C 11 KW, 400/ 500V, VFD E82EV152_ 2C E82EV152_ 2C, 2 HP, 240V 3 PHAS E82EV1524C E82EV152K4C 480 VOLT, 1.5KW, E82EV222K4C 2.2 KW, 400/ 500V, VFD E82EV251_ 2C E82EV251_ 2C, LENZE VFD E82EV302_ 2C200 E82EV302_ 2C 200 E82EV3712C E82EV370_ 2C LENZE DRIVE E82EV371K2C INVERTER E82EV371_ 2C E82EV402K4C0 E82EV402K4C0, 4 KW VFD E82EV551_ 2C E82EV551_ 2C E82EV551_ 4C E82EV551_ 4C E82EV551_ 4C 200 E82EV551_ 4C 200 500V 3PH E82EV552K4C E82EV552K4C, VFD E82EV552K4C0 E82EV552K4C0, 5.5 KW VFD E82EV751-2C INVERTER E82EV751-2C E82EV751K4C 1HP 500VAC 82 VECTOR DRIVE E82EV751K4C200 E82EV751K4C200 E82EV752K4C0 E82EV752K4C0, 7.5 KW VFD E82EV752K4C200 E82EV752K4C200 1HP E82MV3024B001 E82MV302_ 4B 001 ESV222N02YXB SMVECTOR 240V 1 OR3 PHASE ESV222N04TXB LENZE SMV SERIES VFD 3HP/ 480V ESV251N02SXB ESV251N02SXB ESV371N01SXB 1/ 2HP 120-220 1PH N1 VFD ESV402N04TXB 5HP 480V 3PHASE SMVECTOR ESV751N01SXB LENZE VFD 1HP/ 230V N1 ESV751N02YXB ESV751N02YXB 1 OR 3 PHASE 1 H ESV751N02YXC SMV SERIES 208VAC 3~ 4X ESV751N04TXB 1 HP/ 400-480V/ 3PH ESV751N04TXC ESV751N04TXC ESV751N0TXC ESV751N0TXB 1 HP, 480 VOLT, N EVD532-E INVTERTER 24.192573 EVD534-E EVD 534-E DC INVERTER EVF8212-E EVF8212-E EVF8213E EVF8213E LENZE VFD 2.2KW LZF12-4A LZ+ VFD, 5HP, 480VAC 23.001800 E82EV371_ 2C INVERTER 23.362200 EVF 8201-E INVERTER 23.362201 DRIVE 23.362201 24.192573 EVD 532-E 24000008 24.000008, DC DRIVE CONTROLLER 26.105675 EMZ 8201 BB KEYPAD 33-8604-E INVERTER, 4.6HP, 400/ 480V/ 3 E82MV5514B001 E82MV551_ 4B001 E82ZAFCC LENZE MOD CAN UNIT E82ZAFCC100 E82ZAFCC100 E82ZAFS INVERTER MODULE E82ZAFSC E82ZAFSC E82ZAFSC001 82 VECTOR BASIC FUNCTION MODUL E82ZAFSC010 STD I/ O MODULE E82ZAFSC100 E82ZAFSC100 STD I/ O MODULE ESMD222L4TXA 480V, 3PH, 3HP, 2.2KW INVERTER - ESMD152X2TXA ESMD152X2TXA 240V 3PH - ESMD2222SMF SINGLE PHASE LINE REACTOR - EVF8218E EVF8218-E, 11 KW, 320-510V, 15 EVF9326-EV VECTOR CONTROL DRIVE EVF8244-E EVF 8244-E INVERTER ESV552N04TXE 400-480V, 7.5HP, 3PH, NEMA4X - ESV402N04TXC 5HP, 400-480V, 3PH, NEMA4X - ESV402N04TLC 5HP/ 480V VFD W/ INTG DISCONNECT - EVF8201-E ( 23.362200) SINGLE PHASE FREQUENCY INVERTER EVF9321EV 1/ 2HP VECTOR DRIVE, .37KW, 1.5 A OUTPUT EVF9329-EV 40HP INVERTER DRIVE LZF06-4A .5HP FREQUENCY INVERTER DRIVE 400-480V, 3PH, .37KW
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PT. Mandiri Raya Tangguh adalah Automation, Control And Industrial Supply.Dimana perusahaan kami bergerak pada bidang Electrical equipment yang berkonsentrasi pada Automation Part( Sensor, proximity, photosensor ) , PLC Part, Control Inverter, Inverter Part IGBT, RECTIFIER, DIODA dan Indutrial Part lainnya. mulai bulan april 2013 kami merupakan agen resmi dan importir untuk produk inverter Merk SINEE, dimana memiliki kualitas yang handal dan Harga yang sangat economis, cocok untuk industries dan semua pabrik manufacturing Brand : Omron, Autonics , Hitachi, Mean Well, CKD, SMC, Schneider / Telemecanique/ Merlin Gerin , Hanyoung, ABB, Festo, Oriental Motor, Panasonic , Pepperl + Fuchs , Kasuga , Mitsubishi Electrics , Fuji Electrics, Sunx / Sun-x , Sick , Keyence , Siemens, Legrand, Kinogawa, Shihlin Electric, Socomec, hager, Ewig , Idec , Supreme, Lenze, Delta, Sony , Yaskawa , Unitronics , Fuji Seiki , Culter Hammer, Nachi, Nitto Kohki, Dan beberapa brand lain nya
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