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TC-700 Ex PLUS

Built-in Scrambler
The scrambler feature provides enhanced security for your important public safety and private security communications.
Channel Annunciation
The feature enables radio to report the current channel number when power on or switching channel, offering you notable convenience.
Power on Self-Test
The radio itself checks radio status automatically when power on, and emits alert if an error occurs (e.g. CPU error or EEPROM error), allows the user to early detect unit faults.
Battery Power Indicator
Upon press the function key, the radio sounds"1", "2", "3", or "4" to indicate the current battery level of very low, low, satisfactory, or high respectively.
Embedded Message & Serial Number
The radio’s memory can store messages including service and programming records, for remarkable ease of maintenance and service; the feature also makes a unit identifiable by Serial Number.
Auto Contact
The feature is especially helpful in high-demanding communication environments, such as climbing, exploration, and rescue work. When feature enabled, the radio will automatically emit alert tone if the user is out of communication range.
Stun/Kill & Revive
Provides enhanced security to prevent unauthorized use of lost or rental units, by remote inhibition of either transmit or transmit/receive. A stunned radio will return to operational use after receiving the revive code. 
2-Tone/5-Tone Encode & Decode (Signalling system is radio dependent. 5-Tone models and 2-Tone models are available.)
DTMF Encode
FM-approved Intrinsically Safe
NI Class I,II,III, Division 2, Group C,D,E,F,G, T3C
Intrinsically Safe Classification
"Intrinsically Safe"  is a fire safety rating given to the equipment by the Factory Mutual Research Corporation. When equipment is given this rating, it is considered safe to use the equipment in certain flammable or combustible atmospheres. Flammable atmospheres have been categorized by Class, Division, and Group as described below:

Intrinsically Safe Two-way Radio
Intrinsically safe - Radios for use in the potentially explosive environments of oil and gas installations, by the emergency services must be designed and constructed to be totally safe. HYT's FM-approved portable radios give team members instant access to colleagues at the touch of a button, without compromising safety, and allow constant contact should a critical situation need resolving.
Call / hubungi : 021 6329866 - 08561003778

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