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Spesifikasi Kangkung Lombok

Cari berbagai macam dari pilihan terlengkap Sayur-Sayuran. Cari penawaran terbaik dan termurah dari supplier terlengkap di Indonetwork.
Semua orang sudah mengenal akan kelezatan kangkung lombok, disamping rasanya memang enak dan lezat juga karena tampilan setelah dimasak sangat segar sehingga memberikan nilai/ nuansa tersendiri dari setiap masakan yang berbahan baku KANGKUNG LOMBOK
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KNK Bali Agroplasma

Legal View of KNK Bali Agroplasma KNK Agroplasma Bali is a company engaged in Agro Business, which manufactures and sells products of different crops and plantations Helicornia, Strawberry, Banana Cavendish, Sweet Corn, Lettuce, Rosmerry, Minth Leaf, Aloe vera etc. Our Range product such as all herbs and all horticultural commodity vegetables ( hot pepper, paprika, tomato, cabbage, lettuce etc) and also seasonal fruit ( passion fruit, grape, papaya, avocado) . with brand packaging " " ( registered brand) . Based in Valley Bukit Pucuk, the Village Tamblingan, Peak Bedugul - Bali, as well as branches Gerokgak Singaraja / produksi.Terwujudnya Tamblingan society, Bedugul - Bali, a prosperous and affluent with based on that WORK-TO ACHIEVE THE SAME FOR BUSINESS AND WELFARE togetherness-JOINT is a vision KNK Bali. Where the small farmer groups formed with the intention of trying to position ourselves as the company Agro-Business / Retail Agricultural Products prominent in both National and International scale, reliable and competitive advantage in the global market. This is a necessity with the full support of society and also kelompaok farm built under the guidance of experts of agriculture and plantations. KNK Agroplasma Bali with our business partners and farmers' groups, professional manner, to build cooperation by adhering to the principle of collective effort and cooperation of mutual benefit that is expected to achieve the common welfare, which in turn can improve the welfare of farmers and the common welfare. Our farmer groups identifying themselves as environmentally conscious community of farmers, the planting pattern is a very simple nature of friendship prioritize where we try to minimize all forms of murder against pests and insects that bother us with a system of crop pests expulsion but not kill them with a very natural way - organic, which is good fertilizer, and pesticides nutrition we use all of the vegetable with no animal content, we collect our fruit for the next neemba fermentation for use as a pesticide substitute drug / chemical pesticides. Leaves and trash remaining land clearing and the rest of the vegetables we operate as an organic fertilizer with the hope to restore soil fertility / land us where we naturally seek to introduce to the community and then invite mesyarakat to immediately loved nature does not poison the environment with the motherland with all forms of homicide by means of chemical , let us keep the environment with alamai chemical away from the motherland. For that let us support our farmers' efforts to earth; addition of chemical pesticides has led to a tendency pests become resistant / resistant thereby increasing the dose to the use of planting time because it is developing berikutnya.Oleh nuanced model of ecological agriculture and using environmentally friendly pesticides made from organic / natural. Organic pesticides is one of the solutions in the response to integrated pest naturally and is naturally processed and multipurpose. Organic pesticides are not only used for the eradication of pests, but more focused on prevention and protection of plants and plant condition in order to resistant ( immune) against pest attack. BE ORGANIC, GO GREEN. SAVE OUR PLANET! ! ! ! In the process we do not work insecticide to kill pests plants, but conditioned so that pests will not eat / attack the plants. Pests will slowly move elsewhere or die by itself in a place of starvation. We are agro company for Fruits & vegetables farming and supplier. We are producing vegetable in Bali. At present we are supplying to Hotels, Restaurants and private households in Bali. KNK Bali Agro-plasma Farm is located in Desa Pancasari on 1000m2 land and in Singaraja on 9000m2 will extend further to full fill the domestic demand first and abroad soon. Our production capacity will increase from month to month. Please feel free to contact KNK Bali Agro plasma at as mentioned. All in Bali is offering wholesale price for any kind products from Bali, Indonesia. We provide great quality of Fruits & Vegetables and many more. We cultivate local grape and hold our own planting base in Singaraja. we are able to supply in large quantity of fresh local grape & Cavendish form Bali. we are looking for serious buyers/ importers/ distributors from East Indonesia. Interested genuine buyers please contact us. Our company was involved in the provisions of various agricultural produce commodities. Beside of company’ s farm, our company co-operated also with the farmer and the farmer' s group in the Pancasari area and surrounding area. Various of our company' s commodities were produced by the farmers who were dedicated in his field, was processed from the good land, was buried from the good seed, so as to produce the quality commodity under control by Udayana University ( Farming Faculty) . Ours are a client oriented firm; we are committed to the cause of quality, client satisfaction, timely delivery and competitive prices.
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KNK Bali Agroplasma

Jalan Mayor metra 69, Liligundi - Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia -81151
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