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Spesifikasi GEFRAN Controller, Type: 600 OF“ OPEN FRAME” CONTROLLER

flow control valve Controller : 600 OF“ OPEN FRAME” CONTROLLER Main features • Universal input configurable from faceplate • Accuracy better than 0.2% f.s. under nominal conditions • Up to 5 outputs, relay, logic, for control, alarms • Hot/ cold function with selection of cooling liquid • 3 alarms with completely configurable function • Software alarm for load interrupt or probe in short circuit ( LBA) • Self-tuning, Auto-tuning, Soft-start, bumpless Man/ Auto function • Double set, set ramp, timed output function • Setpoint programmer functions with 3 configurable steps • Configurable internal buzzer • Optically isolated RS485 serial communication, protocol: MODBUS RTU • Self-diagnosis • Panel mounting • Screw connections with removable terminals Main applications • Small industrial ovens • Pipe welders • Temperature control units • Dryers • Climatic cells and test benches • Control panels with membrane keyboard TECHNICAL DATA INPUTS Accuracy 0, 2% f.s. ± 1digit. Sampling time 120msec. TC - Thermocouple J 0...1000° C / 32...1832° F K 0...1300° C / 32...2372° F R 0...1750° C / 32...3182° F S 0...1750° C / 32...3182° F T -200...400° C / -328...752° F custom -1999...9999 ( B, E, N, L-GOST, U, G, D, C, etc.) RTD 2/ 3 wires PT100 -200...850° C / -328...1562° F JPT100 -200...600° C / -328...1112° F PTC 990& , 25° C -55...120° C / -67...248° F NTC 1K& , 25° C -10...70° C / 14...158° F DC - Linear With scale settable from: -1999...9999 0...60mV / 12...60mV 0...10V / 2...10V 0...5V / 1...5V 0...1V / 0, 2...1V 0...20mA / 4...20mA Input impedance: Ri > 1M _ for 60mV, 1V Ri > 10K _ for 5V, 10V Ri = 50 _ for 20mA 32-segment custom linearization can be inserted. Digital input Ri = 4, 7K. ( 24V, 5mA) insulation 1500V or no-voltage contact. Function configurable for man/ auto selec- tion, local/ remote ( setpoint from serial line, setpoint1/ setpoint2; Set/ reset out- puts, start/ stop functions from tuning, software on/ off, reset alarms memory, hold. OUTPUTS 5 configurable outputs: • OUT1 available in relay or logic • OUT2, OUT3, OUT4: relay only • OUT6: logic only Freely assignable to control functions and single alarms in " OR" or " AND" . Can be slaved to front panel key or aux. digital input. Relay With contacts: 5A at 250Vac/ 30Vdc, cos_ = 1 Logic 15Vdc ± 10% ( 12V min a 30mA) Buzzer ( Output 5) Settable signal type
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Gefran Indonesia - Jakarta - Virera Mandiri

Kami adalah Authorized Distributor untuk produk GEFRAN Sejak 2006.
Kami memegang sertifikat distributor GEFRAN untuk wilayah Jakarta Indonesia.
Pelanggan kami tersebar dari Aceh, Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya, Kalimantan, Bali dan Sulawesi

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Untuk Fast respon WA ke 08161488141
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2. Inverter LIFT: ADL100, ADL200, AVRy, Lift Drive System, QUIX L, AGy LIFT, AVy LIFT 3.

3. Servo : XVy-EV, Brushless Servomotors - SBM Series,

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6. Indicators & SSR : Controllers - Programmers, Basic models, 1000-1001-1101 series 40T72 PID, 400-401, 600 600 OF 1200-1300 Advanced models 800 800V 800P 1600-1800 1600-1800V 1600-1800P High-performance models 3400-4400 3500-4500 2500 GF_ PROMER Multiloop models GF_ LOOPER GFXTERMO4 Fieldbus 5. Indicators - Alarm Units 4 series 4A series 4B series 4T series 40 series 40A series 40B series 40T series 40F series 40TB series Advanced series 2308 2400 Modular Power Controller GFX4-IR Geflex Four Loops ( GFX-4) Fieldbus Geflex 25-120 Amp ( GFX-M1/ S1/ E1) Geflex Multifunction 5-15 Amp ( GFX-M2/ S2/ E2) Geflex Valves ( GFX-M2-V/ S2-V) Geflex OP ( GFX-OP) Accessories

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8. Timers - Counters 55 550 556 Configuration Software Other instruments Accessories 8. Systems & Solution for Automation : Industrial PC DIGISTAR II DIGISTAR II Control GF-BOX GT-C DIGITAST Operating Panels ( HMI) GF_ VEDO EL GF_ VEDO EL 5CT GF_ VEDO EL 57CT GF_ VEDO TL GF_ VEDO TL 65CT GF_ VEDO TL 65CK GF_ VEDO TL 104CT GF_ VEDO TL 104CK GF_ VEDO HL GF_ VEDO HL 121CT GF_ VEDO HL 150CT GF_ VEDO ML GF_ VEDO ML 65CK GF_ VEDO ML 65CT GF_ VEDO ML 104CK GF_ VEDO ML 104CT GF_ VEDO ML 121CT GF_ VEDO ML 150CT Keyboards PLC - Remote I/ O GILOGIK II CPU Fieldbus Gateways Analog I/ Os Digital I/ Os Functional I/ Os Bus Modules Software Our customer are running in Tire Manufactures, Tile Industrial, Extrusion Machine, Moilding Machine, Packaging, Glasess Industrial, Textile, and Others. Silahkan kontak kami untuk permintaan dengan email ke: inquiry@ or call to EDWIN 0816-1488141
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Graha Kencana Blok ES, Jl. Raya Pejuangan, Kebon Jeruk - Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia -11530
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