EUTECH, Waterproof Handheld Conductifity/ TDS meter, CyberScan CON 410

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Spesifikasi EUTECH, Waterproof Handheld Conductifity/ TDS meter, CyberScan CON 410

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EUTECH, Waterproof Handheld Conductifity/ TDS meter CyberScan CON 410, cat. ECCONWP41003K Product Features : : Waterproof and Dustproof Housing - IP67 rated, ideal for rugged harsh conditions. Plus it floats! : : Multi-Parameter - toggle between Conductivity / temperature and, TDS/ temperature at touch of buttons ( for CON410 model only) : : Multi-Point Push-Button Calibration ( up to 5 points for Conductivity/ TDS) - for easy, quick calibration : : Auto-Ranging for Conductivity/ TDS measurements for fast response and best resolution over wide measurement range : : User-Customization for enhanced flexibility like selectable normalization temperature, temperature coefficient and cell constant, etc. : : Built-In Real-time Clock stamps stored data and calibration data with time & date - meets standards for GLP purposes : : Expanded Memory stores and recalls up to 50 readings with temperature : : Automatic Temperature Compensation ( ATC) for the highest accuracy under fluctuating temperatures : : Stability Indicator prompts whenever reading stabilizes : : Auto-Hold Function automatically freezes reading when stabilized for easy viewing and recording : : Auto-Power Off saves battery power after non-use : : Self-Diagnostic with message codes for easy troubleshooting : : Large, Easy-to-Read Custom LCD Display with simultaneous readings provides optimum viewing with user-friendly icons : : Easy Interchangeability of electrodes caters for other specialty electrodes for specific applications : : Electrode with Built-in ATC designed for minimal air bubble entrapment during measurement : : Rugged Carrying Case ( Optional) provides handy on-site meter calibration and measurement Conductivity Range 0 to 19.99, 199.9, 1999 µ S/ cm; 19.99, 199.9 mS/ cm TDS Range 0 to 9.99, 99.9, 999 ppm; 9.99, 99.9, Max. 199.9 ppt ( depending on factor setting) Resolution & Accuracy 0.05% Full Scale & ± 1% Full Scale + 1 LSD Temperature Range 0 to 100.0 ° C; 32.0 to 212 ° F ( Meter) Resolution & Accuracy 0.1 ° C & ± 0.3 ° C; 0.1° F & ± 0.5 ° F Cell Constant & Temp. Coefficient 0.1, 1.0, 10.0 & 0.0 to 10.0 % / ° C ( selectable) Cond. to TDS Conversion Factor 0.40 to 1.00 ( selectable) Temperature Compensation Automatic / Manual ( 0 to 80 ° C) Date/ Time Stamping Yes Memory 50 data sets Special Functions Auto-Hold; Auto Power-Off after 30 minutes; Stability Indicator, Self-diagnostics messages Power 4 ' AAA' x 1.4V batteries
conductivity meter
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