Hakko FA-400 Smoke Absorber

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26 / 04 / 2020
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Spesifikasi Hakko FA-400 Smoke Absorber

HAKKO the FA-400 smoking meter' s abbreviation. 1. Designs dexterously, saves the space: The upending season simplifies 50% spaces, traverse when may save the approximately 20% spaces. 2. Replaces the filter leaf to be simpler: Outside sets at the design, only need cross the filter leaf to cover, pulls lightly then. 3. Takes away the static electricity design: In the static electricity sensitive region may also the normal work. 4. Three kind of laying aside way smoking, the choice is more flexible: When upending use, may absorb smog of the wide range. When traverse use, the wind speed of flow speeds up, but time force absorption welding produces on hand smog. Traverse when smokes the meter to reduce highly, will not hinder the work because of the hand shade. When works the work break insufficiency, may coordinate the support, smokes in the place above.
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