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02 / 11 / 2023
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657 Kali



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Indikator Timbangan
Avery Weigh Tronix E1205

This specification describes the E1205 advanced multi-function weight indicator, capable of stand-alone operation, or of integration into a larger system via serial, Field Bus and Ethernet interfaces. It is a microprocessor-based industrial weighing system with up to 100,000 displayed increments for analysing, displaying, storing and transmitting gross and net weight information. Up to 12 load cell to be connected with the indicator (16 with second scale). Analogue load cells or Avery Weigh-Tronix digital load cells may be used. This indicator can display weight data from two scales simultaneously. Both scales are active and are independently weighing at all times. The E1205 can be matched to almost any load cell system to achieve optimum accuracy, stability and repeatability. The indicator can control its surrounding process using fully configurable I/O. Alternatively, control can be executed from a central system using an extensive range of available interfaces.

Sensitivity to weight signalScale capacity
Number of divisions and increment sizeWeighing Unit
Zero/back balanceDecimal marker type – point or comma
Position of decimal markerCalibration site gravity factor
Customer site gravity factorFiltering using FIR or Harmonizer™ filtering systems
Ten points for linearity correction to ensure maximum accuracyTare availability and manner of operation
User-definable serial output stringsTime and date (two or four digit year, battery backed)
Subtotal and grand total informationScale ID number
Alarm index operationRecipe/filling I/O configuration

Parts CountingStatic Check weighing
In-Motion Check weighingPeak Hold
WeighbridgeThree Level Pack Run
MonitoringConversion Factor
Recipe/FillingTotalising Against Dedicated Product Look Ups (PLUs)
Product List Description and Totalising

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Analytical Balance (3)
Animal Scale (12)
Axle Scale (5)
Bench Scale (2)
Crane Scale (5)
Digital Load Cell (10)
Electronic Weighing Scale (3)
Floor Scale (9)
Forklift Scale (2)
High Precision Balance (8)
Indicators (63)

Batching Control System Indicator (15)
Counting & Price Computing Indicator (3)
Explosion Proof Indicator (3)
Indicator Built-in Printer (3)
Low Cost Indicator (5)
Platform Scale Indicator (21)
Truck Scale Indicator (29)
Wireless Indicator (3)

Load Cell (43)

Load Cell "S" Type (12)
Load Cell Bending Beam (3)
Load Cell Compression & Tension (3)
Load Cell Double Ended Beam (3)
Load Cell High Capacity Compression (3)
Load Cell Pan Cake (6)
Load Cell Shear Beam (10)
Load Cell Single Point (1)
Load Cell Special (3)

Pallet Scale (1)
Price Computing Scale (4)
Scale Parts (4)
Thermal Label Printing Scale (1)
Uncategorized (3)
Water Proof & Stainless Steel Scale (4)

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CV. JATIM TRONIK - Surabaya - Jawa Timur - Indonesia

CV. JATIM TRONIK, merupakan salah satu perusahaan Supplier Timbangan dan Perlengkapannya, dengan bidang-bidang usaha sebagai berikut :
1) Menjual Segala Jenis Timbangan Elektronik dan Timbangan Mekanik.
2) Menjual Timbangan Truk / Timbangan Jembatan, Timbangan Ternak, Timbangan Lantai (Platform), Timbangan Analytic, Timbangan Duduk, Timbangan Portable, Timbangan Pocket.
3) Menjual Indicator, Load Cell, Weighing System ( Hopper, Batching, dan Bagging).
4) Menjual Accessories Timbangan, Personal Computer, Software Timbangan Jembatan, Printer.
5) Menerima Service, Reparasi, Instalasi, Modifikasi Segala Jenis / Merk Timbangan.
6) Melayani Konsultasi Permasalahan Timbangan dan Perlengkapannya.
7) Fabrikasi Konstruksi Timbangan, Pembuatan Pondasi Timbangan, dan Rumah Timbangan.
8) Melayani Jasa Tera Baru dan Tera Ulang,  Jasa Kalibrasi, Sertifikasi UTTP (Ukuran Takaran Timbangan dan Perlengkapannya)
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Jl. Raya Merak No.53 Rewwin Waru - Kabupaten Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia -61256
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