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Cotton Webbing for the Biscuit Industry Cotton webbing has been very widely used in the production of biscuits throughout the World for several generations. Although many attempts have been made to develop other types of conveyor belting for the specialised application the traditional cotton webbing remains the firm favourite of biscuit manufacturers everywhere. The release properties and absorption characteristics of woven cotton cannot be matched by more modern materials. The availability of the unique skills required to produce a finely woven, two ply, cotton webbing has diminished in recent years as the heavy weaving industry has contracted. We believe that we are the only remaining volume producer of the traditional densely woven styles which have always enjoyed an excellent reputation in the industry. Our lightweight and heavyweight biscuit webbings are still produced to the original specification which have proved so successful over the years. Spliced and sewn endless belts can be offered in any of the widths indicated within a few days. Although our primary products are premium quality webbing we are always happy to quote against customer samples of inferior qualities which are sometimes preferred on less arduous applications when initial outlay has to take priority over performance and life expectancy. In addition to our biscuit webbing looms we operate a further diverse range of looms which enables us to weave any type of woven belt produced by our many competitors supplying lower specification webbings and unable to produce premium qualities. In these days of environmental concerns we are pleased to be able to say that our cotton webbings originate from a natural product and being biodegradable can be returned to the earth when their useful life is ended. This is becoming an increasingly important attribute as the controls on emissions and waste disposal are being tightened in an effort to correct the legacy of a deteriorating global environment. It is said that an environmental revolution will take place in industry over coming years and most companies will have to demonstrate a level of control of their total impact on the environment. Cotton webbings represent a tiny step in the right direction.
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Kami adalah Perusahaan Trading dan Importir yang bergerak dalam bidang Mesin High Frequency, Mesin Welding ( Penyambung) Plastik, Mesin pembuat bahan Map Plastik, ATK, Mesin Pembuat Kosmetik, Pasta Gigi, Balon, kolam Plastik, Kantong kain sintetis ( Cooton bag) , Tas Plastik, Dus Plastik, Box Plastik makanan ringan/ kue, Mainan anak, Mesin Emboss Sepatu, Sandal, dan lain sebagainya, berikut Spare part dan Jasa Perbaikan service, Belt Convayor Khusus untuk makanan dan Pabrik Semen, Rotary Joint ,Dll

Distributor plastik PVC Sheet/ lembaran dari tebal 0, 50 - 5 mm warna transparant, hijau, biru dll. Mesin-Mesin Pembuatan/ Penyambungan semua bahan dari Plastik dan sejenisnya. Semua mesin yang kami jual mendapatkan garansi dan after sales service selama 6 bulan.
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Ruko perum Banjar Wijaya blok B1 no 15, Jl. KH Hasyim Ashari, Cipondoh - Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia -15141
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