Inverter FR-A720 Mitsubishi Electric Freqrol Series

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Spesifikasi Inverter FR-A720 Mitsubishi Electric Freqrol Series

nverter Freqrol Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi Electric has released the latest technology into the variable speed drive ( VSD) market with the release of its FREQROL FR-A720 series of variable speed drives. The new design combines upgrade compatibility for the existing FR-A200 and FR-A500, market leading reliability, open networking communication and power conservation features. Existing applications using previous Mitsubishi Electric Variable Speed Drives ( VSD) can be simply upgraded utilising the same footprint and consistent parameters. The key smoothing capacitor components and cooling fans are designed for a ( calculated) life of over 10 years. FR-A720 Series FR-F740 Series FR-A720-0.75K FR-F740-0.75K FR-A720-1.5K FR-F740-1.5K FR-A720-2.2K FR-F740-2.2K FR-A720-3.7K FR-F740-3.7K FR-A720-5.5K FR-F740-5.5K FR-A720-7.5K FR-F740-7.5K FR-A720-11K FR-F740-11K FR-A720-15K FR-F740-15K FR-A720-22K FR-F740-18.5K FR-A720-45K FR-F740-22K FR-A720-55K FR-F740-30K FR-A 720-75K FR-F740-37K FR-A720-90K FR-F740-45K FR-F740-55K Applications The FR-A720 variable speed drives fit all applications but are particularly well suited for demanding applications like cranes and lifting-gear, high-bay warehousing systems, extruders, centrifuges, and winding machines. Even without encoder feedback the FR-A720 continuously calculates the optimum magnetic flux for every operating state, making the inverter suitable for applications previously the domain of DC or closed-loop vector drives. When operated with an encoder, the FR-A720 is able to achieve ultra-precise speed control across the entire control range ( precision + / - 0.01% ) and torque control of + / - 10% precision and + / - 5% repeatability. To ensure that the AC motor and the FR-A720 are working together the FR-A720 has an “ auto-tuning” function that can obtain all the necessary specifications from the motor in less than a minute, even when the motor is not running. Smart networking The future of automation has always been the straight forward integration of all products across an open networking system. The FR-A720 VSD can connect with networks such as Profibus, Modbus, CC-Link, and SSCNETIII ( Mitsubishi Electric’ s fibre optic motion control network) . An on-board RS485 port and standard programming functions residing within the PLC provide seamless connection to the latest Mitsubishi Electric FX3U PLC. Utilising the on-board USB port, the FR-A720 can be programmed using the configuration software ( FR Configurator) . The use of FR Configurator simplifies parameter management allowing the user to upload, download, document and save the FR-A720 parameters. Oscilloscope and machine analysis functions are also available to help optimise the drive system. Data and settings from predecessor series can be imported directly and converted for use in the new models. Power saving Another feature of the drives is their ability to save power and reduce running costs in fan and pumping applications. Using the energy conservation mode ( provided as part of the intelligent operation modes) it is possible to control the inverter output voltage so that the amount of motor loss is reduced. This is not possible with conventional general-purpose inverters. From as small as 0.4 kW up to and including 500 kW, the FR-A720 is the family of variable speed drives that will provide any manufacturing or production site with the power, reliability and flexibility that will keep production lines running for many years to come. Mitsubishi Electric offers a complete suite of automation products. This includes the MELSERVO range of servo and motion products, graphic operator terminals ( GOTs) , MELSEC PLC family including the powerful System Q, as well as the best selling FX family, and the FREQROL range of variable speed drives ( VSDs) .
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