Koehler K320S-200 Remaining Useful Life Evaluation Routine (RULER®)

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Spesifikasi Koehler K320S-200 Remaining Useful Life Evaluation Routine (RULER®)

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Info Produk
Test Method
The portable Remaining Useful Life Evaluation Routine ( RULER® ) instrument measures the oxidative resistance levels of mineral and synthetic hydrocarbon oils, ester-based and biodegradable oils. Utilizing voltammetric techniques, the RULER® quantitatively analyzes the relative concentrations of antioxidants in new and used oils in order to monitor the depletion rates of the antioxidant protection package in the oil. The RULER® can be used proactively in order to determine proper oil change intervals and to extend oil change intervals through timely antioxidant additive replenishments. In addition, the RULER® can be used to quantify antioxidant levels of incoming and stored oil supplies and to detect abnormal operating conditions prior to equipment failure signalled by abrupt antioxidant depletion rates.

Features and Benefits
• Patented electrochemical measurement technique

• Conforms to ASTM D6810 and D6971

• Compact and completely portable hand-held unit

• Windows® CE-based simple touch screen operation

• Durable for use in harsh and industrial environments

• 320 x 240 pixel LCD backlit touch screen with automatic contrast

• Stores over 100 tests in memory

• Quick data communication and downloading laptop and desktop computers

• Integrated charge status/ low-battery indicator with intelligent fast charge

• Long-life lithium-ion battery with power backup

Power Supply
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack
Rechargeable lithium-manganese backup battery pack

Electrical Requirements
120V 50/ 60Hz
220V 50/ 60Hz

Included Accessories
Cable, and Communication Software
R-DMS® Software Package ( RULER® Data Management Software)
RULER® Probe
Carrying Case for RULER® instrument and accessories
Micropipettor with disposable tips
Alcohol pads
Tissue Wipes
Instruction Manual

Dimensions lxwxh, in.( cm)
24.8x10.4x6.1 ( 9.75x4.1x2.4)
Net Weight: 1.9 lbs ( 0.85kg)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs ( 4.5kg)
Dimensions: 2 Cu. ft.

Ordering Information
Number Product Description Electrical Requirements
K320S-200 RULER® Instrument 115V 50/ 60Hz
K320S-290 RULER® Instrument 220V 50/ 60Hz

RULER® Test Solutions - Vials
One case of RULER® test solution vials consists of 144 glass vials filled with 1g of sand and 5mL of the test solution. Choose from the following solutions based upon your application. Please contact Koehler Customer Service with any questions about ordering the test solutions.
Number Product Description
K131-144 Red - Aviation Applications
K132-144 Green - General Applications
K133-144 Blue - Combustion Engine Applications
K134-144 Yellow - Rust and Oxidation Applications
K137-144 Black - RAN

RULER® Test Solutions - Bottles
The RULER® test solutions are also available in 500mL bottles. Glass vials filled with 1g of sand are also needed to perform the proper analysis. Choose from the following solutions based upon your application. Please contact Koehler Customer Service with any questions about ordering the test solutions.
Number Product Description
K131-500 Red - Aviation Applications
K132-500 Green - General Applications
K133-500 Blue - Combustion Engine Applications
K134-500 Yellow - Rust and Oxidation Applications
K137-250 Black - RAN 250mL bottle
K144SW Glass vials with sand ( box of 200)
K144SB Glass vials for RAN ( box of 100)

Optional Accessories
Number Product Description Additional Information
K144C Alcohol pads 1000 individually sealed pads
K115 Tissue wipes box of 300
K120-100T Adjustable Multirange Micropipettor 20, 25, 50, 100µ L
K120-500T Adjustable Multirange Micropipettor 200, 250, 300, 500µ L
K121-100T Pipettor Tips for K120-100T pack of 48
K121-500T Pipettor Tips for K120-500T pack of 48
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