Battery Monitoring System PerCell for Hazardous and Non Hazardous Area

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Spesifikasi Battery Monitoring System PerCell for Hazardous and Non Hazardous Area

Battery Monitoring for Alll Type of Battery : Lead Acid or Nicked Cadmium Battery

Supply voltage: 20-160VDC Power consumption: Max. 5W Power supply: universal power supply 20 – 160VDC Working temperature range: -5ºC to +45ºC Max. humidity: 95%, non-condensing Mounting: DIN-rail 35mm Max. number of cells: 60 or more Max. voltage per cell: 0 – 160VDC Cell input impedance : 1.04MΩ Min. resolution of cell voltage: 3mV Accuracy: +/- 3mV @ 25ºC Long term stability(3 month period): +/- 0.1% Limit contacts: - Status - Contact hysteresis: - Max. contact load: - Life span of contacts: 3 potential free change over contacts Trigger criteria’s programmable in the instruments menu Symbol on the internal display Adjustable, factory setting is +/- 5 counts 1A resistive / 230VAC 100‘000 cycles at max. load 10‘000‘000 cycles at no load Measurement input ripple voltage: no need to connect this signal. The signal is directly measured from the instruments power supply connection. Accuracy ripple current: +/- 0.3% Measurement input current: depending on the requested maximum current, a current sense module is supplied. Accuracy current measurement: +/- 0.1% gain error, Offset +/- 0.1% Accuracy ripple current measurement: +/- 0.25% gain error, Offset+/- 0.1% Temperature measurement: -30 … +70 ºC, with external 3-wire Pt-100 temperature sensor Accuracy: +/- 0.1 ºC Pt-100 sensor cable length: 1000m, automatic cable length compensation Hydrogen concentration input: 4 … 20mA, measurement with an external hydrogen sensor USB data logger: accepts FAT32 formatted USB-sticks USB Anschluss: galvanically separated USB Type B connector for the connection between the Torkel or PC Data connection to PLC / PC: RS485, termination resistors selectable by DIP switches - Galvanically separated - Protocol: MODBUS RTU - Terminals for the cable shield and the connection to the next instrument on the same bus connection Dimensions: L x W x H = 213mm x 91mm x 62mm Weight: 425g CE-conformity: fulfilled
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Menyediakan Peralatan UPS sektor Industrial Type dan Telecomunication, Battery Monitoring System untuk Lead Acid dan Nickel Cadmium ;INSTRUMENT Solenoid Valve Asco, ELECTRICAL, MECHANICAL, TOOLING, MEASUREMENT
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