Fire Jacket Viking Life-Saving Equipment

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VIKING Fire V I K I N G T S T VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT NFPA Turnout Gear with built-in TST - Thermal Sensor Technology The first true lightweight and flexible turnout gear with built-in thermal sensors VIKING combines innovative use of fabrics with proven thermal sensor technology to create state of the art intelligent clothing.Proven Technology Built Right into the Turnout Gear Data shows that heart attack due to heat stress is the leading cause of death among fire-fighters in action. Special features in VIKING turnout gear are designed to reduce some of the factors that cause heat stress. Not only is our turnout gear extremely lightweight and flexible, but we now offer VIKING suits with integrated microelectronics. Temperature sensors attached to two displays on the arm and shoulder indicate critical temperatures - both inside and outside the garmen - to fire-fighters and their team. VIKING TST Thermal Sensor Technology Thermal sensors integrated into the clothing indicate critical temperature levels without adding extra bulky equipment.Thermal sensors are attached to an LED display via a conductive ribbon sewn into the fabric layers. Intelligent Clothing The precious seconds between safety and injury The heat insulating textiles in modern turnout gear protects the skin so well against radiant heat that it is becoming a challenge for fire-fighters to detect critical temperatures before they result in injury. The difference between pain and second degree burn is a mere 54º F increase in skin temperature. VIKING strives to reduce the risks of heat stress and burn injuries by providing turnout gear at the lowest possible weight in relation to protection. Integrating thermal sensor technology directly to the fabric layers gives the added advantage of indicating critical heat levels before it’ s too late. The sensor outside the coat: When the outer temperatures reach about 482º F the outer circle on the display begins to flash slowly. At 662º the display light flashes rapidly. The sensor inside the coat: When the temperature inside the garment reaches about 122º F the long line on the display begins to flash slowly, and at 156º the display light flashes rapidly because when the inside of the coat near the skin reaches 174º F the situation is critical. Durable parts All components will meet current standards for use on NFPA fire-fighting equipment. The microelectronics are durable and can withstand at least 25 wash cycles. The only thing you have to remove is the battery from a pocket in the liner. No maintenance is required - only the battery needs to be changed. VIKING is always one step ahead We designed the original lightweight and breathable turnout gear. We were the first introduce Raglan sleeves to US fire-fighters. We still offer more features on our turnout gear as standard than any other manufacturer in the US. And now we are the first to integrate thermal sensor technology directly into lightweight and flexible turnout gear. For the most advanced turnout gear available, choose a VIKING. The VIKING advantage VIKING Life-Saving Equipment is a global market leader in maritime and fire safety, providing essential safety equipment for commercial shipping, yachting and fishing vessels, offshore installations, defense and fire fighting sectors. VIKING turnout gear is used by professional fire-fighters across the globe – from Boston to Singapore. In several countries we are the leading supplier of turnout gear to fire-departments.Our protective clothing is developed in close cooperation with our demanding international customers which means we can deliver innovative suits with special features as well as standard models. VIKING Americas VIKING Americas is one of our largest subsidiaries with headquarters in Miami and representative offices across the country.
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Depot Safety | PT. Citra Total Proteksindo Bergerak di bidang Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja [ PJK3 ].
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• Alat Pemadam Api | Pengecekan, perawatan, servis dan isi ulang, Alat Pemadam Api Kebakaran ( APAR ) 
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Dengan segala jenis media racun api yang digunakan, seperti : 
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Dengan berbagai type, seperti : 
Portable | Trolly ( Pakai Roda) & Thermatic System, dengan harga yang kompetitif, ekonomis, bergaransi dan jaminan kualitas yang baik sesuai kebutuhan anda, melayani antar jemput atau layanan di tempat Anda.
• Fire Alarm System | Jasa Pemasangan Baru Instalasi Fire Alarm System dan Jasa Pengecekan Teknis, Perawatan (Maintenance)
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• Fire Instalation System | Jasa Pemasangan Baru Instalasi Fire System dan Jasa Pengecekan Teknis, Perawatan (Maintenance)
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