Hygood-Carbon Dioxide ( Co2) Fire Suppression Systems

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Spesifikasi Hygood-Carbon Dioxide ( Co2) Fire Suppression Systems

Cari berbagai macam dari pilihan terlengkap Fire Suppression System. Cari penawaran terbaik dan termurah dari supplier terlengkap di Indonetwork.
Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems • Tried and trusted • PED Compliant • Versatile & economical • Worldwide CO2 support CO2 Total Flooding Fire Protection A fire in your facility is never pleasant. But, it doesn’ t have to be debilitating. Carbon Dioxide, the original “ clean agent, ” is still an economical solution, providing automatic or manual protection for Class A, B or C fires. Tried and True CO2 is the only gaseous agent where the design rules specifically provide guidance on the protection of deep seated hazards. Total flooding or local application systems are designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 12 or BS5306-4 and are specifically designed using hydraulic flow calculation software. The system complies with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive and uses standard 67 litre containers. Hygood High Pressure CO2 Systems Hygood High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Systems are especially effective for non-occupied hazards such as semiconductor wet benches, control rooms and paint lines. Whatever the application, from container to nozzle, each system is custom-designed for your specific fire hazards. High pressure systems use individual storage containers that can be manifolded together for rapid simultaneous discharge. Container valves can be opened automatically or manually, and either locally or remotely using electric, pneumatic or mechanical valve actuators. The standard system relies on back pressure operation, which allows for simplified installation, without excessive use of actuation tubes which can be vulnerable and susceptible to damage in an industrial application. To help ensure safety, all personnel must be trained to the safety and operational aspects of the CO2 system. Do not enter the hazard area during discharge, or until the area is thouroughly ventilated. Hygood also provides effective alternative solutions to Low Pressure CO2 Systems. Contact us and discuss your requirements with our expert team. Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression Systems Carbon Dioxide fire suppression systems have been proven effective in numerous unmanned applications: • Commercial And Industrial Fryers • Dip Tanks • Electric Generators • Electric Generating Equipment • Electrical Panels • Marine Applications ( including Cargo Holds, Paint Lockers, Engine Rooms, Scr Rooms and Snuffing Systems) • Spray Booths • Waste Disposal Equipment • Gas Turbines • Coal Silos • Hazardous Material Storage • Quench Tanks • Semiconductor Wet Benches • Computer Room Subfloors • Unmanned Control Rooms • Coating Operations • Paint Lines • Wave Solder Machines • Machining Operations • Hose Reel Stations • Transformer Vaults • Dust Collectors • Printing Presses • Inerting Systems Hygood Fire Extinguishing Systems are manufactured by: Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products - EMEA Unit 6 Westpoint Enterprise Park Clarence Avenue, Trafford Park Manchester, UK, M17 1QS
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c/o. PT. Citra Total Proteksindo 
Bergerak di bidang Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja [ PJK3 ] Bidang Proteksi Kebakaran. Bidang Kegiatan : Pemasangan dan Perawatan Proteksi Kebakaran meliputi Alat Pemadam Api Ringan (APAR), Instalasi Deteksi Alarm, Hydrant System, Sprinkler System dan System Pemadam Otomatik Integrated.
Pengecekan, perawatan, servis dan isi ulang, Alat Pemadam Api Kebakaran ( APAR ) dengan berbagai macam merk antara lain : Alat Pemadam Api MAXGUARD, Yamato, Gunnebo, SERVVO, ARINDO, INDOKA, VIKING, PYROMAX, APPRON, CHUBB, STARVVO, VULCAN, FIROTECT, ALPINDO, GUARDALL, PROTECT, dll. Dengan segala jenis media racun api yang digunakan, seperti : ABC POWDER, BC POWDER, HCFC 123, HALOTRON, NAF P IV, CARBON DIOXIDE CO2, BUSA AB, FAOM LIQUID ( AFFF ), Vulcan AF 21, AF 31 (WATER BASED), AF 11, dll. 
Dengan berbagai type, seperti : Portable, Trolly ( Pakai Roda) & Thermatic System, dengan harga yang kompetitif, ekonomis, bergaransi dan jaminan kualitas yang baik sesuai kebutuhan anda, melayani antar jemput atau layanan ditempat Anda.
Jasa Pemasangan Baru Instalasi Fire Alarm System dan Jasa Pengecekan Teknis, Perawatan (Maintenance) Fire Alarm System, dengan berbagai macam merk antara lain : APPRON, HOOSEKI, HORINGLIH, HONGCHANG, NOTIFIER, dll.
Jasa Pemasangan Baru Instalasi Fire Hydrant System dan Jasa Pengecekan Teknis, Perawatan (Maintenance) Fire Hydrant System, dengan berbagai macam merk antara lain : Fire Hydrant APPRON, VENUS, X-FIRE, HOOSEKI, GUNNEBO, ZEKI, OZEKI, ALPINDO, FIROTECT, dll.
Jasa Pemasangan Baru Instalasi Fire Sprinkler System dan Jasa Pengecekan Teknis, Perawatan (Maintenance) Fire Sprinkler System, dengan berbagai macam merk antara lain : Fire Sprinkler APPRON, TYCO, SHILLA, NATIONAL, VIKING, dll.
Jasa Pemasangan Baru Instalasi Fire System dan Jasa Pengecekan Teknis, Perawatan (Maintenance) Fire System, dengan berbagai macam jenis fire system antara lain :  FIRE FOAM SYSTEM, NOVEC 1230 KIDDE, NOVEC 1230 EDWARD, FM 200, CO2 FIRE SYSTEM, FIRE WATER SYSTEM, FIRE DETECTION SYSTEM, HYGOOD, KIDDE SERIES, TYCO, NATIONAL, SYSTEM SENSOR, HONEYWELL, FENWAL, dll.
Menjadi perusahaan keamanan yang terdepan dalam bidang Suplier Alat Proteksi Keamanan dan Service serta instalatir segala macam peralatan keamanan bidang proteksi kebakaran. Memberikan nilai kepuasan terbaik bagi pelanggan melalui harga terbaik, kompetitif, produk dan pelayanan berkwalitas serta garansi yang panjang terjamin mutu produk yg berkelas.
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