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Spesifikasi Elektroda Consort Bvba Belgium

Cari berbagai macam dari pilihan terlengkap Elektroda. Cari penawaran terbaik dan termurah dari supplier terlengkap di Indonetwork.
Consort offrs a wide variety high quality electrochemical analytical sensors. Our pH, ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential),
Conductivity, Oxygen and Ion Selective Electrodes (ISEs) are designed for Laboratory, Industrial, Biotechnology and Medical
The most common electrodes are in our catalogue. We can supply variations depending on your needs: body style, submersible,
cable length, body length, connector type, ATC type,…
Most of our electrodes can be delivered from stock. ISE’s are never delivered from stock because of it’s limited shelf life. An ISE is
manufactured on demand and as such will guarantee an ideal shelf life combined with a low price.
About B, N, T, T3, T3S, X, Y
Our electrodes have diffrent options indicated with a suffi Here is an explanation of the diffrent suffis:
B 1m cable
1 BNC connection
N 1m cable
2 banana connections
T built-in ATC (Pt1000)
1m cable
1 BNC connection
2 banana connections for ATC
T3 built-in ATC (Pt1000)
3m cable
1 BNC connection
2 banana connections for ATC
T3S submersible electrode
built-in ATC (Pt1000)
3m cable
1 BNC connection
2 banana connections for ATC
X S7 screw connection (separate cable (SCxxB) needed)
Y S8 screw head for in-line use, screw connection (separate cable (SCxxB) needed)
Tips and tricks
While calibrating or measuring, all solutions should be stirred gently to ensure the electrode gives a true representation of the beaker
Calibration solutions with values near the expected sample value should be chosen. Only fresh calibration solutions should be used.
Changing all solutions daily is a good practice. All solutions should be maintained at equal temperature.
Rinse the electrode twice between measurements: fist thoroughly in distilled water and then with a small amount of the next sample
to be measured. Allow the electrodes suffient time to stabilise while calibrating or measuring. A stability indicator on all of our meters
prompts the user when readings should be taken.
Code Body Junction Sealed pH °C size
General Epoxy Single yes 0…14 0…80 110xØ12
Tuff-Tip Epoxy Double yes 0…14 0…100 110xØ12
SP20T General Glass Single yes 0…14 0…100 110xØ12
General Glass Single no 0…14 0…100 110xØ12
Temp. Glass Double yes 0…14 5…110 110xØ12
Spear Tip Ultem
Glass Double yes 0…14 0…80 25xØ5
SP26X Sleeve
Junction Glass Double no 0…14 0…100 110xØ12
SP27X Flat
Surface Epoxy Single yes 0…14 0…80 110xØ12
SP28X Micro
Electrode Glass Single no 0…14 0…80 130xØ4
SP29X Test Tube Glass Single no 0…14 0…100 250xØ8
max 10
Glass Double yes 0…13 -5…135
SP91Y: 110xØ12 mm SP92Y: 120xØ12 mm SP93Y: 130xØ12 mm
SP94Y: 160xØ12 mm SP95Y: 210xØ12 mm SP97Y: 310xØ12 mm
SP98Y: 360xØ12 mm
add -KIT to order an electrode with 50ml pH4 and pH7 + 50ml 3M KCl
pH electrodes
Code Body °C size
SP04X Titration glass double platinum 0…100 110xØ12
SP35B pH/ORP combi Glass
0…12 pH
0…±2000 mV
single junction
0…100 110xØ12
Special electrodes
Glassless pH electrodes SP40
Our NEW Liquid pH or LpH sensor is specially designed so that there is no glass in contact with the
solution being measured. Conventional glass pH electrodes are quickly etched and destroyed by HF
and as a result, current glass pH electrodes for HF applications use an extra thick membrane causing
slow sluggish response time. This is not the case with the SP40!
SP40 is an exact replacement for conventional glass pH electrodes. The SP40 is available in
Laboratory 12mm design with double junction reference for extended probe life.
pH Range 2 to 10
Temperature Range 0 to 40°C
Reproducibility +/- 2 %
Zero Potential (Eo) 7.00 pH
Slope (Span) 4 to 10 pH >93% of Scale
Offet (Zero) at 7pH 0 mV +/- 30 mV
Membrane Resistance <100 MΩ
Max Pressure 3 bar
Wetted Parts Kynar®, Viton®, PVC, and Epoxy
Code Description Junction pH °C size
SP40X S7 LpH sensor Double 2…10 0…40 110xØ12
SP40Y S8 LpH sensor Double 2…10 0…40 110xØ12
Ion selective electrodes Supplied with 1 m of cable and BNC plug
Polymer electrodes consist of various ion-exchange
materials in an inert matrix such as PVC, polythene or
silicone rubber.
Solid state electrodes utilise relatively insoluble
inorganic salts in a membrane.
Glass membrane electrodes are formed by the doping
of the silicon dioxide glass matrix with various chemicals.
Two versions available:
• Sealed (ISE20B…ISE37B)
• Refilable with replaceable membrane (ISE60B…ISE77B)
Gas sensing electrodes are available for the measurement of ammonia, carbon dioxides and nitrogen oxides. These electrodes have a
gas permeable membrane and an internal filing solution.
One versions available:
• Flat replaceable membrane (ISE50B…ISE52B)
All models are combination electrodes and have an epoxy body.
Dimensions: 110xØ12 mm
polymer 5.10-6 – 100 0.1 – 18000 0 – 50 K+ 4 – 10 NaCl
solid state 5.10-6 – 100 0.4 – 79900 0 – 50 I -, CN -, S2-, high levels
of Cl- and NH
2 – 14 KNO
solid state 10-7 – 10-1 0.01 – 11200 0 – 50 Cu2+, Hg2+, Ag+, high levels
of Fe2+ and Pb2+
2 – 12 KNO
polymer 5.10-6 – 100 0.2 – 40000 0 – 50 Pb2+, Hg2+, Cu2+, Ni2+ 3 – 10 KCl
solid state 5.10-5 – 100 1.8 – 35500 0 – 50 I -, Br-, CN -, S2- 1 – 12 KNO
solid state 10-8 – 10-1 0.00064 – 6350 0 – 50 Hg2+, Ag+, high levels of
Cl-, Br-, Fe2+ and Cd2+
2 – 12 KNO
solid state 5.10-6 – 10-2 0.13 – 260 0 – 50 Cl-, Br-, I -, S2- 11 – 13 KNO
solid state 10-6 – sat. 0.02 – sat. 0 – 50 OH- 5 – 8 KCl

polymer 7.10-6 – 100 0.1 – 10800 0 – 50 I -, ClO4-, CN – 2.5 – 11 (NH4)2SO4
solid state 5.10-8 – 100 0.006 – 127000 0 – 50 S2-, CN -, Cl-, BrS2O3-2, NH30 – 14 KNO3ISE30BISE70BLeadPb2+solid state 10-6 – 10-1 0.2 – 20700 0 – 50 Hg2+, Ag+, Cu2+,high levelsof Fe2+ and Cd2+3 – 8 KNO3ISE31BISE71BNitrateNO3-polymer 7.10-6 – 100 0.5 – 62000 0 – 50 I -, ClO4-, CN -, BF4- 2.5 – 11 (NH4)2SO4ISE32BISE72BPerchlorateClO4-polymer 7.10-6 – 100 0.7 – 99500 0 – 50 – 2.5 – 11 (NH4)2SO4ISE33BISE73BPotassiumK+polymer 10-6 – 100 0.04 – 39000 0 – 50 Cs+, NH4+ 2 – 12 NaClISE34BISE74BSilver/SulphideAg+/S2-solid state 10-7 – 100 0.01 – 1079000.003 – 320000 – 50 Hg+, Hg2+ 2 – 12 KNO3ISE35B SodiumNa+glass 10-6 – sat. 0.02 – sat. 0 – 50 H+, K+, Li+, Ag+, Cs+, Tl+ 5 – 12 NH4ClISE36BISE76BSurfactantX+/Xpolymer 10-5 – 5.10-2 1 – 12000 0 – 50 similar types of surfactants 2 – 12 KClISE37BISE77BWater hardnessCa2+/Mg2+polymer 10-5 – 100 0.4 – 4000 (Ca2+) 0 – 50 Cu2+, Zn2+, Ni2+, Fe2+ 5 – 10 KClISE50B AmmoniaNH3gas sensing 5.10-7 – 100 0.01 – 17000 0 – 50 volatile amines 11 – 13 NH4ClISE51B Carbon dioxideCO2/CO32-gas sensing 10-4 – 10-2 4.4 – 440 0 – 50 volatile week acids 4.8 – 5.2 NaHCO3ISE52B Nitrogen oxidesNOxgas sensing 5.10-6 – 5.10-3 0.2 – 220 0 – 50 SO2, HF, acetic acid 1.1 – 1.7 NaNO2
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PT. Sumber Arum Abadi

Anda butuh alat laboratorium dan reagents microbiology, segera hubungi Perusahan kami" . PT. SUMBER ARUM ABADI adalah distributor atau subdistributor supplier importir resmi Indonesia yang bergerak dibidang alat Laboratorium dan Microbiology di Surabaya Jawa Timur Indonesia , Dengan Merek Sebagai berikut : acumedia from neogen corp USA, merck KGaA Germany, sigma aldrich USA, waters For HPLC Ireland, ridacount, copan italy, biooscientific, difco, atago, bd, bbl, memmert, hirayama, atago, thermo scientific, thermolyne, funke gerber germany, warring, hach usa, olympus, seedburo, all american, vwr, sibata, horiba, uetech, yellowline, wildco, takemura, ATCC gibson laboratories Inc., As-One, pyrex, brand, biohit, axygen scientific, AZ Taiwan, boeco germany, gast vacuum pump, optika italy Microscope, motic Microscope, interscience france, hettich, and balance Japan, Ohaus Balances and Scale USA, mettler toledo balance USA, presica balance taiwan, kern balances germany, eppendorf, testo, velp scientifica, KNF neuberger, nabertherm vaccuum Pumps Germany, advantec toyo kaisha Ltd. Japan, kett Science And Sensing USA, eppendorf jerman, hanna instrument, IKA, hanil centrifuge taiwan, kern balances germany, GFL water still USA, acumedia, biogen, seward, wildco, haws, seward uk, witega germany, microessential, yazumi, neofilm neogen usa, pobel water stills spain, parafilm m bemis company inc. usa, sanita-kun japan, spectrum instruments australia, analytik jena germany, funke gerber germany, organomation usa, gibertini italy, stat fax 4200 microplate reader, stat fax 4700 microwell reader, automated elisa analyzer iea, labomed in. usa, deltatrak usa, miccroessentiallab usa dll Produk / Jasa Utama Distributor, importir, Agent Resmi ACUMEDIA NEOGEN CORPORATION USA, SEWARD UK, WITEGA BERLIN GERMANY DLL sbb: NEOGEN CORPORATION USA DI INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi authorized Distributor of the complete line of food safety diagnostic product manufactured by NEOGEN CORPORATION, LANSING MI, USA COMPANY di Indonesia. Produk NEOGEN yang kami tawarkan untuk keperluan laboratorium antara lain, ACUMEDIA Dehydrated Culture Media, Mycotoxin Test kit, Genaral Microbiology Test Kits, Foodborne Pathogen Test Kits, Food Alergen Test Kits, Food Adulterant Test Kits, Sanitation Test Kits, Drug Residue Test Kits, Natural Toxin Test Kits, Speciation Test Kits, Pesticide Residue Test Kits, Sulfite Residue Test Kits Aplikasi produk ini dapat digunakan untuk industri makanan dan minuman, farmasi, klinis, universitas, sekolah dan banyak lagi. Neogen NeoFilm USA Distributor, importir, agent, dealer resmi di indonesia produk Neofilm Neogen USA untuk Rapid Test For Microbiology. Produk Neofilm yang kami tawarkan sudah AOAC Approval untuk keperluan laboratorium anda di antaranya adalah sbb: Item No. Product 6620 NeoFilm for Aerobic Count 6625 NeoFilm for Rapid Aerobic Count 6630 NeoFilm for Coliform Count 6635 NeoFilm for E. coli / Coliform Count 6640 NeoFilm for Yeast and Mold Count 6645 NeoFilm for Staphylococcus aureus Count. SEWARD INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi Distributor resmi indonesia stomacher 80, stomacher 400 circulator, stomacher 3500, stomacher bags, stomacher accessories made in Seward UK Inggris Kualitas terjamin untuk standard laboratorium di Indonesia. ALL AMERICAN USA DI INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi adalah supplier, subdisdistributor, distributor, agent, importir resmi all American USA di Indonesia produknya meliputi : Pressure Canner/Cookers | Sterilizers | Automatic Can Sealers, all American USA 25x, all American USA 50x, all American USA 75x, spare part dll. MEMMERT INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi supplier, agent, importir ,distributor, subdistributor resmi produk memmert di Indonesia. Produk memmert: Oven, Incubator, Water Bath, Humidity Chamber, CO2 Incubator, Oil Bath, Water Bath, Environmental Chamber dll. HACH INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi supplier, agent, importir ,distributor, subdistributor hach indonesia Specialist Water Analysis di Indonesia hach untuk keperluan analisa air minum, air limbah dan lingkungan antara lain: pH Meter, DO, COD, BOD, Organic, TSS, Non-Organic dll. SANITA-KUN JAPAN DI INDONESIA Importir, distributor, subdistributor resmi di indonesia produk SANITA-KUN Japan Rapid Test For Microbiology. Produk SANITA-KUN yang kami tawarkan untuk keperluan laboratorium di antaranya: 1. Aerobic Count, 100 sheet/pk Sanita-Kun 2. Coliform, 100 sheet/pk Sanita-kun 3. Staphylococcus aureus, 100 sheet/pk Sanita-kun 4. E.coli/Coliform, 100 sheet/pk Sanita-Kun 5. Salmonella, 100 sheet/pk Sanita-Kun 6. Aerobic Count rapid test, 100 sheet/pk Sanita-kun 7. Yeast & Mold Rapid test, 100 sheet/pk Sanita-Kun GIBERTINI ITALY DI INDONESIA, PT. SUMBER ARUM ABADI ADALAH IMPORTIR, DISTRIBUTOR, AGENT, SUPPLIER RESMI TIMBANGAN GIBERTINI resmi di indonesia Produknya diantaranya ELECTRONIC BALANCES FOR OENOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL AND PAINTS YANG COCOK UNTUK LAB ANDA KARENA KUALITAS DAN AKURASI YANG HANDALSBB: Analytical Scales Toploading Scales Moisture Scales Micro Scales Yeast Counter Hydrostatic Scales Electronic distilling units Thermostatic baths Oenological analyzer Densimeters High precision piece-counting scales and platforms Scales to be used in hazardous environments ORGANOMATION USA DI INDONESIA. PT. Sumber Arum Abadi adalah distributor, importir, AGENT, SUPPLIER resmi Organimation Usa DI INDONESIA yang diantaranya produknya untuk tes nitrogren evaporator yang sangat berkualitas dan bermutu tinggi typenya sbb: Nitrogen Evaporators N-EVAP Product Line MULTIVAP Product Line MICROVAP Product Line Solvent Evaporators S-EVAP-KD Product Line S-EVAP-RB Product Line Solvent Extractors ROT-X-TRACT-L ROT-X-TRACT-S ROT-X-TRACT-LC Laboratory Chillers LABOMED INC. USA DI INDONESIA, PT. Sumber Arum Abadi adalah distributor, importir, agent, supplier, penjual resmi Labomed Inc. Usa DI INDONESIA yang diantaranya produknya adalah Spectrophotometer UV-Vis yang sangat berkualitas dan bermutu tinggi sangat ideal untuk laboratorium Anda baik lab Industri, perguruan tinggi, rumah sakit, dinas pemerintah dll typenya sbb: UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Microscopes, Digital cameras for microscopes, cuvette, medical diagnostic product YAZUMI INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi supplier, agent, importir ,distributor, subdistributor resmi produk YAZUMI miskroscope, microskop China untuk Lab Sekolah, Lab Industri, Lab Rumah Sakit dan Instansi Pemerintah Baik Yang Binoculair maupun Monoculair atau yang diconnect/ dihubungkan dengan CCD Camera, PC atau Labtop dll OHAUS INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi supplier, agent, importir ,distributor, subdistributor resmi OHAUS di Indonesia. OHAUS adalah produsen timbangan asal Amerika Serikat USA. Produk OHAUS yang kami jual adalah: Moisture Balance, Precision Balance, Analytical Balance dan macam-macam timbangan lainnya. dengan harga terjangkau dan kualitas yang tidak diragukan lagi. VELP INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi supplier, agent, importir ,distributor, subdistributor resmi VELP di Indonesia. VELP adalah produsen alat laboratorium asal Itali. Produk VELP yang kami jual adalah: Magnetic Stirrer, Vortex Mixer, Overhead Stirrer, BOD Incubator, JLT Flocculator: JLT 4 , Flocculator JLT 6, Kjeldahl Distillation Unit: UDK129, UDK139, UDK149, UDK159, UDK 169, Digestion Unit : DK6, DK6/48, DK8, DK20, DK20/26, DK42/26 dan banyak lagi. LEMARI ASAM ATAU FUMEHOOD INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi Distributor resmi fumehood/ fume hood atau lemari asam, enkas, dry oven, colony counter, Laminar, rotator, shaker, magnetic stirer lokal indonesia kualitas internasional bahan berkualitas standard untuk laboratorium industri, rumah sakit, dinas-dinas pemerintah, sekolah, universitas dll MICRO ESSENTIAL INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi Adalah supplier, subdistributor, agent, importir, distributor resmi produk micro essential dari USA di indonesia, Selama lebih dari 75 tahun Mikro Esensial Laboratorium, Inc telah memproduksi produk pHydrion digunakan untuk mengukur pH, kemanjuran solusi sanitasi, standar pH buffer dan kit khusus berbagai tes WITEGA LABORATORIEN INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi Adalah , Distributor, agent, importir, distributor resmi witega berlin Germany di Indonesia. Produknya meliputi sintesis laboratorium komponen organik sintetik, bahan aktif, bahan kimia dan zat referensi, pembuatan stabil isotop-ditandai senyawa DeltaTRAK USA di INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi adalah distributor, agent, importir resmi DeltaTRAK USA di Indonesia. Produk DeltaTRAK USA diantaranya adalah USB Loggers Data Loggers, Chart Recorders, Thermometers, ColdTRAK, TTI, Wireless, Bacteria Testing, Shelf Life, Thermal Labels, ISFET pH Meters, Safety Products, Timers yang semuanya produknya berkualitas cocok untuk lab industri, pemerintah, Universitas, sekolah dll IKA GERMANY IN INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi adalah supplier, subdisdistributor, distributor, agent, importir resmi IKA GERMANY di indonesia diantara produknya adalah mixing, heating, distilling and crushing applications. IKA has gained a leading position in the world market with its innovative magnetic stirrers, mixers, overhead stirrers, shakers, homogenizers, mills, rotary evaporators, calorimeters, laboratory reactors and specially developed software for laboratory and analysis applications yang cocok untuk kebutuhan laboratorium Anda. HANNA INSTRUMENTS IN INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi adalah supplier, subdisdistributor, distributor, agent, importir resmi HANNA USA di indonesia diantara produknya adalah : Checker HC , Chemical Test Kits , pH Meters, pH/ORP Meters, Ion Selective, pH/ORP/ISE/Meters, Conductivity/TDS , Digital Refractometers , Dissolved Oxygen, Multiparameter , Fertigation Systems , Titration Systems , Chemical Oxygen Demand, Photometers , Turbidity , Temperature , Relative Humidity , Magnetic Stirrers , Mini Panel Controllers , Process Instrumentation , Dosing Pumps , Lux Meters , Reagents, Solutions , Accessories , Hanna Sanitation Systems POBEL WATER STILLS SPAIN DI INDONESIA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi adalah supplier, subdisdistributor, distributor, agent, importir resmi POBEL WATER STILLS SPAIN di Indonesia Produknya diantaranya : Water Stills, DESA TANK, Water Stills, DESA, Water Stills, Model 704, Water Stills, Model 710, Water Stills, Model 720, Water Stills, Model 804, Water Stills, Model 811, Water Stills HYDRO, Water Stills SERI BIHYDRO Parafilm Bemis Company, Inc. USA PT. Sumber Arum Abadi adalah supplier, subdisdistributor, distributor, agent, importir resmi Parafilm M Bemis Company Inc.USA di Indonesia, Produksi tape self sealing yang sudah bertahun-tahun dipecaya untuk aplikasi laboratorium klinis dan industri tersedia dalam model roll sbb: 2″ x 250′ | #PM992 4″ x 125′ | #PM996 20″ x 50′ | #PM998 4″ x 250′ | #PM999 OPTIKA ITALY DI INDONESIA OPTIKA didistribusikan , penjual, supplier, subdistributor, importir oleh PT.SAA. OPTIKA Mikroskop adalah divisi mikroskop optik sebuah perusahaan yang didirikan lebih dari 30 tahun yang lalu sebagai aktor kunci dalam bidang instrumentasi ilmiah. Sebuah tim lebih dari 40 orang di 4 lokasi Eropa bekerja pada pengembangan model baru, produksi, kontrol kualitas, pasokan dan layanan purna jual. Sebuah jaringan distributor lokal meluas ke pengguna akhir keunggulan OPTIKA dalam kualitas, inovasi, harga yang kompetitif dan bantuan. OPTIKA Mikroskop menawarkan lebih dari 80 model mikroskop yang berbeda, dengan aksesoris penuh, untuk bidang yang paling beragam dari mikroskop optik. Sebuah pasar yang menantang, yang OPTIKA Mikroskop pendekatan dengan profesionalitas dan komitmen. FUNKE GERBER GERMANY DI INDONESIA Funke gerber GERMANY adalah Member of German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers Association, yang memproduksi alat-alat laboratorium khususnya spesialis untuk tes atau analisa susu/milk analysis dan analisa bir/alkohol/beer analysis yang sangat berkualitas tinggi karena Funke-Dr.N.Gerber Labortechnik GmbH berdiri sejak tahun 1904, sangat cocok digunakan untuk laboratorium di perguruaan tinggi, industri, dinas-dinas pemerintah, BUMN dll. produknya diantaranya colony star 8500, cryostar I, Fermento flash, Lacto star, lacto flash analyzer, nova safety, ph4440 conductivity ph redox, super nova centrifuge, waterbath wb 436 dll
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