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Temukan produk Kantor, Sekolah & Perlengkapannya di wilayah Indonesia. Supplier, Agen , Distributor untuk produk Kantor, Sekolah & Perlengkapannya , Kami menyediakan database terlengkap dengan harga termurah untuk produk Kantor, Sekolah & Perlengkapannya di wilayah Indonesia. Hanya satu sumber referensi terlengkap dan terpercaya Bisnis Direktori di Indonesia.

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You will find SEA HORSE GROUP in a place where looks delicious. You wander into a store and find yourself somehow drawn to a particular sweet. You can tell that it has been made with tender loving care and it's going to taste delicious. That is a place where people will find SEA HORSE GROUP containers. SEA HORSE GROUP was established in 2004 to offer to market by that time unavailable packing and fast food and other types of food systems. It is our goal to meet ever-greater demands of restaurant owners and their customers, using state-of-the-art technology and providing higher standards and better ways of presentation. Corporate concept Producing paper containers for "deliciousness" SEA HORSE GROUP is an innovative development company that produces original products in which customer satisfaction and unique ideas are made into actual products. We strive to share a contribution to society, the marketplace and many industries with "deliciousness." To deliver “deliciousness” Our products are developed with designs and functionalities that are easy to use for customers when cooking and excellently portray its delicious contents. We strive for creative development and production every day, respecting the desire of those who produce food and the feeling of those who eat it. Good designs increase sales. Even when much deliciousness is guaranteed, it is essential to catch customer’s eyes first.So the design of containers and wrappings are critical. Our dedicated staff will meticulously work on your requests to meet your requirements. We then offer proposals with data and physical samples in various stages . A broad range of products are availab SEA HORSE GROUP covers a vast number of products to suit different application. Standard products ensure immediate delivery. Made-to-order products provide customer’s originality into shape. Seasonal product designs are also available such as Greeting,Eid Mubarak , Christmas and Valentine’s Day Utilizing accumulation of our original molding techniques. To produce our products in a short period of time to meet immediate requirements for customers,We strive to create unique products which cannot be imitated by any other companies using our tecnology and know-how we have built over the years. We strive for high quality and hygienic products in all sincerity. In the production and sale of food containers, through consistent quality and hygenic control are critical. We make extreme effort for thorough quality control, in addition to establishment and improvement of our hygenic environment to ensure reliable produntion quality and safety. Custom Order Product We desire to meet any type of request. Please contact us when you can’t find the containers in the shape and design you need. Our sales offices will immediately undertake to accommodate your request. Our marketing will be set up to address your request. OUR PRODUCT SEA HORSE GROUP is a producer of Smart box, Lunch box, Boat tray, Burger box, Salad box, Paper plates, Cupcake Box, Cake Box, Macaron Box,Display Box, Kraft Box,Pizza Box, Labels & Stickers, Reusable Bags, Sushi Packaging, Fast Food Packaging, Wine Bags, Burger Wrapping Paper, Bottle bags, Chocolate Boxes, Produce Bags, Donut Box, Bread Bag,Kraft Paper bag, Eco Food Packaging,opp ,pe,hd plastic bag , seal pvc shrink, etc ....and custom made products. All our products are made of the finest cardboard and plastic intended exclusively for food industryAlamat : Ruko Oasis Citra Garden VII blok A8/20 kalideres – Jakarta Barat 11840No. Telp : 021 – 22520981 WA : 081319996883

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SETIA IMMANUEL STEEL :Jln Raya Kali-Rungkut no 24(sebelah dealer mobil daihatsu,sebelum jalan panduk,seberang ruko rungkut megah raya)No Telp/WA : 081703332964 Owner : Christina, Email : setiaimmanuelsteel@yahoo.com Pin BB : 5AFDEAA7 SIS bergerak di Bidang BESI, BAJA & JASA Besi & Baja : 1. Besi beton ( polos, ulir) spesifikasi : SNI & SNI sertifikat 2. Hollo spesifikasi : 20x40, 40x40, 30x30, 20x20, 50x50, 50x100, 30x60, 40x80, 100x100, dll ( dengan berbagai macam ketebalan) 3. Siku spesifikasi : 30x30, 40x40, 50x50, 60x60, 70x70, 80x80, dll ( dengan berrbagai macam ketebalan) 4. Besi as spesifikasi : 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, dll 5. Pipa air spesifikasi : 0.5" , 1" , 1.5" , 2" , 2.5" , 3" , dll ( dengan berbagai macam ketebalan) 6. Pipa Gas spesifikasi : welded, seamless sch 40, sch 80 ( dengan berbagai ukuran & ketebalan) 7. Plat, Plat strip : spesifikasi : plat > 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, dll plat strip > 4mmx1 1/ 4" , 5mm x 1" , 5mm x 1 1/ 4" , dll 8. Segala macam Galvanis ( siku, plat, unp, cnp, hollo, dll) spesifikasi : menyediakan segala macam galvanis mulai dari plat, strip, siku, unp, cnp, hollow, wf, wiremesh, pagar brc, pipa ( dengan berbagai macam ukuran & ketebalan ) 9. Stainless steel spesifikasi : berbagai macam ketebalan & ukuran. tersedia juga berbagai merk & kualitas > 201, 304, 316 heisei, star, supra, metal, dll. 10. Wf spesifikasi : wf 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, ..800 11. H-beam spesifikasi ; 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 12. CNP spesifikasi : 75x35, 75x42, 100x35, 100x42, 125x50, 150x50, dll 13. Unp spesfikasi : 50, 65, 100, 125, dll. Dalam Bidang JASA meliputi  : 1. LIFT Spesifikasi : dumb waiter ( lift makanan) , cargo lift, lift penumpang 2. TIANG Spesifikasi : Tiang Lampu, Tiang Listrik, Tiang Telepon, Tiang Solar-cell 3. Canopy Spesifikasi : minimalis, melengkung, klasik dengan mengunakan atap polycarbonate, polyvinyl 4. Pagar Spesifikasi : minimalis, stainless, klasik 5. Teralis Spesifikasi ; minimalis, klasik 6. Ralling tangga / balkon Spesifikasi : stainless, minimalis, ukir 7. Atap Baja Ringan Spesifikasi : rangka atap galvalum ex kencana truss. 0.75 8. Pintu Harmonika Spesifikasi : dengan ketebalan daun 1mm, 1.2mm by SIS, warna: custom. 9. Pagar BRC Spesifikasi : dengan finishing electroplating, hot dip galvanis.
Alamat : JL : Raya Rungkut no 24-no 1.(Seberang ruko rungkut megah raya, Sebelah dealer mobil daihatsu, Sebelum jalan panduk)
Surabaya • Jawa Timur
Alat Laboratorium, Alat Teknik, Peralatan Instrument Lab, Peralatan Teknik, Alat Labs ( HP 0815 1311 6206) www.pro-teknik.net | www.alat-labs.com Alat Laboratorium, Alat Teknik, Peralatan Instrument Lab, Peralatan Teknik, Alat Labs ( HP 0815 1311 6206) www.pro-teknik.net | www.alat-labs.com
PD. PRO-TEKNIK INDONESIA is a Supplier and Distributor, Analysis of Food Quality / Sanitation, Water Quality Analysis / Water Test Kits, Equipment Hygine Measure ( Physical Factors) , Equipment Hygine Measure ( Factor Chemistry) , Scales, Medical Devices, Equipment Soil Analysis ( Soil Test kit) , Equipment Geology / Minerals, pH meter, Refractometer, Thermometer, Tachometer, Lux meter, Anemometer, Humiditymeter, Etc. Supplier of Industrial Engineering Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Fishing Equipment, Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Industry in Indonesia complete. Contact Us: PD. PRO-TEKNIK INDONESIA JL. Taruna Raya No.47D, Pulogadung Jakarta Timur 13220- Indonesia Telp. 021-470 4719 Fax. 021-4788 3649 | 021-470 4719 Mobile: 0815 1311 6206 | 021 93 800 487 Email: pro.teknik@ yahoo.co.id | pro-teknik@ hotmail.com Website: www.pro-teknik.net | www.alat-labs.com OUR PRODUCT LIST AW Meter pH Meter Alcohol Breath Meter ABI AlcoHawk mouthpiece Alcohol Tester - AL 3500- Alert J5 Air Impinger Sampling RC 5 AP20 Aspirating Pump MSA Orion - Crowcon- Sperian Biosystem Anaerobic Jar Test Acidity - Alcohol- Brix / Sugar- Coolant- Honey- Salinity Refractometer , Analytical Balance, Actinograph, Anemometer Vane / Hot Wire, AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Atomic Force Microscope Autoclave AutoTitrator Analyzer ; Moisture, Water, Fat, Protein, Total Hydrocarbon, Ozone Meter, Gas Automatic Water Sampler Vertical Horizontal Amino Acid Analyzer Balance ; Analytical, Precision Balance, Triple Beam, Top Loading, Moisture, Industrial, Counting, Scale, Bath ; Circulator Refrigerating, Flotation, Fluidised, Oil, Refrigerated, Sand, Shaker, Ultrasonic, Viscometer, Water, Immersion Cooler Biohazard Safety Cabinet Biosafety Class A2 I II III Biological Oxygen Demand / BOD Meter ; Bag Closer Bomb Calorimeter Ika, Kayuan, Leco, Parr, U-Therm, Toshniwal Buffer Solution Brix- Coolant - Acidity - Salt Refractometer Cabinet; Dry, Flammable, Acid, Biological Safety, Combustible, Laminar Flow Cabinet Vertical / Horizontal, Lighting, Erlab Vented Chemical Storage, Carbon Analyzer Carbon Dioxide Incubator Molecular Biology, Chemical Oxygen Demand ( COD ) Meter Chromatography ; Gas, Detector, / Size Exclusion Circulator Bath Concentrator ; Sampler, Vacuum Calorimeter Bomb Centrifuge Oil Test, Utracentrifuge Cathetometer Cholinesterase Test Kit Climatic & Stability Chamber Residual Free Chlorine Meter , Analyzer, pH test kit, Total Free Clorophyll Meter SPAD 502 Plus CM 200 Conductivity - pH Meter Stuart Colony Counter Colorimeter Color Water Testing Crude Fiber Digestion Apparatus Current Meter , Stream Flow Meter/ Current Meter Cloud and Pour Testing Carbon Residue Apparatus Corrosion Analyzer ; Corrosive Cabinet Cutting Mill Citrus Acidity Meter Deioniser Digestion Unit Distillation Apparatus Disintegration Tester Density; Bulk Analyzer, Balance, Gradient Column, Meter Density Portable; Oil / Fuel Lubricant , Vapour Detector ; Gas, GPC, Radiation Detector Gas Biological Liquid Nitrogen LN2 Container MVE Millenium Phoenix Chengdu; Taylor Wharton Dielectric Analyzer Differential Scanner Calorimeter Digestion ; Kjeldahl, Microwave Ductless Fume Hood Dissolution Tester DO Meter Dissolved Oxygen Distillation Tester Dosimeter pocket- portable DNA; FISH probe, Marker, Purification Kit Dry Block Heater Dry Cabinet, Dehumidifier, Fluidised Bed, Freeze, Hot Air Dissolution , Dehumidifier Dust ATP Sanitation Tester Food Security Kit Sampling Dust ; Sampling, Collector Dispensing Max Desiccator Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker Electro Concentrator Eyewash Combination Shower Echo Sounder Evaporator Rotary Eckman Dredge Sampler Extraction Mantle Heater Electrode Replacement Electrolyte Electroplating Elemental Analyzer Elisa Reader, Washer Emision Gas Analyzer Evaporator Rotary Extraction ; Microwafe, Soxlet Furnaces; Ashing, Muffle, Tube, Air Circulation, Chamber, Melting, High Temperature. Falling Number Tester Fat, Analyzer Fecal Coliform Broth Base Fermentor Fibre Digester FISH ( Fluorescene Insitu Hybidization ) Flow, Granules Tester Fluidised ; Bath, Dryer Fluorescene Meter Freeze Dryer Freezer; Blood Plasma, Chest, Upright French Press Cell Disruptor Frequency Response Analyzer Friability Tester Friction Tester Fuel Density Meter ; Fume Hood ( Lemari Asam - Fluorecent Indicator Kit Flocculator ( Jar Test ) Tester Flue Gas Anayzer Flame Photometer Corning Safety Storage Cabinet Flammable Combustible Corrosive Yellow - Red - Blue Flash Point Tester Floor and Table Cutting Mill Food Security Kit Gas Chromatography Gas Detector tubes Gradient Meter Gas; Analyzer, Leak Detection, Detector, Flowmeter, Generator, Sampler, Mixer Gemmy Refractometer/ Gemstone Tester Glassware Drying Rack Gloss Meter ( Uni - Multi ) Gas Monitors / Gas Detection Gas Meter- Wet Test Gas Sampling RAC-3 Glove Box, Vacuum Grinding Mill Gas Oil Distillation Unit Gravitimeter G -Bend Karyotyping Gauge, Vacuum, Grain Tester Granule Tester Homogenizer Airbone Particle Counters High Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography ( HPAE ) HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography Hardness Tester Tablet Portable Heating Mantles ; Multi -Single Heating ; Block, Mantle, High Precision Temperature Monitoring Hydrometer Hydrocarbon Detection Hygrothermograph Hygrothermometer Humidity Thermo Meter Homoginizer ; Fluidised, Ultrasonic Hot Bead Sterilizer Hot Plate Stirrer CORNING, CIMAREC, ECHOTHERM, FAVORIT, HEIDOLPH, THERMOLYNE, SCHOTT, DAIHAN, LABTECH, YELLOWLINE, Humidity; Chamber, Meter ; Incubator, System for FISH Immersion, Cooler Incubator; BOD, CO2, Hybridzation, Shaking, Low Temp. BOD Incubator Ion Selective ; Electrode, Meter, Photometer Illuminator Ion Chromatography Jar Test Flocculator Karl Fisher Titrator Kjeldhal Apparatus ( Digestion & Distillation ) Laminair Flow Cabinet ; Light Box Light Meter Luminescene Analyzer Instrument Liquid Handling Lamp Viewing Laboratory Mill Laser Particle Counter Laboratory Plate Mill Leak Test Apparatus Loupe with Fluorescent Ring Lamp Liquid Nitrogen Container Magnetic ; Stirrer, Hotplate, Stirrer Mantle Heating Material Seed Grain Wood Testing Machine Media; Culture, Dispenser, Sterilizer, Preparation Medical Simulator Melting Point Apparatus Metallographich Analyzer Meteorogical Instrument Micro Centrifuge Micro Electroplating Micropipette Microscope System Microbiological Water Test Kit Potakit - Potalab - Potaflex Microwave ; Ashing System, Digestion System, Extraction, Furnace, Oven, Solid Moisture Analyzer Milk Lactoscan Milk Testing Equipment Milling Rice Meter Weight Detector Moisture Analyzer for Plastic Moisture : Balance/ Analyzer Mycotoxin Tester Manometer Water Meat Moisture Meter Melting Point Apparatus Mercury Analyzer Microbiology Water Tester Microwave Leak Detector Molecular Sieve Neutron Detector Nitrogen Analyzer Taylor Wharton 10XT- 25 XT - 34 XT- 50 LD Nitrogen LN2 Liquid Storage Noise Dosimeter Portable OBS Rain Gauge Oil Bath Oil Test Centrifuge Oil in Water Content Analyzer Opacity Meter Osmometer Oxidation Reduction Potential Meter Oxidative Stability Index Oxygen Gas Detector ; Oxygen Meter Oven; Convection, Forced Air, Vacuum Overhead Stirrer ORP Monitor / Controller pH Meter Oil Test Centrifuges Oil Color Comparator , Measuring, Binocular, Milk Meter Oil Test Centrifuge Oil Quality Analyzer Osmometer Ozone Meter Particle Size Analyzer Particle Airbone Portable Counter Paper Filter Permeability Tester Petri Dish Turntable Penetrometer Petroleum Comparator PetroFlag Analyzer Petroleum Point Tester Petroleum Disstilation Unit PCR Machine pH/ Chlorine Test Kit pH Meter ; pocket, portable, Multiparameter ; Dissolution Tester, Hardness Tester Photometer Photo Counter Photo Documentation Piezometer Pipette Controller Pipe Cable Locator Plant Growth Chamber Plankton Nett Polarimeter Disc, Delmhorst Paper Moisture Meter P-2000 Analyzer Protein Analyzer Portable Survey Meter Portable Mercury Analyzer Pulverizer Pycnometer Density ; Stereo, Foam Pump; Centrifugal, Diaphragm, Gear, Multichannel, Perisaltic, Rotary, Vacuum, Precipitation Helmann Recorder Pycnometer Rain Gauge / Alat pengukur Curah Hujan Radiation Detector Refractometer; Sugar Salinity Refrigerated Bath with Magnetic Stirrer Refrigerant Leak Detector Rheometer Rice Testing Equipment ; Rice Milling Meter / Rice Whiteness Rotary Evaporator Rotary Tablet Machine Sacharimeter Salt in Crude Analyzer Salt Salinity Meter Salt Spray Chamber Sample Concentrator Salvage Drum Overpack Sampling; Air, Gas, Isokinetic, Particle, Source Sanitarian Field Kit Sand Bath Shaking Bath Sieve Shaker Size Exclusion Chromatography , Soxhlet, Soxtherm Extractor Specific Gravity Meter , Colour, Fluorescene, UV/ Visible Stack Gas Analysis ; Flame, Glass Bead, Hot Air, Media, Microwave, Steam Sterilizer Tray Stirrer; Overhead, Hot Plate Stirrer Magnetic Stomacher Surface Analyzer Surface Tension Meter Survey Meter, Sani Check SRB Kit Safety Cabinet Class II Salt - Brix Refractometer Surface Salinity Meter Safety Can Container Salt Meter Salt in Crude Analyzer Sampling Water Shaking Water Bath Soil Test Kit Soil Tester Solvent Reclaimer S-316 Sound Level Meter Spectrophotometer UV - Vis Silica Test Kit Strength Tester Tensile SPAD 502 Plus Chlorophyll Meter Total Suspended Solid Analyzer TSS Secchi Disk Scrubber / Turbosog Seawater, Specific Gravimeter Sugar ( Brix ) Meter Storm Drain Monitoring Kit Tablet Rotary Machine Tablet Press Machine Tachometer Thermometer ; Infra Red, Precision Thermal ; Analyzer, Conductivity System, Diffusivity Thermal Mechanical Analyzer, Thermo gravimetry Analyzer ( TGA ) Thermoregulator Tube Furnace Thermometer Calibration System Thermo Electric Bending Beam Rheometer Tensiometer Temperature and Humidity Chamber Thermohygrometer Thermohygrograph TDS Meter -Total Dissolved Solid Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Total Suspended Solids Analyzer- TSS Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer Trace Analyzer Trace Metal Digestion System IR Turbidity Meter Portable ; Laboratory Turbidity Meter Titrator Tambour Tuning Fork Tubes Top Mixer Test Tube Rack Tablet Disintegration Tester Tablet Friabilator Tablet Hardness Tester Tap Density Tester ( USP ) Ultrasonic; Cleaner, DM5 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Dualscope MPOR Ultraviolet; Lamp, Light Box, Spectrophotometer, Table, Viewing Cabinet Ultraviolet Absorbing Eye Wear Urine Refractometer Vanilla Moistures Analyzer Vacuum; Concentrator, Furnace, Oven, Pump, Controller Vapour Viscometer Vortex Mixer pH Meter Water Sampler Vertical and Horizontal Water Analysis ; pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, DO Meter, Turbidity Meter, TSS Total Suspended Solid Meter Water Quality Checker Multiparameter Weather Station Wet / Dry Thermometer Water Level Indicator Water Leak Detector Water Sampler Automatic Washer; Glassware, Microplate, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Water, Bath, Deinoiser, Purification, Still, Test Kit, Tester Weighing Scales Wire Rope Tester Wood ; Lumber Moisture Meter BRANDS: AND ADAMLAB ADWA INSTRUMENT ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES ADVANCED SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES ADVANCELAB AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES ALEXIS ALCOA ALFA SCIENTIFIC ALCONOX ALNOR ALL AMERICAN AMCOR AMARELL ANTER ANTON PAAR ANALYTIC JENA APEX INSTRUMENT APOGEE INSTRUMENT APPLIED PRECISION AS ONE LABORATORY ARIZONA ARUN ARROW-TECH ASTELL AURORA ATAGO AZ INTRUMENTS BACHARACH BARLOWORLD SCIENTIFIC STUART BANTE INSTRUMENT BELLINGHAM & STANLEY - BS BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES BIO 101 BIO-RAD BIO CHROM BIOSAN BIOTOOLS BIOCONTROL BROOKHAVEN BROOKFIELD BRABENDER BTX BUCHI BUCK SCIENTIFIC CASELLA CASTLE CARTON CHINA LAB COLE PARMER COMET COSMOS CORNING CARBOLITE CBS CEM CERTEK CHRIST CHEMETRICS CLAIND DANI SPA DAIHAN LABTECH DAIHAN SCIENTIFIC DAYUANGZ DENVER INSTRUMENT DEMETRA TAKEMURA DELMHORST DIONEX DIGITRON DUCHEFA DUPOND QUALICON DECAGON DELAGUA DELTATRAK DELONGHI DRAIGER DURAN DURHAMGEO DYNISCO EBRO ELCOMETER EKTRONTEK ESCO E- MERCK ENWARE ECOTECH ECOSENSOR ECHOTHERM EIJKELKAMP ELMETRON ELECTROCHEM ELEMENTAR ELECTROLAB ENMET ETECH ERLAB -CAPTAIR EYELA EXTECH EPPENDORF EUTECH FAVORIT FASTER FENDALL FIAMM FINCO FISHERLAB FISONS FLAMINGO FLUK A FLUKE FUNKE GARBER FOURIER SYSTEM FOSANTE GAST GASTEC GELMANSCI GEMMY GERHARDT GE INSPECTION TECHNOLOGIES GF SIGNET GONOTEC GRAINGER GRIDOSONIC GUARDIAN G-WON HANSON HACH HALDENWANGER HARSCO HAWS HAMILT ON HF SCIENTIFIC HUBER HUMANLAB HAMO HELLMA HETTICH HEIDOLPH HIRAYAMA HISAMATSU HISPANLAB- PRONADISA HORIBA HUBER HUNTERLAB HYDRANAL-FLUKA IKA IMR INDSCI INOTECH INTER SCIENCE IRTEK ISCO ISTEK ITT BARTON IWAKI JASCO JEN OPTICKS J.W. LEMMENS JENCO JENCONS JENWAY JEOL JEIOTECH JULABO JUSTRITE JUSTIS JT BAKER KANOMAX KANE-MAY KANETEC KAIYUAN KARTELL KEM KERN KIMA KETT KESTREL KI RSCH KIT AGAWA KOCOUR KUBOTA KNAUER KOEHLER KOBIOTECH KRUESS OPTIC KETTERER LARSON DAVIS LAMOTTE LABTHINK LABCAIRE LABCONCO LABENTECH LABINCO LABOMED LABTECH LABWARE LAB-COMPANION LA FAYETTE LECROY LECO LENTON LIGHNING ( BIOCONTROL SYSTEM ) LINSEIS LOVIBOND -TINTOMETER LUTRON LUMEX LTD LTE LW SCIENTIFIC MACHEREY NAGEL MASTECH MARINE BIOTECHS MARTIN CHRIST MATRIX METROHM MEIJI TECHNO MEMMERT MERLIN MILLIPORE MISONIX MONARCH MUNKTELL M-O-T MTO PS MYRON NABERTHERM NANONICS NEW BRUNSWICK SCIENTIFIC - NBS NEW STAR ENVIRONMENTAL NEDERMAN NEWTECH NEYTECH NITON NOVEX NOVASINA NOVOCONTROL NUAI RE OASIS O LYMPUS OMNION ( OSI ) OHAUS OPTIMA ORBECCO - HELLIGE ORION OTT OXOID PALINTEST PASCO PALCP PALL GELMAN PBI DANSENSOR PEAK OPTICS PERCIVAL PERTEN PERKIN ELMER PETERSIME PETROTEST PHARMATEST PHOTON TECHNOLOGY PHILIP HARRIS PINNACLE PLASLAB POLYSCIENES PRECISA PROFUGE PRONADISA PROPETTE PROSOFT TECHNOLOGY PRIORCLAVE PROTIMETER PRUFTECHNIK PYREX IWAKI PVD OBIOGENE QUALICON DUPONT QUANTACHROME RADWAG RADIOMETER RADIODETECTION RADIOLINX RAMEHART REICHERT RENISHAW REOLOGICA RETSCH REOMETRIC RION RIKEN KEIKI RIEDEL DE HAEN R- BIOPHARM RUDOLPH ROTRONIC ROYCE TECHNOLOGIES SANITECH SATAKE SATO KEIRYOKI SCHOTT SCHMID+ HAENSCH SCIENTECH SEEDBURO SEIBU GIKEN SENSIDYNE SEWERIN SHELLAB SHIMADZU SHIMPO SHIBUYA SIMON KELLER SIBATA SIGMA ALDRICH SYPRIS FW BELL SKC INC SLOPE INDICATOR SLM AMINCO SMARTLINE SOLARTRON SOCOREX SOTAX SOLARMETER SPEAKMAN SPECTRUM TECHNOLOGIES - SPECMETERS SPECTRONIC STATEBOURNE STAPLEX STOVAL STRATAGENE STREAMLINELAB STRESSTEL STURDY SRS SCIENTIFIC SWOFFER SWINGTEC SWINGFOG SYMPATEC TAISHIO TRANS INSTRUMENT TAKEMURA - EMETRA TAYLOR WHARTON TATUNG TECHNOVATION TECHNE TECNIPLAST THERMOLYNE THERMO SPECTRONIC THIES CLIMA THOMAS INSTRUMENT TESTO TFA TKA TOA DKK TODAY' S TOSHNIWAL TORREY PINES TOYO SEIKI TPS TINTOMETER ( LOVIBOND ) TRANSCAT METROHM TRANS INSTRUMENT TSI INSTRUMENT THWING ALBERT INSTRUMENT UVITEX VACUUBRAND VAISALA VICAM VISCOTEK VYSIS VWR WAGTECH WAGNER WAKO WELCH WINDAUS LABORTECHNIK WIGGEN HAUSER WILKS WILDCO WPA WTW WTBINDER YELLOWLINE YOKOGAWA YASUDA SEIKI YSI ZELTEX ZETEX.
Alamat : JL. Taruna Raya No.47D , Pulogadung, Indonesia
Jakarta Timur •
PT.CERAH RAIH SEJAHTERA ( Distributors, Agent, Stockist ) PT.CERAH RAIH SEJAHTERA ( Distributors, Agent, Stockist )

PT.CERAH RAIH SEJAHTERA ( Distributors, Agent, Stockist )
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PT. Cerah Raih Sejahtera adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang Industrial Automation System dan Electrical Components sebagai penyedia kebutuhan industri seperti Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, Yaskawa Electric. Hitachi Inverter, Toshiba Inverters, LS Inverter, Lenze Frequency Inverters, Sanyu Inverters. Tdk-Lambda, Cosel, Puls, mean Well, Ifm Efector, Danfoss Inverters, Parker Inverters, Emerson Inverters, Fuji Electric Inverters, Mitsubishi Electric-FA, Delta Inverters, Omron Automation products, Pro-face HMI, Hitech-Beijer Electronics, Weintek HMI Easybuilder, Kinco HMI, Hakko HMI, Pepperl+Fuchs Sensors, Turck Sensors, Wenglor Sensors, Banner Sensors, Panasonic-Sunx Sensors, Keyence Sensors dan PLC, Sick Industrial Sensors, Riken Optech Sensors, Azbil-Yamatake, Seeka Takex sensors, Eurotherm Temperature Controller, Koyo Rotary Encoders, Pilz Safety Relays, RKC Instrument, Shimaden Digital Controller, Shinko Technos, Honeywell, Yokogawa Pressure Transmitters, Dywer Instruments, Nachi Solenoid Valves, Yuken Kogyo Valves, Ross Solenoid Valves, Azbil-Taco Valves, Parker Kuroda, CKD Pneumatics, SMC Pneumatic, Airtac Pneumatics, Daikin Vane Pumps, Ge-Fanuc, Delixi, Fatex PLC, Shinko-Sinfonia Clutch Brakes, Ogura Clutch Brakes, Miki Pulley Coupling, Tsubaki-Emerson, Wecon HMI, Rosemount Presssure Transmitter, Endress+Hausser, Uras Techo Etc.Kami sebagai penyedia alat - alat dan juga Spare Part untuk kebutuhan Industri yang ada di Indonesia. didirikan sejak tahun 2008 dan menjadi supplier yang dapat di andalkan untuk semua kebutuhan industri, karena produk yang kami tawarkan sesuai dengan kulitas juga dengan harga yang sangat kompetitive di dukung pula pelayanan terbaik dari marketing kami yang handal dalam memberikan solusi terbaik.Untuk harga dan stok barang hubungi kami di bawah ini:PT. CERAH RAIH SEJAHTERAJl. R.S. Fatmawati No. 72 Taman Pondok LabuLantai 1 Blok B 28-29 Jakarta 12450 IndonesiaTelp: 6221-2276 8077 - 2904 0751Fax: 6221-2765 0034HP: 081210115225E-mail: salescrs@indo.net.idE-mail: cerahraihsejahtera@yahoo.co.idE-mail: cerahraih_sejahtera@yahoo.co.idUntuk harga dan stock hubungi kami di bawah ini :PT. CERAH RAIH SEJAHTERAJl. R.S. Fatmawati No. 72 Taman Pondok LabuLt.1 Blok B 28-29 Jakarta 12450 IndonesiaTelp : 6221-2276 8077 - 2904 0751Fax : 6221-2765 0034E-mail : salescrs@indo.net.idE-mail : cerahraihsejahtera@yahoo.co.idSales Dept :SeptianieTelp/Whatsapp: 081210115225AliTelp/Whatsapp : 082122721384Dani AriTelp/Whatsapp : 081290362374WawanTelp/Whatsapp : 089653312669
Alamat : Jl. R.S. Fatmawati No.72 Kios Taman Lt.1 Blok B.28-29 Pondok Labu Jakarta Selatan
Jakarta Selatan • DKI Jakarta

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Toko Ecca menjual peralatan alat tulis kantor terutama untuk perbankan seperti Spectroline USA, Mesin Printer, Pita Printer IBM A01dan A03 Pita Telly 5040 dan 5023, Pita Wincor 4915, Pita Epson 2180, Epson PLQ20, Epson LX300, 1170, Pita Oliveti PR2, Pita Printronik P7000 dan P300 dan masih banyak menyediakan yang lainnya. untuk lebih jelas silahkan hubungi kami ke 0813 8111 0086 ( Call / WA )
Alamat : ITC Mangga Dua Lt.1 Blok E2 No.101
Jakarta • DKI Jakarta
CV. Gajah Mapan CV. Gajah Mapan

CV. Gajah Mapan
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Kami menjual macam-macam perlengkapan bahan bangunan dan pertukangan untuk mendukung kegiatan kuli atau tukang anda dalam menyelesaikan sebuah project kontruksi bangunan. dan pastinya  butuh alat yang sangat kuat dan berkualitas. Untuk itulah kami hadir untuk membantu anda                            Ayo, lengkapi peralatan/perlengkapan bangunan anda hanya di CV. Gajah Mapan Silahkan memesan produk ini dan menghubungi kami di :WA/CALL : 081230153052 Office : 031-8783265 / 03185-874552 Website : www.gajahmapan.com Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/gajahmapan/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gajahmapan/Alamat Kantor :Jl.Rungkut Mapan Tengah II/DB.07 Surabaya. Kami menyediakan pemesanan  dalam ukuran Lusin,  koli dan juga eceran Kami mengutamakan kepuasan anda .
Alamat : Jl.Rungkut Mapan Tengah II/DB07, Rungkut, Surabaya Jawa Timur
surabaya • Jawa Timur

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PT. Trikomindo Kharis Utama ( Trikom Kharisma) adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Teknologi Informasi / Information Technology ( IT) dan berperan sebagai System Integrator, Network Solution, Distributor, Master Dealer, Dealer, Reseller dan Authorized partner dari produk-produk seperti CCTV, IP Camera, Rack Server, Server/ Desktop/ Notebook, Network Peripheral, Fingerprint, Access Control, PABX, UPS, Software Original, Gadget, Computer Peripheral, Accessoris, etc dengan merek-merek terkemuka seperti PANDUIT, NETVIEL, ROSSENBERGER, AMP, BELDEN, 3COM, DRAKA CABLE, AVTECH, VIVOTEK, INFINITY, TRENDNET, EDIMAX, PROLINK, DLINK, TP-LINK, EPSON, CANON, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, MAGIC PLUS, ICON, ACER, SONY, HP, DELL, FUJITSU, IBM, LENOVO, CYBEROAM, KASPERSKY ANTIVIRUS AND INTERNET SECURITY, MICROSOFT, MCAFEE, SYMANTEC, AVAST ANTI VIRUS, NIRAX, FORTUNA RACK, ABBA RACK, 3COM, ALLIED TELESIS, CISCO, WATCH GUARD, APC, ICA, POWER TREE, DLL. Selain menyediakan dan mendistribusikan produk-produk di atas, kami juga menyediakan jasa instalasi, service, maintenance contract serta IT Outsourcing. Tag: distributor CCTV, distributor IP Camera, distributor Rack Server, distributor Server/ Desktop/ Notebook, distributor Network Peripheral, distributor Fingerprint, distributor Access Control, distributor PABX, distributor UPS APC, distributor UPS ICA, distributor UPS Liebert, distributor Software Original, distributor Gadget, distributor Computer Peripheral, distributor Accessoris, distributor printer, distributor monitor, distributor cable, distributor UTP cable, distributor fiber optic
Alamat : Ruko Harco Mangga Dua Elektronik, Blok R-17. Kompleks Harco Mangga Dua. Jl. Mangga Dua Raya.
Jakarta Pusat • DKI Jakarta

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xamu xamu

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Xamu Entreprise   INDONETWORK Xamu Entreprise   INDONETWORK Xamu Entreprise   INDONETWORK
Alamat : Jl. Mampang Prapatan No.17 A Mampang, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

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Adalah Suatu Usaha di bidang press mika, Berdiri sejak Tahun 2003 berawal di Surabaya dan sekarang berlokasi di Ds. Loderesan, Kedung waru, Tulungagung. Produk Kami Meliputi : Tas Plastik kemasan Busana Muslim, Tas plastik kemasan Kain Batik, Kemasan Seprei, Kemasan Bedcover, Kemasan Sepatu dan sandal. Sampul Kartu, Sampul KSK, Sampul STNK, Sampul BPKB, Sampul Uji Kir. Tas spoon bund, Tabung Mika, Dll. Head office Ds. Loderesan, Kedungwaru Tulungagung, jawatimur 085850158509 Pin BB : D0BBCFDD Email : ramajaya_ 2006@ yahoo.com.
Alamat : Ds. Loderesan RT 2 / RW 3 No 31 Kedung waru Tulungagung
Tulungagung • Jawa Timur
Super Toner Solution Super Toner Solution

Super Toner Solution
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Solusi Pintar Untuk Menekan Biaya Produksi! Pusat Perdagangan Refill Toner RICOH - GESTETNER - FUJI XEROX - SAMSUNG - HP- KONIKA MINOLTA - CANON - KYOCERA- BROTHER Kami Siap Melayani Anda Dengan Toner : 1. Berkualitas Yang Sangat Tinggi, Sama Dengan Standar OEM 2. Melalui Pengujian Yang Super Ketat 3. Toner Kami Di Jamin Lebih Lembut Dari Pada Yang Ada Dipasaran 4. Hasil Warna Tidak Pudar 5. Warna Sangat Kuat Dan Hidup 6. Tidak Berbayang Dan Tidak Merusak Mesin 7. Dijamin Hasilnya Memuaskan 8. Harga Sangat Murah 9. Juga Tersedia Dalam Bentuk Kiloan Dengan Harga Yang Lebih MURAH Toner Kami Sudah Banyak Dipakai Oleh Teknisi, Percetakan, Fotocopy Warna Dan Perkantoran Jika Diperlukan Akan Kami Kirimkan Cara Membuka Cardtridge Dan Mengisi Ulang Tonernya Tersedia Juga Spareparts: 1. Developer ( Serbuk Magnet) 2. Cleaning Blade 3. Chip 4. OPC Drum 5. Paper Charge Roller 6. Cartridge Toner Compatible 7. Transfer Belt Cleaning 8. Spong Roller PCR Cleaning 9. Gear 10. Dll Pengiriman Uang Transfer Bisa Dilakukan Pada Bank BCA , Mandiri, BNI 46 Dan BRI Syariah Menerima Pembayaran Dengan Kartu Kredit Visa/ Master Pengiriman Barang Melalui JNE/ TIKI/ Mex Berlian/ Travel/ Angkutan Lainnya Ke Seluruh Indonesia Jika Anda Memesan Barang Hari Ini Kami Kirim Hari Ini Juga Segera Hubungi Super Toner Solution Super Toner Solution Merupakan Pusat Penjualan Refill Toner Printer Laserjet Yang Terletak Di Tangerang Selatan. Kami Menyediakan Produk-Produk Consumable Pilihan Berupa Refill Toner Bubuk, Cartridge Toner Compatible, Opc Drum, Cleaning Blade, Paper Charge Roller, Developer, Dan Lain-Lain Dengan Kualitas Terbaik Tetapi Harga Murah Untuk Merk Terkenal Seperti RICOH, GESTETNER, HP, FUJI XEROX, CANON Dan SAMSUNG Kami Melayani Penjual Grosir Dan Eceran Dengan Harga Super Murah Dengan Kualitas Terbaik . Kami Tidak Hanya Memberikan Layanan Untuk Daerah Jakarta Dan Sekitarnya, Tetapi Juga Pelanggan Kami Di Seluruh Indonesia. Dengan Kerja Keras Dan Komitmen, Kami Yakin Super Toner Solution Dapat Memenuhi Kebutuhan Pelanggan. Kami Percaya Perusahaan Kami Dapat Memberikan Kepuasan Kepada Pelanggan Melalui Produk Dan Layanan Kami. Super Toner Solution Terus Berupaya Untuk Mengembangkan Usaha Dan Menyempurnakan Layanan Serta Kualitas Produk-Produk Sesuai Dengan Kebutuhan Konsumen, Baik Saat Sekarang Maupun Akan Datang. Kami Senang Melayani Anda Moto Kami: " Mempertahankan Kualitas Tetap Yang Terbaik Dengan Harga Murah" Kunjungi Website Kami www.supertonersolution.com
Alamat : Jl. R.E. Martadinata Ruko Ciputat Permai Blok C No. 22 - samping BII pijar Ciputat
Tangerang Selatan • Banten
elkacomteknik elkacomteknik

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elkacomteknik adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang telekomunikasi ( pabx - fax - cctv ) melayani : jual/ beli, perbaikan, pemasangan, tukar tambah
Alamat : Sidomulyo 2c no 28
surabaya • Jawa Timur
Sintech Rack Sintech Rack

Sintech Rack
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SINTECH adalah pabrik langsung yang bergerak dalam bidang pembuatan rak toko s/d rak hypermart, rak gudang, pallet besi, dan aneka aksesoris supermarket lainnya.
Alamat : Jl. Raya Benowo,Ds. Kepatihan, 0Gresik, Jawa Timur - Indonesia
surabaya • Jawa Timur

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Support industri, Industrial supplier. Menyediakan segala support industri, komponen electronics, IGBT Power Modules, Standard Parts, Spare Parts Mesin, Aksesoris fargo printer hdp 5000, YMCK Ribbon, Film Ribbon, cleaning kit dll. Interested, please call or send message via email Komponen elektronik: MITSUBISHI IPM DIPIPM Tyristor Module MOSFET Modules Darlington/ Transistor Module HVDIODE Modules IGBT Modules SANREX Thyristors IGBT Modules 3 Phase SCR 3 Phase Diode Diode Module Diode Bridge Thyristor Module Stud Tyristor Darlington Mosfet Triac IXYS POWER SEMICONDUCTOR MIDORI POTENTIO METERS SAKAE POT EUPEC Thyristors IGBT Modules Thyristor Module Diode Module Disc Tyristor Stud Tyristor SEMIKRON Thyristors IGBT Modules Thyristor Module Thyristor / Diode Modules Diode Bridge 3 phase Diode Module Disc Tyristor & Diode Stud Tyristor & Diode Darlington Mosfet FUJI ELECTRIC IGBT Modules PIM IGBT Modules 6-Pack IGBT Modules 4-Pack IGBT Modules 2-Pack IGBT Modules 1-Pack IGBT Modules IPM IGBT Discr TOSHIBA IGBT Module CRYDOM Solid State Relays SIEMENS Disc Thyristor IR / VISHAY IGBT Diode Thyristor Module Thyristor Diode Module Diode - Module Stud thyristor SCR - M NIHON Diode Module Diode Bridge Disc Thyristor GTO   Jika Anda berdomisili di Indonesia | Jakarta | Bandung | Bogor | Tangerang | bali | pekanbaru | yogyakarta | pontianak | banjarmasin | balik papan | bekasi | batam | semarang | surabaya | medan | banda aceh | makasar | palembang | padang | pontianak | cari IGBT| komponen elektronik | kami siap kirim ke kota anda, seluruh indonesia | cek harga | distributor | agen | terlengkap
Alamat : Komplek Ruko San Fransisco, Blok A1 No 14, Depan Perum. Putri Tujuh, Batu Aji Telp : 0778 3850407: WA 081283446344, 081276662006
Batam • Kepulauan Riau
PT.Bintang Sriwijaya Indonesia PT.Bintang Sriwijaya Indonesia

PT.Bintang Sriwijaya Indonesia
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General Supplier untuk keperluan industri Garment dari kebutuhan untuk proses cutting sampai dengan finishing.Mesin Jahit, Mesin cutting, Meja gosok dsbsparparts mesin jahit accessories kebutuhan pabrik Garment kertas marker aspec, GJA, litho semua ukuran karton duplax semua ukuran
Alamat : Jl.KH Moh Mansyur No.22B Jembatan Lima - Jakarta Pusat
Jakarta Pusat •

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UD. SIDO MUMBULPerusahaan kami bergerak di bidang distribusi barang pecah belah / bolo pecah, plastik rumah tangga, peralatan / alat dapur ( kitchen wares) dan kebersihan ( cleaning equipments) , perlengkapan rumah tangga ( house wares / home appliances) dan kebutuhan industri ( industrial wares) lebih dari 30 tahun di Pasar Turi, Surabaya. Kami menjual barang-barang produksi lokal dan impor seperti barang-barang aluminium, kaca, plastik, stainless steel, perkakas, dll. dengan harga dan kuantiti partai ( grosir) untuk dijual kembali ( reseller price).Beberapa merek barang yang kami jual adalah Hock, Lion Star, Maspion, Global Eagle, Green Leaf, Dian Sari, Owl Plast, Technoplast, Bull Star dan masih banyak lagi. Untuk informasi lebih lengkap bisa dilihat pada halaman Katalog Produk kami atau bisa langsung datang ke kantor kami pada hari Senin - Sabtu pada pukul 10: 00 - 17: 00 WIB di jalan Dupak 63, kompleks pertokoan Mutiara Dupak C-22, Surabaya.  Dengan dukungan supplier lokal dan nasional, kami siap untuk memenuhi kebutuhan usaha anda. Kontak kami segera untuk berbisnis dengan kami.Kami juga melayani kebutuhan hotel, rumah sakit, cafe, restoran & katering.Untuk pemesanan produk dapat dilakukan via telepon, short message service ( SMS) , Yahoo! Messenger, Blackberry Messenger ( BBM) dengan sistem pembayaran cash ( transfer bank / kontan) . Pembayaran dapat dilakukan setelah mendapat konfirmasi dari kami atas ketersediaan jumlah produk yang dibutuhkan. Apabila anda serius, dimohon untuk tidak mengirimkan e-mail kepada kami tanpa melakukan konfirmasi terlebih dahulu.  Tersedia kualitas produk biasa, menarik, murah, kuat dan berkualitas tergantung merk dan kebutuhan. Untuk area surabaya kami dapat mengirim, untuk konsumen luar kota dan luar pulau dapat dikirim lewat ekspedisi yang telah disepakati bersama. JAKARTA - BANDUNG - YOGYAKARTA - MAGELANG - SOLO - DENPASAR - SEMARANG - MALANG - SURABAYA - BANYUWANGI - PASURUAN - PROBOLINGGO - JEMBER - PRABUMULIH - MEDAN - JAMBI - PEKANBARU - MAKASSAR - BALIKPAPAN - PONTIANAK - BANJARMASIN - BATAM - PALEMBANG - LAMPUNG - SAMARINDA - PADANG - MATARAM - KALABAHI - MANADO - JAMBI - ACEH - PANGKALAN BUN - KUALA PEMBUANG - BATU LICIN - SAUMLAKI - TUAL - GORONTALO - TANJUNG SELOR - TOLI TOLI - AMBON - BATAM - PANGKALPINANG - WAINGAPU - WAIKABUBAK - KUPANG - ATAMBUA - DILI - PALU - SAMPANG - BANGKALAN - SUMENEP - JAYAPURA - SORONG - BIAK - MANOKWARI - MERAUKE - BAU BAU - TERNATE - TOBELO - KENDARI UD. SIDO MUMBUL - Jln. Dupak 63 / Pertokoan Mutiara Dupak C-22, (031) 5469330 / 081938685700, Surabaya. PIN BBM = 7C5F4B40 / 5B69FFC6 / 228B81D4 WA = +6282143438684 LINE = herry.sutanto E-mail = ud_sido_mumbul@yahoo.com / herrychenzhongqiang@gmail.com Jam Kerja = Senin - Sabtu 10:00 - 17:00 WIB, Hari Minggu / Besar Libur
Alamat : Jln. Dupak 63 / Pertokoan Mutiara Dupak C-22, (031) 546-9330 / 0819-3868-5700, Surabaya. PIN BBM = 7C5F4B40 / 5B69FFC6 WA = 0821-4343-8684 LINE = herry.sutanto
Surabaya • Jawa Timur
Multi Control Indonesia Multi Control Indonesia

Multi Control Indonesia
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Multi Control Indonesia supplier untuk product Intrument, Automation dan spareparts untuk laboratorium, Universitas, instansi pemerintahan dan industries biogas kami menyediakan semua perlengkapan biogas baik, Disgester, bosterpump, kompor biogas, rice cooker biogas, Lampu Biogas, flow meter biogas, Biogas Analyzer, Gas Detector, SPBE gas detector dan lain-lain, untuk Kebutuhan filter kami menyediakan berbagai macam model filter seperti Argo Filter series, Hydac Filter, MP filter, Atlas copco, CAT filter, Cummins filter, Fleet guard filter, Donalson filter, EPE Filter, Fusheng Filter, Hankinson filter, Hypro Filter, Igersol rand filter. Internorment Filter, Liutech Filter. Mahle Filter, MAN Filter, PALL Filter, Parker Filter, Stauff Filter, Sulair Filter, Taise Kogyo filter, Vikers Filter, Volvo dll, sedangkan untuk kebutuhan penghematan listrik kami menyediakan, Induksi heater, Heater hemat listrik, Lampu LED untuk penerangan jalan dan rumah, PJU Solar Sell, Solar Home System Item Automasi Idustries : Lucas CNC Boring Mill, Mitsubishi M 70 Controll Rofin Sinar Laser DC020, Mfg' d: 2/ 2007, Complete System 2005 Ingersoll 3 - Axis Slide w/ 22, 000 RPM Spindle Tennant 265 Riding Floor Sweeper, Good Condition Advance Hydro-Max II Riding Scrubber / Sweeper NEW Allen-Bradley 2711E-T14C6X PanelView 1400E 6, 000 Lb. Hyster E60XM-33 Electric Lift Truck Allen Bradley Module, 8520-1S5A-BAT-E? X4-T1-Y-4-5-7 12" x 24" # 373 Gallmeyer & Livingston Grinder, 1969 Siemens Processor Digital Board R15C02D186 NEW Siemens Oper Panelfront 12.1" 6FC5203-0AF02-0? AA1 NEW FANUC AC # 12S SPINDLE MOTOR A06B-0756-B100 # 3100 NEW FANUC AC # 12S SPINDLE MOTOR A06B-0756-B100 / 3000-R Yokogawa Daq Station, DX220-2, Style S2 FANUC AC SPINDLE MOTOR A06B-1012-B102/ ? 8000 REF BY FANUC FANUC AC SPINDLE MOTOR A06B-1015-B102-? R REF BY FANUC FANUC AC SPINDLE MOTOR A06B-1012-B100 REF BY FANUC Okuma VAC-MML11/ 7.5R-? 156C Spindle Motor, 2, 700 Lb. Clark 3-Wheel Electric Lift Truck W/ Battery Fanuc Spindle Amplifier Module A06B-6044-H130 Terex Aerial platform Lift, 1, 000 Lb. Cap., Mod # TS26 Fanuc Velocity Control Unit, # A06B-6050-H401 ABB Millmate Controller Unit 400W 3BSE017233R1 Mitsubishi Freqrol Spindle Drive FR-SX-2-7.5 K-A, K & T / Gemini D Control Module Power Supply 1-2197701 Allen Bradley AC Drive w/ Enclosure 1336-B020-EDE Fanuc AC Spindle Motor A06B-0859-B200 Model 22 NEW Square D Current-limitin? g Circuit Breaker, KIL36125 NEW FANUC AC # 8S SPINDLE MOTOR A06B-0755-B921 # 3100 Fanuc AC Spindle Motor A06B-1030-B200 Model 30 Allen Bradley AC Servo Motor 1326AB-B740E-21? -L Rexroth Indramat Servo Motor MHD112B-048-PPO? -BN, 284595 Fanuc # 8 AC Spindle Motor & Controller A06B-1008-B902 ? Siemens L2/ DP Profibus Board # 1P 6FC5012-0CA03-0? AA0 NEW Xycom Touch Screen Control / Monitor, Mod# 9465 KPM New Weltronic Welding Controller, GH3-30600-2, Mfg' d 00 6x18 Boyar-Schultz H618 Grinder w/ Electro Chuck & Dust MECOS MBE3-50 Trumpf Laser Magnetic BEARING CONTROLLER Hitran 220 KVA 3 Phase Transformer, Cat# D3012243H6 Fanuc AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0147-B175 Siemens Turbo Parison Circuit Board 505-5103 Rexroth Servo Drive Unit, DKCXX.3-040-7 Indramat Power Supply, # TVM 2.1-50-220/ 300-? W1-115/ 220 Fanuc AC Spindle Servo Unit A06B-6055-H103, Allen Bradley 1747-L552 Processor Unit, Ser B ALLEN BRADLEY 6160-T53 A Programming Terminal 6160T53 ALLEN BRADLEY 8520-PS2B Power Supply, Barber Colman Cartridge Module 80BE-00036-101-? V-00 New Yaskawa AC Spindle Motor, 15/ 11 KW UAASKA-15LYA110? E Eaton/ Cutler Hammer 7585DT-15 Operator Interface 15.1" NSK Servo Drive Unit, # EE0608A05-25 Okuma PC Board, Part# E4809-436-016-B? , Fanuc Servo Amplifier Unit, # A06B-6090-H223? , Sugino Selfeeder CNC Self-feeding Drill, Mod # MSX-IFBE Allen Bradley 2711P-RDK12CX Panelview, Ser C, Rev C GE Fanuc Control Card Board, # 531X300CCHACM1 Barber Colman Heat/ Cool Module 80GA-10103-001-? V-00 Barber Colman Parison Control 80JA-10001-001-? 0-00 Sugino Selfeeder DRILL S26011 .75 KW HP. 240/ 480 V Fanuc AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0147-B075 Fanuc AC Servo Motor, Mod # 5S, A06B-0314-B251, Siemens LCD-Monitor 6FM2805-4AR03, 9" Screen, Allen Bradley Size 5 Rev Starter Cat# 505-FOD Acme 167 KVA Transformer T-1-53023-3S, 240/ 480 120/ 240 Allen Bradley 1747-L542P Processor Unit, Ser B WARRANTY ALLEN BRADLEY Industrial Computer, 6180-ABEBEBACBB? Z Yaskawa Type# GEER-K DC Spindle Motor, Mitsubishi AC 7.5HP Inverter FR-Z240-5.5K-UL Fanuc # 20S AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0502-B851 VOLLAND Spindle Drive Motor, VD0KFF-I3Z-L46 912-15945 Motor Type A2D 250-AA-02-01 VOLLAND Spindle Drive Motor, VD0KFF-132-146 912-15943 Motor Type A2D 250 Allen Bradley 1326 AC Servo Motor 1326AB-B430E-21? -K4 6" x 18" Reid 618HA Hand Feed Grinder, w/ Perm. Chuck General Numeric / Fanuc AC Spindle Motor A06B-1006-B600 Gould Cyberline 1000, CL113, Brushless Servo Drive Okuma LB-15 Turning Center Headstock & Spindle Allen Bradley Panelview 1200 2711-KC1 Ser C Rev.J Reman Allen Bradley Panelview 1000 2711-K10C8X Ser B Yaskawa Type# GEKR DC Spindle Motor, 11/ 15 KW Mitsubishi AC Spindle Motor SJ-18.5 AZ, # 20S GE Fanuc AC Servo Motor # A06B-0502-B002 Indramat TDM 3.2-020-300-W0 Servo Controller Indramat KDS 1.1-100-300-W1-? 115/ S102 Servo Controller Indramat KDS 1.1-050-300-W1-? 115 Servo Controller 24" Feeler Single Spinde Geared Head Drilling Machine Allen Bradley 1336 Drive 1336S-B015-AA-E? N-GM1-HAP-L6 Allen Bradley AC Servo Motor 1326AB-B3E-11-A? 7 * RFB * Modicon Cyberline 1000 Servo Drive 110-093, GE Fanuc AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0502-B755? , GE Fanuc AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0501-B755? , Allen Bradley AC Drive 1336S-B010-AA-E? N-HA1-L6 Ser A Sola Mini/ Micro Computer Regulator 63-23-220-8 Indramat KDS 1.3-050-300-W1 AC Servo Controller Kollmorgen Servostar CR03250 Servo Drive, Giddings & Lewis Module MMC-SD-4.0-460, M.1302.5095 Kearney & Trecker Interface Board 1-2069702 Mitsubishi FREQROL- A200 FR-A240-5.5K-UL Kamco PLS/ DIE Controller Unit Mod# KPD-CONT-12 STI 38" Mini Safe-B Light Curtain Set, Series MS4436B Allen Bradley Power Supply P/ N 8000PG2 GE Fanuc AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0147-B675? , Siemens Solid 100 HP State Starter, 3RW2-M14N, Yaskawa AC Spindle Drive Motor, EEA-1KM, Nice, Giddings & Lewis Servo Unit, Model# DS130 401-34201-34 Okuma LB-15 Turning Center Tailstock, Complete NEW Siemens AC Servo Motor, 1FT5076-0AC01-1? -Z Yaskawa PCB CPCR-MR-HM-06GG DC SERVO DRIVES Fanuc AC Spindle Motor A06B-0853-B200 Model A3 Okuma Opus 5000 Main Card3, E4809-045-038-C? , K & T / Gemini D Control Module # 1-2197600, Rev. 5 Mitsubishi Spindle Amplifier MDS-B-SPA-H150R MDS-B-SPA Fanuc Transformer, A80L-0022-0007 A80L00220007, Turbo Conveyor / Coolant System, Mod# 6275-8140, . Reliance AC Servo Motor, # 1326AB-B520F-21? -K5 McLean Thermal MHB11-0416-G307 Air Conditioner K & T / Gemini D Memory Board # 1-21271 03 K & T / Gemini D Memory Board # 1-21271 02 GE Fanuc AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0172-B575 , GE Fanuc # 30F AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0357-B756? , GE Fanuc # 10 AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0501-B756? , Item title Fanuc Capacitor Module Unit, # A06B-6083-H218? , 30 Pos. ATC off of Mazak AJV-25/ 405, Type BT50-30 FANUC DCR/ DBR Discharge Unit A05B-2302-C080 Fanuc Terminal Unit A02B-0056-C796 A02B0056C796 Allen-Bradley 2706-B23J8 Message Center, GE Fanuc AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0146-B675? , SIEMENS 6EV 3054-OGC Power Supply, Nice, Indramat AC Servo Motor, # 071C-0-JS-3-C/ 0? 95-B-2/ S001 Mitsubishi PC Board FW17A, BN624A486G51, Rev C Mitsubishi AC Spindle Motor, SE-EV-FV, Used, Eaton IDT Operator Interface 36PK PM3000 Power Series Allen Bradley Panelview 1000 2711-K10C8 Rev C Mitsubishi AC Servo Motor, HA100C-S, W/ Encoder FANUC AXES CONTROL A16B-2200-0692. Okuma OPUS 5000 Board E4809-032-496-E 1911-1171-27-72 Okuma Servo Unit for BL-80E-20 Motor, E4809-045-061-D Fanuc AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0147-B175 Okuma CRPB-II Board # E4809-436-013-D? , Fanuc Interface Adapter, A13B-0073-C001, A14B-0075-B120 Siemens AC Servo Motor, 1FT60646AF713EA? 1 Sumitomo Induction Motor w Brake 3Ph 1HP 230/ 460V Total Control Products Smartscreen MMI20300C1A, Ser B AB Servo Amplifier Board 15AMP DC 1386-AA15, Hoffman APW/ McLean Electronic Air Cond M13-0116-G1014H Getty' s Permanent Magnet Servo Motor 16-0371-10 Modicon Interface Panel, Panelmate Plus, MM-PMA2-400 Atlas Copco QCM-T 340 25, 4240033781, , Nice ABB GME PC Board DSQC 236G YB560103-CD/ 24 56M009G GE Fanuc 5F AC Servo Motor A06B-0346-B357, W Encoder Okuma Opus 5000 ECP Card2, E4809-032-470-B EZ LOADER BISHAMON PIVOT TABLE 46" x 45" 4500 LBS MAX Cutler-Hammer Operator Interface Panel Mod# D7XMN14 1000LBS Max Air Caster Corp.Tilt Table 48" x 84" D12230 Fanuc # 3 AC Spindle Drive Motor, A06B-1003-B100, Nice Mitsubishi FREQROL- A200 FR-A240E-5. 5K-UL Allen Bradley 1326 AC Servo Motor, # 1326AB-B2E-11-A? 5 AB Panelview 600, Cat# 2711-B6C2, Rev C Allen Bradley Panelview 1200, Cat# 2711-KC1X, Rev D Square D 700 Amp Circuit Breaker MAL36700 Allen Bradley Panelview 1000 2711-K10C8 Rev B FANUC PC Axis Control Board A16B-1211-0061 Keyence Vision System Controller CV-2100P, Allen Bradley Panelview 1000 2711-K10C8 Rev A Siemens Circuit Board 1P 6FX1121-4BA03 Vers A, Fanuc Servo Amplifier Unit, # A06B-6066-H281? , Allen Bradley 9 Series10 KW Systems Module, 8520-S10 Siemens DC Circuit Board 6RB2025-0FA01 Fanuc AC Servo Motor, Model 1-OSP, # A06B-0373-B069 Giddings & Lewis Module Unit MMC-SD-0.5-23, M.1302.8130 Air Caster Corp Lift & Tilt Table 48" x 44" EZ LOADER BISHAMON PIVOT TABLE 44" x 48" 3000 LBS MAX NEW Allen Bradley Dataliner Interface, # 2706-E43J32B1 Okuma Opus 5000 Main Board, E4809-045-035-C Allen Bradley Error Correcting Memory Board 1775-ME4 Okuma SDU-600.W 3A Spindle Drive E4809-045-071 Mitsubishi PC Board FX31D, BN624A550G51, Rev A FANUC A16B-2200-0470 / 10B BASE 1 Board Fanuc AC Servo Motor, Model M6/ 3000, # A06B-0162-B175 Okuma Servo Motor, Type# BL-120E-20, AB Panelview 600, Cat# 2711-B6C2, Rev A Okuma PC Board # E4809-045-038-C? 1911-1103 NEW Magnetek MLTX Remote Crane Pendant, # 175-01556 Yaskawa Hicup Servo Motor, UGHMED-06GG1SF, UGHMED Hy pneumat Auto Drilling & Tapping Unit, Type# DQ350EHB K & T / Gemini D Feedback Subsystem Board # 1-21276 02 GE Fanuc # 8F AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0348-B356? , Bond Fluidaire 5 HP Hydraulic Unit 5MTR, Mfg' d: 2000 ABB Millmate Operator Unit 400, 3BSE017235R1 Reliance Electric AC Motor, # T56H1024M-WE, Reliance Electric AC Motor, # T16G3015N-UD, Reliance Electric AC Motor, # T16G3015N-QD, NEW Radiotec Remote Crane Pendant, # FLEX 8EX, Mitsubishi Control Rack Chasis, UF01A, 3 Fan Allen Bradley CMOS RAM Memory32K Words 1775-MR8 1775MR8 Cutler-Hammer 400A Breaker, HKD 65k HKD3400F 1492D82G03 CUTLER HAMMER 37PZ PM 3000 POWER SERIES 92-00998-03 STI Minisafe MS4400B Controller, # MS4436B-2, 42619-09 Okuma Opus 5000-II CRPB-II BOARD XPS-442A CNC GE Transformer, # A80L-0001-0273-? 03, GE Transformer, # A80L-0001-0273, ALLEN BRADLEY 900036 PC Circuit Board, General Numeric DC Spindle Drive GG5116-OWY40-6H? U7-Z Hevi-Duty Transformer, 7.5 KVA, # DT651F7.5S, NEW Allen Bradley Variable Speed Drive, 1305-BA02A-HAP KURODA PULSE ENCODER PC-1024CZ-WFY, CUTLER HAMMER 1155K PANELMATE PMP 1100/ 92-01975-0? 0 XLNT CUTLER HAMMER 37PZ PM 3000 POWER SERIES 92-00998-06 K & T/ Gemini D Analog Interface Board 1-21234 FANUC Operator' s Panel, # A05B-2302-C020, Gusher Submersible Pump Mod 11/ 4X11/ 2-9SEL-? CDM-4ADP 2HP Item title IAI Controller, Super SEL, SEL-G-3-AC-200.? 200.60B-1 # 20S GE Fanuc AC Servo Motor # A06B-0502-B002 Fanuc AC Servo Motor, Mod # 5 A06B-0512-B001, Fanuc AC Servo Motor, Model M6/ 3000, # A06B-0162-B175 Toshiba Controller VT130G2+ 2080, VT130G22080, ALLEN BRADLEY 900061 PC Board, 8000-IOB, Autotech Controls # B60-04050-0000N DigBrake, WEIGH TRONIX WI-127 Controller / Display 20, 000 x 5 lb Microcom / APS CPU Board, # 540019-4200 Nice Sugino Selfeeder Mechatric Self-feeding Drill MSX-113 Sugino Selfeeder Mechatric Self-feeding Drill MSX-113 Sugino Selfeeder Mechatric Self-feeding Drill MSX-124S FANUC Power Mate H BOARD # A20B-2100-0021 Noren Compact Cabinet Cooler CC1200-115 CC1200115 McLean Thermal MHB11-0416-G307 AC Unit, Missing cover Jones & Lamson AC Output Board, # A-15944 Yaskawa JPAC-C071 Motor Card FOR MTII spindle APW McLean CR43-0816-002H ProAir Air Conditioner Siemens Regulator Card For Power Supply # 6RB2000-0GA00 Mitsubishi Servo Amplifier Drive Unit TRA41A, A4275 NEW Fanuc PC Board, # A16B-2200-0842/ ? 0.4C Parker Brushless Servo Motor, J0923KE-NMSN J0923KENMSN Novotron Novodrive Servo Converter, ND32-5610, Mitsubishi PC Board FX16D, BN624A427G52, Rev A Yaskawa Hicup Servo Motor, UGHMED-06GG10F, UGHMED Keyence Laser Displacement Controller, LK-2001, Metronics GAGE-CHEK GC-180-MP-F Display Unit, Fanuc RIO Remote Motherboard, # A16B-2200-0431/ ? 01A Allen Bradley Data Terminal / Scanner, # 2708-DH5A4L Rotunda FORD Refrigerant Reclaim System Murray ATC1100 Item title Fanuc RIO Motherboard, # A16B-2200-0431/ ? 03A, # 1771-RIO FANUC PC Board CPU, A16B-2200-0843, Used NOREN CC600F-115, CC600F115 Compact Cabinet Cooler Welding Technology Corp. WT01-T10A Control Fanuc Transformer 8.4KVA A80L-0026-0013 A80L00260013 Klockner Moeller Circuit Breaker 350A ZM11A-350-NA STI 38" MiniSafe-B Long Range Receiver, # MS4436B STI 38" MiniSafe-B Long Range Transmitter, # MS4436B HPM Programmer Board, ED202-4444A GE Fanuc A06B-6076-H001 Servo Amplifier 6 AXIS Allen Bradley PLC3 Programmable Controller, 1775-A1 Mazak Mitsubishi PC Board FX26B BN624A324H03, Allen Bradley Power Supply P/ N 905923-01 Yaskawa Control JANCD-SP01 DF8100269 REV.C Hardinge Super Slant III General Numeric HU5044-OAF02-Z Allen Bradley Processor Module 8520-3APA1 T H K Petitt-Servo Drive Unit, QT-001TH1-1, Somai Electric Vibrator Motor, VEP18480800 Mazak / Shape 47.8 KVA Machine Transformer, Type W9628 Promess 1906901490 E Emac Controller, 1-2 Axis, V3.0 Allen Bradley AC Servo Motor, 1326AB-A2E-11-A? 4 Fanuc AC Servo Motor, Model 12/ 2000, # A06B-0142-B675 Nachi 2 HP ( 1.5kW) Complete Hyd. Unit w/ Tank, Parker 3 HP Complete Hyd. Unit w/ Tank, FU25832, FANUC PC BOARD # A20B-2901-0941, Slo-Syn Translator Indexer Control Unit, # TBM105-1230 Mitsubishi CNC Module, BN624A367H0, GE Fanuc 5F AC Servo Motor, A06B-0346-B356, Zycron AC Variable Speed Drive Unit, Z5000, Fanuc MDI / CRT Unit, 10T, # A02B-0072-C001, Honeywell DR4200EV1-00-JG? KU000 Chart Recorder, 5 HP Vickers Hydraulic Pump Unit Complete Graham Transmissions DC Motor, Mod # 6007, Fanuc Mod# 4-OS AC Servo Motor, A06B-0532-B572 Analog Devices PC Board, RTI-732-V Siemens ITE 150A Breaker, Sentron Series, FXD63A150 FANUC Operator' s Panel, A05B-2302-C021, Mitsubishi Mazak PC Board, RC22A, BN624A949H01 Sugino Selfeeder Mechatric Drill w/ Multi Head, MSX-113 Kebco Power Transmission 3 HP 10.F0.R11-3429 10F0R11342 Monarch-Courtla? nd I/ O Indexer Board, E61157, Mitsubishi AC 3 HP Inverter FR-Z240-2.2K-UL Matthews Contact Coder, Model CC100 Nice, International Transformer 30 KVA, 3 PH., 2400 - 480 Kobelco Sensarc AL350 Gas Metal Arc Welding Power FANUC Circuit Card A20B-0009-0460 06A, Gould Modicon / Gettys 100-240 Circuit Board Fanuc PCB Circuit Board A20B-0007-0045/ ? 04B Monarch Courtland RD Board, E61169 FANUC Power Unit A20B-1000-0770 A20B1000077001 Emerson Indexing Servo Drive, Epsilon, Ei-205-00-000 FANUC Operator Panel for Built In CRT, A05B-2051-C121 Aydin Display Operator Panel, Mod# VFP15P2 BENSHAW DIGITAL DISPLAY BOARD 300043-03-04 06272030198 Vibro/ Dynamics Mirco/ Level Isolator Mod. 6M7 ( 2) Okuma OPUS 5000 II Main Board II, # E4809-436-011-E AMCI SSI Interface, Model # 7561 Hofmann A800.023 Board, K & T / Gemini D CPU Control Assy Board # 1-20604 7" Kennametal Carbide Insert Face Milling Cutter Item title Allen Bradley Panelview Terminal, Cat# 2711-KC1, Ser B Modicon PC Board DNP II Axis, 100-166, 100166 Baldor AC Motor 10HP 230/ 460V 1180RPM EM2332T GE 20 HP AC Motor, 5K256BC205, 1750RPM, 230/ 460 Allen Bradley Size 3 Rev Starter Cat# 505-DOD NEW Bayside 50: 1 Stealth Planetary Drive, Mod PX115-050 MICRISTAR 828 Digital Controller 828-D10-403-901? -020-0 Leeson 1/ 3 HP Electric Motor, # A6T17EC23G, w/ Gearbox Cincinnati Milacron Board, # 3 531 3513A 3E 3 531 3581A Okuma OSP3000 Feed-P PTR Board, E4809-032-399-C Welding Technology Corp. Master Controller, WT01-M02A Allen Bradley Dataliner Interface, # 2706-A41J, Ser D Danaher H4501 Series DC Motor Control, 5 - NEW Rolls of 1-1/ 4" x .029" Hi Tensile Banding Yaskawa Keyboard HMK-3993-04 Mitsubishi PC Board FX01B, BN624A236H06, Rev N Okuma Opus 5000 MainCard 4-2, E4809-032-474-A Allen Bradley 1336 Plus Drive, 1336S-BRF50-AN-? EN Cincinnati Milacron PC Board 3 531 4045A FANUC 15-TA Main Board, A02B-0094-B502, FANUC RIO Motherboard A16B-2200-0430/ ? 03A Fanuc A16B-2200-002 Axis Control Board, Monarch Machine Tool PC Board, 50305, Okuma Servo Processor Timing Board # E4809-032-496-E Okuma CRP Card II Board # E4809-436-018-C? , Allen Bradley 1336 Plus Drive, 1336S-BRF50-AN-? EN-HA2-L6 K & T / Gemini D Assy CPU Board # 1216988 AMCI SSI Interface, Model # 7561 K & T / Gemini D Pic 2 Assy Board 1-21205 871-21205-08 A B Panelview Terminal, Cat# 2711-KC1, Ser B, Rev A Panasonic Operator Interface Box, YC-001UB, Hoffman APW/ McLean Electronic Air Cond M28-0216-G013 6" x 17" x 3-3/ 4" Walker Electro-Magneti? c Sine Chuck NEW Baldor Motor 3HP 230/ 460V 7.4/ 3.7A 3460RPM M3610T Telemecanique Contactor, # LC1F1504, FANUC BOTTOM BOARD # A20B-1003-0081, E-LUX 0452-36 PCB ASSEMBLY W/ DISPLAY Allen Bradley Bubble Memory Tape, 8000 MBC Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine Board, # 608483-0303 Zeiss CMM Servo Amplifier Board, # 608482-9002 Zeiss CMM Servo Amplifier Board, # 608481-4905 Allen Bradley SLC Personal Computer Interface Convertor FANUC PC BOARD, M/ M INTERFACE A20B-0008-0500 Robotron Series 415 Weld Controller, 503-2-0329 Parker Compumotor Absolute Encoder Drive, 72-008142-01 Fanuc Transformer, A80L-0001-0517 A80L00010517, Allen-Bradley 8000-MBA Module 905473-01 Rev B01 Mitsubishi PC Board FX53A, BN624A240H04, Rev G Toyoda BL Super Servo Motor, 20BM090BBDT7 Rev 4 Absosyn Kearney Trecker Analog Interface, 1-206? 41-02, Motortronics K Plus Controller, # KP1-403, Cincinnati Milacron PC Board 3 531-3749A STI Light Curtain Controller LCC-FB-AC1-U-W Indramat Servo Drive Motor, # MKD025B-144-KPO? -KN, NICE CHATILLON Dynamometer CSD200 w/ Plastic Case Kearney Trecker Feedback Subsystem 1-20662-01 REV 13 Allen Bradley Comm Module Board 900052-90 03E Mitsubishi Meldas PC Board # TCUA-01-DWC BY171A318G54 Okuma OSP3000/ 2000 CMOS Memory Board II, E4809-045-191 Fanuc PC Board, A02B-0004-0170, DC Servo Drive Board Okuma Opus 5000 CPU/ IF Rack 9A, Model # E7191-292-325-1 Fanuc AC Servo Motor, Model 30F, # A06B-0353-B831 Giddings & Lewis 24 VDC Power Supply, 810-21979-00 Siemens SITOP Power 40, 6EP1437-1SL11, Mitsubishi CNC Module, BN624A219H04 FX42A Siemens PrIimary Switched-Mode Regulator 6EP1342-0AA10 Siemens Modular Power Sup, # E220 G5/ 3WRGD, E220G5/ 3WRGD Keyence Camera # CV-020 W/ 16mm 1: 1.6 Lens Varian SD-90 Vacuum Pump, Cincinnati Milacron PC Board 3-531-4238A GOULD AS-J375-010 MODICON MOD BUS ADAPTER 5 HP Motor w/ Vickers Hyd Pump, PVB15-LSY-41-CM? -12 Allen Bradley Contactor Relay 700-RTC40Z1000U? 1 Series A Okuma OSP2000 Puncher EC DA Board, E4809-032-394-A Rimrock Corp. Circuit Board # 11120-108/ 9 Robotron Series 415 Weld Controller, 503-2-0329, V9.005 Selema Smart Plus Drive, 1, 7 KW, Cod. 72IDS2 I 07/ 15 Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine Board, # 608481-0303 Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine Board, # 608481-2004 Balluff Set Point Controller, # BTA-S11-200, Jones & Lamson DC Output Board, # A-15943, Tailstock Turret Attachment Hardinge Super Slant III Fanuc Servo Amplifier Unit, # A06B-6057-H007? , Fanuc Transformer, A80L-0026-0016, Seco Circuit Card Board, # PWMC4A, US Motors Synchrogear Module, # SDP, C01R28801031853? 007F Fanuc PCB 10M/ T Board Unit, # A16B-1210-0350, G E 1/ 3HP Adj Speed Motor w/ Right Angle Gearbox & Cont ACME 40 KVA 3 PH Drive Isolation Transformer DTGB-40-45 FANUC Bubble Memory Board, A16B-1211-0091 / 06C Fanuc Power Input Unit, # A14B-0070-B104? -01, Microcom APS Control Adapter Board, # 540041-3300 GE Fanuc 5F AC Servo Motor, A06B-0346-B357, Fanuc A05B-2350-C100 Mod B I/ O Interface Module Mitsubishi PC Board, 03-81581-02-COM? , 03-81581-02 Kearney Trecker Feedback Subsystem 1-20662-02 REV 13 Vogel Centralized Automatic Lube System, PE4-BW16-V2 Burton Variable Frequency Inverter VC-150, Vickers Hyd Pump, PVB10 RSY 41 CM12, Hurco Ultimax Personality Board 415-0177 414-0177-001D Hurco Dual Axis Board Assy. # 415-0176 002H Fanuc 9" CRT A61L-0001-0092 Converter Concepts Power Supply, # VT100-441-10/ DX Mazak / Mitsubishi 20 KVA Machine Transformer Barber Colman Sequence Module 80CC-32001-101-? V-00 Monarch-Courtla? nd Special I/ O Board, E49560 SQUARE D 9422 TF2 200A 600V Disconnect Switch Complete NEW STI 23" MiniSafe Receiver MS4400 Series MS4420R Airco CV-300 Aircomatic Welding Machine Square D Transformer 15KVA 15T3H 480V/ 208Y/ 120 K & T / Gemini D Rack & Control Motherboard, 1-21978 Rimrock Corp. Circuit Board # 11120-108/ 9 Fanuc CRT/ MDI Unit, A02B-0094-C022, Series 15-T Allen Bradley AC Drive Unit, 1333-YAB, SER D+ Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine Board, # 608481-2702 Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine Board, # 608481-3103 Uson 408-X300B Prom Card 408-X300 408X300B, Warranty Square D Company 27 KVA 3 PH. Transformer, 27T145HDIT Dongan 20 KVA 3 PH Transformer 460 / 230Y/ 133 63-2520SH Cincinnati Milacron Board, # 3 531 3636A, ALLEN BRADLEY COMBO MODULE 1794-IF2X0F21 1794-IF2XOF21 FANUC A16B-2200-0124 / 08C BASE 0 Board Intel Single Board Computer, # PWA1001299, FANUC PC BOARD # A20B-2900-0160/ ? .03A Nikon Rotary Encoder RFH 1024-22-1M, G E Adj Speed Motor 1/ 2HP w/ Tigear Speed Reducer & Co Fanuc AD.AXS PCB Board A16B-1210-0430 04B, Westinghouse de ion switch S# 602J045G06 Hitran 20 KVA, 3 PH. Transformer, 460Y/ 266 to 230Y/ 133 Square D Company 27 KVA 3 PH. Transformer, 460-460/ 266 Danfoss Variable Speed Drive 175H1731 Type 3002 Keyence Illumination Unit LED Ring Type, CA-DRW10F Saftronics DC Motor Drive Control Open Chassis, DF8P10C Modicon 100-317 Ram/ Rod Circuit Board , Samsomatic DC Power Distribution Board, # PWA 27-1037 Zeiss Control Rack Chassis, # 20898 217, Siemens Circuit Board 634901-B1020, Bayside 15: 1 Right Angle Gear Drive, Mod # RA115-015 Yaskawa DCP Unit, Type JUSP-DCP, B Allen Bradley 2 HP Drive Unit, # 160S-AA08NPS1, Allen Bradley 3-Axis Servo Controller, # 1771-HS3CR, Rev 14 Allen Bradley IMC-123 3-AxisServo Controller 1771-HS3CR ALLEN BRADLEY 1494V-DS100 DISCONNECT SWITCH Allen Bradley 1771-NBV1/ B Hi Resolution Analog 1771NBV1 Gould Gettys Flexible Controller 3220 Chasis 100-304 Allen Bradley PCB Circuit Board 900057 8000-GC Allen Bradley IMC-123 3-AxisServo Controller, 1771-HS3A Allen Bradley 1747-L543 Processor Unit, Ser C Siemens Control Card C98040-A1176-P1? -2-86 Siemens Input Module 8 Point Thermocouple 505-7028 Uson SSD PROM Module SSDPROM, Warranty New Hoffman Enclosure 42" x36" x12" M-914807 Dongan 27 KVA 3 PH Transformer 460 / 460Y/ 266 63-2727-A Collins Microflat 36" x 48" x 4" Granite Table w/ Stand FANUC AC Servo Amplifier Unit, A06B-6058-H011, Reliance Electro-Craft AC Servo Motor 1326AB-B530E-21 SAFETRONICS 5HP SS MOTOR CONTROL, CIMR-G3U43P7, G3+ Klockner Moeller Contactor DIL-4-22-NA WARRANTY Allen Bradley Combination Starter 512-BJB-24R, Size 1 Fanuc Terminal CRT/ KB Unit A05B-2051-C102, Used Square D 3 KVA SK3000G2 Transformer Disconnect 9070 CALCOMP TECHJET COLOR 5336GT/ PS PRINTER 36" PLOTTER Fanuc MEMORY MODULE A20B-2902-0371 / 02A 4MB, NIB ABB Capacitor, 10KVAR, # C484G10-2LE, 3 PH 480 V NIB Load Controls, Inc. Control Load Compensator, XCR-1830V EIC Solid State T/ E Air Conditioner AAC-141-T-E, FANUC AC SERVO MOTOR 5F / 3000 A06B-0345-B231 Daykin Transformer, 480 to 120 VAC, LTFS-15, Gettys SCR Servo Controller 11-1010-97D Intel Single Board Computer, # PWA142722 K & T / Gemini D Board # 1-21284-01, Rev. 7 GT Fanuc PC Board A16B-2200-0842/ ? 08F A16B2200084208F Siemens Frequenzumforme? r Type TFR6S, Serie 930296 Mazak Mitsubishi PC Board FX73B, BN624A320 H03 Square D Circuit Breaker Cat # LAP36400 400A Series 4 Gettys Servo Drive & Controller A121-09133-C04 Fanuc A20B-0007-0090 08E Add.Axis P/ C Board, Bailey Fischer & Porter Control, Model 50US 3213ABF BEI Encoder, H25E-SS-1024-AB? ZC-8830-LED-SM1? 8-S TB Woods SE1 Micro Drive, 0.5 HP SE1C1S005H01, Sylvania Starter 120V 135A Nema Size 4 A13U034 Kearney and Trecker Control Panel, # 1-2127901, Full VICKERS TOKIMEC C0M-5-33C-70-SH? -10 Okuma Gomi Choke Coil E-2530-254-008 Transformer, 18A Mclean Midwest LB11-0416-900 4000BTU Enclosure AC Unit FANUC Operator Panel for Built In CRT, C49705011 K & T / Gemini D AC Output Driver Board # 1-21282 Acme 7.5 KVA Drive Isolation Transformer DTGB-7-2S Westinghouse Motor Circuit Protect HM2P400X5M01S09? Y07 US Gear Motors Series 3000 Gear Reducer 3242S13310U180 ABB Capacitor, 35KVAR, # C485G35-3LE, 3 PH 480 VAC Siemens PCB Boards G34924-W1022 & G34924-W1021 086632 Cincinnati Milacron PC Board 3-531-3694A Cincinnati Milacron PC Board 3 531 3779A Cincinnati Milacron PC Board 3-531-4148A 1/ 4 ton C M HOIST Model C Allen Bradley AC Servo Motor F-4030-Q-H00AA AB Panelview 1000E, Cat# 2711E-K10C6, Rev C Marathon Electric 1/ 3HP Motor w. Dodge & Hytrol add-ons ALLEN BRADLEY Solid State Timer 700-RTC20100U1 Acme 11 KVA Transformer DTGA-011-2S, 480 to 260/ 133 NEW Reliance Electric Duty Master AC Motor, 1YAB97652A1 5 HP Leeson AC Motor w/ Rexroth Hyd. Pump Unit, McLean Midwes Electronic Encl. Air Cond. # 36-0616-307 K & T Hard Disk Controller # 1-20604, Fanuc A20B-0008-0440-? 03A A20B-0008-0440 03A Square D Circut Breaker FA36060 Square D Magnetic Circut Breaker Jones & Lamson DC Input Board, # A-15942, NIB AIP CONTROLS DM-2241-0 NIB Square D MAL36450 Thermal Circuit Breaker 450A Allen Bradley Smart Motor Controller, # 150-A24NBD, OKUMA SERVO DRIVE AMP CR UNIT E4809-747-005 Allen Bradley Sz 1 Reversing Starter 505-BOD-9A, SER C Monarch-Courtla? nd A/ D-D/ A Input Board, E61029, Fanuc Transformer, A80L-0001-0520 A80L00010520, Cutler Hammer non fusable saftey switch Model# DH361UDK FANUC Servo Cooling Unit A05B-2350-C900, MTS Systems Servo Drive Unit, # CP-03-15S, D/ C 000504 Mitsubishi PC Board FX25A, BN624A189H02, Rev B SQUARE D 9422 TF2 200A 600V Disconnect Switch Robo Cylinder IAI Controller RCS-C-SA5-A-20-? 0 Thomson Micron NemaTRUE True Planetary Gearhead NT34010 MSA TIM Control Center V2.0X, Ammonia Approved, Sterling Electric Motor D56K4UE101 3/ 4 HP GE Fanuc 1050 Control Card Board, # 44A294595-G01 FANUC AC Servo Amplifier Unit, A06B-6058-H005, Impulse Adjustable Frequency Motor Control, 460AFD1-Si Burton Variable Frequency Inverter HVL03, Square D Disconnect 8538SCA14 B2S WITH Size 1 Starter Square D Disconnect 8538SCA1 WITH Size 1 Starter 2 Ton Chester Chain Hoist, Chainfall, Mod # 41 Parker Hydraulic Valve, Model # D3W11CNYC456, Entrelec Schiele Senking IMM-40 Controller 2.420.312.40 Cutler-Hammer Transformer, S20K11S05N, 5 KVA, Mazak VQC-20/ 50B X-Axis Ball Screw & Nut Assy. Murr Electronik Switch Mode Power Supply, MPS10 FANUC Servo Amplifier Unit A06B-6058-H006 F9X 25154-A Allen Bradley 300 Amp AC Contactor, # 500L-FOD92, GE Fanuc AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0357-B755? , Square D Transformer 15 KVA, 1 Phase, # 15S1H, Hurco / Intel Ultimax Control Board PBA 455084-002 Allen Bradley 8300 Memory Board MCB 364A 1027386 Reliance Electric AC Drive SP500, WARRANTY Monarch-Courtla? nd Input Board, # E49981, EFI Transient Suppression Voltage System, MA5 Ingersoll-Rand DC Motor System, 93970325, 93882793 Allen Bradley MatGuard, 440F-C28013, Series B, 24VDC Maxitorq Motor Right Angle Gear, 4Z136D, Hurco Board Assy 415-0114-003, 415-0185-001 S SR1-SSR7 FANUC PC BOARD A20B-0009-0470 02A A20B00090470 USED K & T / Gemini D Input Isolator Board # 1-21281 Allen Bradley Reversing Starter, 1000-AX164, 1000AX164 Acme Transformer, 15 KVA, # T-2-53311-1S, Danaher Dynapar Optical Encoder, 63-AHDF-2500-A0 Deltron Power Supply, # S5-60, 5 Volts, 60 A, Allen Bradley Contactor, # 100-B110NZ* 3, 100-B110NZ Thomson Micron Nema True Planetary Gearhead, # NT34004 ISCAR F45LN D4.00-08-1.50-R? -N15 45 DEG MILLING CUTTER Square D Circuit Breaker, LAL36350, SERIES 4, 350AMP WTC Weld Controller, Series 400, # 5034031901 Pertron Controls Corporation, 3854-A2-804 Monarch SidneyCircuit Board, 50348, ALLEN BRADLEY 1386-M2 Chassis DC Servo, 135608 Tectron Metal Detection Control Unit w/ MODULE 5500 Allen Bradley PC Board 145476, M003232373, Kooltronics Air Conditioner 6, 000 BTU 115 V KA4C6NP36R Hoffman WINOOW Enclosure 41" x 35" x 12" , # C-SD423612 STI 22" Mini Safe Light Curtain Transmitter 4600 series Monarch Courtland Pendant Interface Board, E61160 K & T / Gemini D I/ O Distribution Board # 1-21285 Monarch-Courtla? nd Inteface Board, E49613, Samsomatic AC Power Distribution Board, # PWA 27-1036 Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine Board, # 608482-2204 Giddings & Lewis Output Module 502-03641-02R0 Tatung 14" Color Display Monitor, WARRANTY Sola MCR Mini/ Micro Regulator, 63-23-175-8, Daykin Transformer Disconnect, Model # DTFP-1301 U Allen Bradley AC Servo Controller, 1394-AM50, Ser. A Industrial Computer Source Rack Chasis, OEMC-8MB Baldor 1 1/ 2 HP Electric Motor, # VBM3554T, w/ Gearbox Fanuc Servo Amplifier Type A06B-6047-H002 Fanuc Servo Amplifier Type A06B-6047-H003 Siemens Output Module, # 6ES5 458-7LB11, 6ES54587LB11 NEW F.I.C Induction Pump Motor, # FMP1-1014, Allen Bradley Hi Resolution Analog Card, 1771-NBV1 Fanuc AC Servo Motor, Model 10# A06B-0501-B751 Allen Bradley 1394 AC Servo Controller 1394-DIM Cincinnati Milacron Output Board, 3 531 3568A, Okuma OSP3000 File Board, E4809-045-013-C NEW Renishaw Probe Machine Interface, # MI5 Okuma PC Board # E4809-045-077-A? , Indramat Servo Drive Controller DC 3.1 100-115 NIB Control Circut Transformer # Y1500 Type SZ0 Siemens Sentron Series 45A Breaker, ED63B045, 3 Pole FANUC SRAM Module 256K/ 128K A20B-2900-0701/ ? 02A Allen Bradley 22A-D2P3N104 Power Flex 4 AC Drive Hurco Control Relay Board Assy 415-0189-0012 Westinghouse CRT Program Loader, Model # NLPL-780 Klockner Moeller PS3 Logic Controller PS3-AC-110 KEB 12 KVA INVERTER 00.58.425-4130 FANUC BOTTOM BOARD # A20B-1003-0081, Okuma LC-20 Servo Motor W/ D6 Encoder C-800T-25 See Desc FANUC AC SERVO MOTOR 2-0S # A06B-0310-B351 IAI ROBO Actuator Cylinder RCS-SA5-A-20-L-? 500-X10 GE Fanuc AC Servo Motor, # A06B-0522-B543? , Allen Bradley Pneumatic Timing Relay 849-ZOD331, Ser. B Posiguard Presence Sensing Device, SS9B-CB3511 SIEMENS MICROMASTER 440 6SE6440-2UD15-5? AA1 DRIVE STI Light Curtain Controller MS4440B, 42619-10 Ingersoll 4' ' Indexable Slot Cutter LIKE NEW ALLEN BRADLEY 900037 PC Board, 8000-JB, Fanuc Power Supply, # A16B-1212-0531/ ? 06B, Monarch-Courtla? nd Memory Interrupt Board, E49904 Square D Molded Case Circuit Breaker, FAL-36080-1021 FANUC Control PC Board CPU A20B-2000-0840 / 08D Mazak Mitsubishi PC Board FX17, BN624A328H01, Mitsubishi Mazak PC Board. FX31C, BN624A377* Mazak Mitsubishi PC Board FX63A, BN624A241H02 Yaskawa Regenerative Resistor Unit, JUSP-RA Allen Bradley Error Correcting Memory Board, # 1775-MEA GE PWMC3G PC Board, 44A398795G01, Gettys / Gould Mother Circuit Board 700-0014-00, REV E INTERCIM CAMATE III INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION INTERFACE Toyodo BL Servo Unit BA030AXWTA04HF, THK Linear Actuator VLA-CT-55-12-01? 00 w/ Servo TBL-i II Creonics Transducer Interface Board, PC-605-1288 Swallow Transformer, PC1X2KUL-1 Okuma LB-15 Turning Center Control Panel CRT w/ Swivel Cincinnati Milacron PC Board 3-531 3945A Matsushita National Cooling Unit, # NU-E403AA, SIEMENS SIMOREG SPINDLE DRIVE PCB 6RA8261-4AA00 Hofmann A800.024 Board, 48" x 4-3/ 4" W. x 1-3/ 4" T. Pair of Lift Truck Forks G & L PiC Motherboard, 501-04192-01, 502-03349-00, Nice Fanuc 6 Slot Backplane A20B-2000-0920 & A05B-2300-C003 Cincinnati Milacron Servo Axis Board 3 533 0043G Rev A Cincinnati Milacron CMM Robotics Circ Board 3 531 4132A Allen Bradley Pneumatic Timing Relay 849-ZOD337, Ser. C Cincinnati Milacron Board 3-531-4205A Giddings & Lewis NSM Brushless Servo Motor # NSM3406 APW / McLean XR29-0816-012H Electronic Heat Exchanger NEW BOSTON 700 SERIES SPEED REDUCER MODEL F721 40 B 5G Okuma OSP3000 PC-1664-C File Board E4809-032-013-C G & L PiC 49, 409 Motherboard 501-04194-01 502-03398-00 Olsun Class AA Transformer 3.5 KVA 3 PH # 12838 S-57692 Keyence Vision System Controller CV-701P, Olsun Class AA Transformer 5 KVA 3 Ph, # 12772 S-57372 New STI Partscan 7100 8" Transmitter, 42392-0080 U S Motors Varidrive Unit, 1/ 2 HP, 58: 1 Ratio, Allen Bradley Starter w/ Disconnect Type# 512-BJB-6-24 Hobart Accu-Charger 24V Battery Charger, Mod# 600C3-12 Allen Bradley 1756-DHRIO/ B DH + / RIO Comm Interface Siemens SITOP Power 20, 6EP1436-2BA00, Nice NEW Baldor 1/ 3 hp Motor, Cat # L1206, Spec. 34F01-5507 Lantronix Dinrail Ethernet, COBOX-DR1 Siemens Sinumerik E-Stand # 6FC5111-0CA73-? 0AA1, Allen Bradley Passive Shunt, 1398-SR9P, Mitsubishi PC Board MC724B-1 BN624A808G54 Rev C FANUC Spindle Module Board A20B-2900-0672/ ? 04A Honeywell Burner Controller RM7890 A 1015 Monarch-Courtla? nd Output Board, E49984, Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-1902A BATTERY BACKUP A900 POSITIVE CONTACT SCU-100 SCU100 Seco Drive Control Board, # PWMC3B, Mazak Mitsubishi Circuit Board BN624A240H05, FX53A Control Logic Inc. Power Converter 7602-00 Allen-Bradley 8000-RA Proc Panel Assy. P/ N 905173 01 Set of Guardstar Light Curtain 25" Receiver Transmitter Sugino Selfeeder Mechatric Self-feeding Drill MSX-124SE Cutler Hammer Contactor Kit 90 Amp Sz.3, A50EN0 ALLEN BRADLEY AC VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE 1305-BA04A-HA2 Seco GP4200623 CARBOLOY FANUC PCB A20B-1003-0340/ ? 05C Fanuc Velocity Control Unit, # A06B-6050-H002, Mazak VQC-20/ 50B Y-Axis Ball Screw & Nut Assy. Monarch-Courtla? nd Indexer Backplane, E61188, Link Electric Link-Logic Brake Monitor LBM-101 Koyo DirectLogic 305 10 Slot Rack w/ PS, D3-10B-1 Control Logic Inc. Power Converter 7602-01 Lube Corp. Automatic Lubrication System, # MMX-II, Nice Coax Emulsion Valve MK 10 NC Leeson 3/ 4 HP DC Motor W/ Ohio Uniline 2000 Gearbox Mahr Dial Comparator Elcompramess, # 1104N NEW IN BOX CUTLER HAMMER ECN0501AAA SER. A1 84-28691-13 Westinghouse Pow-R-Line PRL2 Panelboard, No. FD 834439 Mitsubishi PC Board FX32B, BN624A232H03, Parker Compumotor Indexer Drive, 6104, Ball Screw for Mitsubishi DWC110 Wire EDM Machine Sentra Advantage 2000 HE Temperature Controller 239600 Item sparepart Industries : Safety Relief Valves NUFLO, Turbine/ Ultrasonic/ DP Cone/ PD Flowmeters, Flow Totalizers/ Indicators, Orifice Fittings NUMATICS, Pneumatics Automation Products SerialCommunications & Air Preparation Equipment, Etc NUOVA FIMA, Pressure Gauges & Bi-Metal NUOVA FIMA, Pressure Gauges, Thermometer, Pitt Pressure Gauges& Controls OASIS, Dehumidifiers OBERDORFER PUMP, Centrifugal, Rotary, Gear & Progressive CavityPumps OBLES, Finger Joint Systems OCEAN DATA, Echo Sounders & Acoustic Systems OCENS, Satellite Weather & Email Program ODE, Solenoid Valves OFFICINE OROBICHE, Flowmeter, Level Switches & Rotameters OGURA, Electro-Hydraulic Hole Punchers OHNO, Valves OHO, Valves, Stop Cock, I, L, T Style Water HammerArrestor Bronze Fitting OHO-7 Constant Flow, Etc OKAZAKI MFG, Thermocouple/ RTD/ Thermowells OKI, Fire Detectors & Alarm Systems OLIVER VALVES, Valves & Manifolds OMCN, Hydraulic Press OMEGA, Digital Panel Indicators, Temperature Sensors, Controllers & Recorders, pH, Conductivity OMEGA, Filter Cassettes & Membrane Filters OMEGA-USA, Measuring & Control Instruments, Heaters & Accessories For Strain, Force Environment, pH OMEGA-USA, Measuring/ Control Instruments, Heaters/ AccessoriesFor Conductivity, Data Acquisition & Surgery OMI, Compressed Air & Gas Purification OMIX/ MARUNISHI, Saw Doctoring Equipment OMNI, Flow Computers For Custody Transfer OMNI, Flow Computers For Custody Transfer OMNIFLEX, Alarm Annuciators, Sequential Event Recorders( SER) & PLCs OMRON, Programmable Logic Controllers, Control Components ONEAC, Communication Line Protectors, Power Conditioner, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Etc ONGARO, Marine Horns ONVIO, Servo Speed Reducers, Electro-Magnetic Clutches, Timing Pulleys OPTICAL ACTIVITY, Automatic Polarimeter OPW, Loading Arms & Visi-Flow & Refuelling Nozzles OPW, Oil & Chemical Loading Arms ORANGE RESEARCH INC, Differential Pressure & Flow Intruments ORBECO-HELLIGE, Water & Waste Water Testing Equipment OREG, Industrial Butterfly Valves OSAKA, Extensive Range Of Manometers, Gauges, TransmitterPressure Switches For The Petrochemical Industry OSAKA, Filters OVAL, Flowmeters OXFORD, Single/ Dual & Self-Cleaning Filters OZONE RESEARCH & EQUIPMENT, Ozonators PAC, Digital Panel Meters, Transducers & Transmitters PACIFIC ENVIRONMENTAL, Environmental Monitoring Systems PALAZZOLI, Bells, Enclosures & Electrical Accessories PALINTEST, Photometer PALMER, Dial Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Circular Chart Recorders, Thermowells PAM, Hubless Pipes & Fittings, Drainage System PAOLONI, Circular Saws PAPAILIAS, Sight Glass, Flow Indicators PAPERLESS OFFICE, Image & Document Management PARKER COMMERCIAL, Pumps, Motors, Valves & Telescopic Cylinders PARKER PNEUMATIC, Pneumatic Components, Cylinders, Valves, Accessories & Systems PARKER, Fluidpower Motion & Controls Components & Accessories PARKER, Hose Clamps PARKER, Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pumps PARKER/ GREER, Bladder Accumulators, Greerolators Piston, Accumulators Pulse-Tones & Repair Kits PASCALL, Ball Mills, Grinders, Mixers, Triple Roll Mills & Crushers PATENT MACHINEBOUW B V, Band Tobacco Plants & Cigar Machinery PAUL & GARDNER, Paint Testing Equipment PAULSTRA, Specialist In Vibration Isolation, Noise Reduction& Sealing PBV, Ball Valves PCL, Garage Equipment PEAK SCIENTIFIC, Gas Generators PEAK, Optical Instruments PEDERSHAAB, Concrete Pipe Machine PEECO, Flow Switches PEECO, Flow Switches PEG, Engine Rebuild Equipment PEKOS, Flanged Ball Valves PELCO, CCTVs & Peripherals PENGUIN PUMP, Horizontal & Vertical Centrifugal Pumps ForChemical Applications, Filtration Systems & Mixers PENSTOCK, Valves PENTA KB POWER, DC Motor Controls PEPPERL + FUCHS, Photosensors, Proximity, Ultrasonic, Fiber Optic, Safety Sensors & Rotary Encorders PERKIN ELMER, Machine Vision Strobes For Use In Industrial, Vision & Robotics Applications, Etc PERM, Commercial Gyro System Heading Device PERMA TANK, Fibreglass Underground Tank PERMASEAL, Hose Fittings PERONI POMPE, Reciprocating, Metering Pumps PETROL INSTRUMENTS, Flowmeters PFANNENBERG, Filterfans, Alarms PFS, Venturi, Meter Tube, Orifice Plates PGC SCIENTIFICS, Laboratory Equipment PHD, Linear Actuators, Rotary & Multi-Motion Actuators, Slides & Grippers, Proximity Switches & Sensors PHILIPS, CCTV & PA Systems PHILMAC, Compression Fittings PHOENIX CONTACT, Modular Terminal Blocks, Signal Interface, SurgeProtectors & Suppressors, Interbus-S, Etc PHONIX, Valves PHOTOVAC, VOC Detector PHOTOVAE, Portable GC PILZ, Safety Relay & Text Display PLAST-O-MATIC, Angle Relief/ By-Pass/ Back Pressure Valves, TeflonDiaphragm Relief & Bellows Solenoid Valves PLAST-O-MATIC, Plastic Gauge Guard, Regulating & Relief Valves PLASTOMATIC, Pressure Regulator, Pressure Relief Valve, Special Control Valves PLATON, LPCB Approved Flowmeter PLENTY, Steam & Air Traps PMA, Control Technology, Indicators, Recorders, DataAcquisition Equipment & Software PMC/ BETA, Multi-Channel Vibration Monitor, Solid StateVibration/ Temperature Transmitter PMI/ AMT, Precision Ball Screw, Linear Guideway PNEU HYDRO, Relief, Check, Hand & Shuttle Valves PNEUMATIC PRODUCT CORPN, Compressed Air Dryer Systems POLYFLEX, High Pressure Hose POLYMETRON, Analytical Testing & Measurement Instruments POLYPIPE, Pipes POLYSUMI, Contact Temperature Equipment/ Bath PORVAIR, Quality Microplate, Mat Capper, Ultravap, 96 WellSample Concentrator POSI-SEAL, Valves POVAL, Belting For Conveyor System POWELL VALVES, Valves POWER ONE GROUP, Power Supplies, Switching POWER SYSTEMS & CONTROLS, Hybrid UPS, Frequency Converters POWERAMP, Dock Leveller POWERUPS, Power Management Software, Telecontrol & Uninterruptible Power Supplies POWHATAN, Fire Protection Products PPM TECHNOLOGY, Portable & Fixed Gas Detection Instruments PR, Valves PRECISION DIGITAL, Digital Panel Meters, Explosion Proof ProcessIndicator, Alarm Annunciator PREDYNE, Solenoid Valves PRESENS, Micro Oxygen Sensor PRESO, Industrial Products PRESSURE SYSTEMS, Spacecraft Fuel Tanks PRIME MEASUREMENT, Telemetry, DPU, DP Switches, Transmitters, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter PRIMME, Offset Proof Press PRINCO, Capacitance/ Impedence - Continuous, Point LevelSwitch & Displacer PRO INSTRUMENTS, Pressure Gauges PROCON, Dined Diaphragm Valves PROCTOR, Wide Range Of Drying Machinery Product or Service PRO-INSTRUMENT, Pressure Gauges PROSTEAM, Pressure Extraction Carpet Cleaner PROSYS, Samplers For Process Industry PROTECH, Laboratory Ovens, Refrigerators PROTECOL, Capillary LC PROTECOL, Capillary LC PROTEGO, Pressure & Vacuum Valves PROTOCOL, Organic & Inorganic Standards PROXIMITY, Switches & Controls PS AUTOMATION, Electric Or Linear Actuators PS-SASTECH, Compressor PULSAFEEDER, Electric Metering Pump PULSAR/ CIRRUS, Sound Level Meters PUREGARD, Silicone Hose PYREX, Laboratory Glassware PYROGEN, Fire Suppression System PYROMATION, Temperature Sensors, Thermocouples & RTD QIC, Pressure & Temperature Gauges QMI, Oil Mist Detectors QORPAK, Sample Containers QUADRINA, Turbine Meters & Hydrant Control Instrumentation QUALOGY, Industrial Computers, PC-Based Data Acquisition& Control QUAN-TECH, Resistor, Semiconductor Noise & VibrationAnalyzers QUANTUM AUTOMATION, Building Automation System QUEST, Sound Level Meter, Dosimeter, Heat Stress Meter, Gas Meter QUICK LOK, Quick Connectors QUINCY PUMP, QV, QSVI Rotary, QSVB Medical & QSV Pumps R & G, Controls, Gauges, Switches, Etc R M YOUNG, Meteorological Instruments, Wind Meter RACOR, Filters RAE, Dust Monitor RAHN, Waterless Surface Plate Cleaners RAL, Colour Cards RAYMARINE, Navigation Radar, Echo Sounder, Chartplotter, Wind System RAY-RAN, Plastic Testing Equipment RAYTEK, Infra-Red Thermometers RBR, Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, Floating BallValves, 1 " To 24 " Class 150 RCM, Direct Reading Flowmeters RDH, Reagents RDH, Reagents REACT ARRAY, SK233-Screening Optimisation For Synthetic Chemist REAGECON, Inorganic Standards RED LION CONTROLS, Temperature Controller & Speed Counter RED POINT, Valve REDI, PVC Drainage/ Sewage Pipes & Fittings, Non-ReturnValve/ Anti-Flooding System Check Valves REFLEX, PVC Hoses REGIS, Chiral HPLC Columns REGO, LP Gas & Anhydrous Ammonia Equipment REISS, Wey Slide Valves & Knife Gate Valves RELLUMIT, Filters REMOTE CONTROL, Industrial Actuators & Accessories REN, Oil Level Regulators & Slow Flowmeters RENCO, Rotary Optical Encoders RENISHAW, CMM Probes REOTEMP, Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Gauge Cocks, Siphons RESEAL, Hose Fittings RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS, ICI Cone & Plate Viscometer RHEINTACHO, Eddy Current Tachometers, Control Etc RHEODYNE, HPLC Injectors RHEONIK, Coriolis Mass Flowmeter RIDGID, Pipe Threading & Cutting Machine RIELE, Filter Photometer RIKEN KEIKI, Gas Detectors RIKO, Side & Top Mount Level Switches RING, Epoxy Coated Fittings RINGLOK, Tube Fittings RION, Viscotesters RITTER, Wet Gas Meter RITTMEYER, Flow Meters & Level Indicator R-K INDUSTRIES, Process Control Valves, Pressure Regulators, Vacuum Breakers & Pressure Switches ROBOHAND, Linear Thrusters, Rotary Actuators, FeedEscapements, Grippers, Swing Clamps & Slides ROCHESTER, Gauges ROCTEST, Geotecnical Product ROD-L, Hipot Testers, Ground Continuity Testers ROFIN, Universal Forensic Light Source RONAN, Instrumentation & Monitoring Systems ROPER, Gear Pumps ROPER, Rotary Gear Pumps ROSEMOUNT ANALYTICAL INC, Gas, Liquid, LAB, Combustion Analysers ROSEMOUNT, Pressure, Temperature, Temp. Sensors ( Rid & T/ C) , Flow, HTG, Level, Instruments, Vortex & Mag. ROSS, AIS, GMDSS Radio ROTECH, Limit Switches ROTO-JET, Pumps ROTORK INSTRUMENT, ESD ( Emergency Shutdown System) ROTOTHERM, Pressure & Temperature Gauges, Precision TestGauge, D/ P & Flow Gauges, Orifice Plate & Flanges ROTOTHERM, Pressure, Temperature Recorder ROTTLER, Engine Rebuilding Equipment ROXAN/ ICAN, Survey & Mapping Chart RTE ( RIVERTRACE) , Oil Discharge Monitoring For Ballast Water BilgeWater Alarm RTK, Control Valves & Controllers RUEGER, Pressure Gauges & Thermometers RUSKIN-LULLA, Fire Dampers RUSTRAK, Digital, Strip & Circular Chart Recorders RYUTAI KOGYO, Rotameters SAAB ROSEMOUNT, Tank Gauging Systems, Radar Level Gauges & Transmitters, Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor SABARINA, Reeling & Gummed Tapes SACO, Annunciators/ Mosaic Display Panels SAFTRONICS, Electronic Soft Starters SAINT GOBAIN, Performance Plastics SAINT-GOBAIN, Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings SAINT-GOBAIN, Performance Plastic Teflon Valve Pump & Fittings SAKURA, Filters SALWICO, Fire Alarm & Navigation Systems SAM ELECTRONICS, Echo Sounders, Communication & Navigation Systems SAMYANG, Navigation & Communication Systems SAMYUNG, GMDSS, EPIRB, Navigation Systems SAMYUNG, Radar, Echo Sounder SAMYUNG, Ship Radio, SSB, VHF.... Item Instrument Laboratorium& Rumah sakit & Industries : Melt pressure transmitter , Pressure sensor , Pressure transmitter , Melt pressure gauge , Level transmitter , Differential pressure transmitter , Mud pressure transmitter , Explosion proof pressure transmitter , Instrumentation , Diaphragm pressure gauge , Temperature transmitter , Rupture disc. Sensor chip , Load cell , Wheel & Axle weighing system, Rosemount products, alcohol tester, moisture tester, dew point meter, humidity meter and psychrometer moisture meter ( multi-functional, wood, sawdust paper, grain, building, concrete, foam, contton, tobacco, coal and etc moisture) water Quality meter, Hydroponics Instrument, Lab Instrument aquarium tester & equipment electronic balance dissolved oxygen meter magnetic stirrer microscope microscope ( USB digital) ORP meter PH/ EC/ PPM/ CF stick PH meter, pH ( / ORP/ Cond/ TDS/ Salt / Temp) Combo, Soil PH Meter PH/ ORP controller/ monitor PH, ORP electrode ( DO, ion selective, conductivity) polarimeter spectrophotometer swimming pool water tester TDS, conductivity, EC, CF meter turbidity meter ( turbidimeter) water electrolyser water hardness tester whiteness meter • Color Test ( Mechanical and Physical Test) colorimeter ( color difference meter) gloss meter tintometer whiteness meter • Detectors ( Environmental Test/ Process Control Test) gas alarm ( CO alarm, wall-mounted type) gas detector ( CO detector, portable type) gas sensor gas valve halogen leak detector ( halogen refrigerant detector) HVAC, IAQ control and monitor carbon dioxide ozone VOC' s mix gas carbon monoxide digital thermostat hygrostat metal/ voltage detector, stud metal detector water leakage alarm/ detector • Diagnostic Testers & Meters ( Mechanical and Physical Test) automotive diagnostic meters & Testers Automotive diagnostic meters & testers CCTV tester ( CCTV multimeter) fuel pressure meter gloss meter infrared thermometer ( industrial, home/ mini/ body/ ear/ animal/ pet) infrared thermal imager/ camera mechanic stethoscope process calibrator stroboscope tachometer throttle potentiometer tester vibration meter ( vibration analyzer) Video Inspection Borescope window tint meter • Electrical Meters and Instruments Clamp Meters AC& DC clamp meter ( true RMS) AC& DC dual display clamp meter ( true RMS) AC& DC power clamp meter ( true RMS) AC clamp meter ( Page2 true RMS) clamp leaker electro smog meter gauss meter ( tesla meter) Multimeters analog multimeter bench top multimeter ( bench-top DMM) capacitance meter intelligent multimeter ( with RS232 or USB interface) LCR multimeter multimeter ( digital multimeter/ DMM) ( SRT series, MY68T with true RMS) special multimeter ( leakage, insulation test, engine analyzer, mechanical protection meter) phase rotation tester ( voltage detector) power cost monitor process calibrator Resistance Meters ground/ earth resistance clamp on meter ground/ earth/ surface resistance tester insulation resistance tester / megohmmeter RCD( ELCB) tester solar power meter transistor tester ultrasonic cable height meter voltmeter of internal battery resistance • Electronic Measuring Instruments bench top multimeter DC power supply frequency counter function generator oscilloscope • handheld digital storage oscilloscope portable digital storage oscilloscope • Environmental Test Meters anemometer dew point meter infrared power meter humidity meter and psychrometer lux/ light meter ( UV meter, UV flashlight, chroma meter, illuminance spectrophotometer) multifunctional environment meter sound level meter pest control home instrument ( Mosquito Repeller, Cockroach Expeller, Mouse Chaser, Fly Killer, Bug Expeller, Home Safe Security Alarms) • Home DIY alcohol tester angle meter ( angle level, digital level, laser level, digital protractor, inclinometer) BBQ thermometer and tools Blood Pressure Monitor digital battery tester digital body fat caliper digital map meter digital tire pressure gauge ( tyre gauge) distance meter / range finder ( ultrasonic and laser) metal/ voltage detector pest control home instrument ( Mosquito Repeller, Cockroach Expeller, Mouse Chaser, Fly Killer, Bug Expeller, Home Safe Security Alarms) scale ( fishing, hanging, pocket, electronic, jewelry) UV meter • Level Measuring Instruments automatic level sound level meter • Scatheless Testers, NDT Testing, Non-Destructive Testing ( Mechanical and Physical Test) belt tension tester colorimeter ( color difference meter) densimeter distance meter / range finder ( ultrasonic and laser) force gauge & measurement ( force gauge, electrical test stand, manual test stand, shore durometer, torque meter, tension gauge, fruit penetrometer) glass thickness meter gloss meter hardness testers leeb hardness tester shore hardness tester ( shore durometer) laser diameter measuring instrument manometer mechanic stethoscope radiation detector ( nuclear, microwave) ( geiger counter) surface roughness tester test hammer thickness gauges coating thickness meter ultrasonic thickness meter / thickness gauge Video Inspection Borescope • Optical Instruments, Surveying Equipment fiber microscope fiber optic equipment ( Fusion Splicer, OTDR) gem / gemological instrument intraoral scope ( digital) melting-point apparatus microscope microscope ( USB digital) optical fiber meter polarimeter refractometer spectrophotometer tintometer turbidity meter ( turbidimeter) whiteness meter automatic level distance meter / range finder ( ultrasonic and laser) laser level ( rotary laser level) laser liner ( cross line laser) measuring wheel total station, theodolite • Physical Measuring Instruments; Dimensional Test, Measuring & Gauging Tools angle meter ( angle level, digital level, laser level, digital protractor, inclinometer) cable tracker ( wire tracker) force gauge & measurement ( force gauge, ele test stand, manual test stand, shore durometer, torque meter, tension gauge, fruit penetrometer) Measure Tools depth gauge dial caliper dial indicator Digital and dial thickness gauge electronic digital caliper Inner diameter dial indicator measuring tools kit micrometers special caliper vernier caliper Speed Measuring Instruments anemometer tachometer ( Mechanic Stethoscope) stroboscope surface roughness tester transmission meter ( optical density meter) ultrasonic cable height meter vibration meter ( vibration analyzer) • Temperature Meters and Instruments ( Environmental Test) infrared thermometer ( industrial, home/ mini/ body/ ear/ animal/ pet) infrared thermal imager/ camera temperature & humidity controller temperature & humidity panel temperature meter and thermometer ( K type, food/ pocket, hygrometer, weather station, aquarium) data logger ( temperature, humidity, sound level) thermocouple • Weighing Scales crane scale electronic balance scale ( fishing, hanging, pocket, electronic, jewelry) weighing indicator
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Semarang • Jawa Tengah
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PD.Aneka Jaya Mandiri
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Kami distributor mesin dan bahan industri printing sablon dan industri filter screen dengan produk berkualitas dan harga bersaing. produk yang kami jual antara lain : - KAIN SCREEN - lem screen - lak merah - karet rakel - Mesin Penarik Screen - Bingkai Sablon - acessoris sablon - screen tension meter - Mesin Expose screen - screen printing acessoris - Frame aluminium - Bingkai aluminium sablon - lem monyl screen - Stretching Machine Screen Mesh - Kain sablon - Filter mesh - Alat sablon - Kain saringan - kain Monyl untuk informasi detail produk dan harga hubungi : (021) 29433508 / 0816-1359099
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Terimakasih atas kunjungan anda.. Nikmati kunjungan anda dan dapatkan apa yang anda butuhkan disini. Perusahaan kami bergerak dibidang kemasan produk sejak tahun 2008. VISI “Menjadi perusahaan yang terbesar dan tercepat dalam penanganan semua bisnis perusahaan serta menjadi pemimpin pasar untuk mempertahankan keberadaan kami dalam mengejar perusahaan yang bertaraf Internasional untuk organisasi nasional maupun internasional" MISI "Berkomitmen penuh dalam menjawab kebutuhan pelanggan, permintaan pasar dan penyelesaian permasalahan yang ada melalui penyediaan produk dan jasa yang lengkap dan berkualitas, sumber daya manusia yang ramah, terlatih dan kompeten, managemen yang sistematis dan terkendali, pelayanan yang terpercaya dan akurat, infrastruktur yang tersedia serta pelayanan yang terintegrasi dan berbasis informasi dan teknologi" KEBIJAKAN MUTU “Memberikan pelayanan yang sistematis, tercepat dan terpercaya dalam semua aktivitas bisnis kami guna mempertahankan keberadaan sebagai pemimpin pasar terhadap organisasi nasional maupun internasional” SASARAN MUTU Meningkatkan kepuasan pelanggan serta mengurangi keluhan pelanggan Meningkatkan efektivitas dan efisiensi proses produksi dan pelayanan. MOTTO Motto kami adalah "QUALITY INNER ONE STOP SERVICE" atau Inovatif, Excellence, Respect, quality dan One Stop Service. MANFAAT BERGABUNG BERSAMA KAMI : Kami respek terhadap penyelesaian permasalahan kebutuhan Anda dan memberikan yang terbaik. Bagi kami, Anda adalah mitra yang harus tetap eksis dan berkelanjutan dalam usaha anda Kami menjaga kualitas produk dan pelayanan yang terbaik bagi perusahaan anda dan terus meningkatkan metode pelayanan sehari penuh untuk melayani Anda Perusahaan Anda akan mendapatkan " Inovatif, Excellence, Respect dan Kualitas One Stop Service" Kemudahan dan kenyamanan dalam menjalankan bisnis karena adanya penyelesaian secara keseluruhan Dalam kegiatan kami, kami berusaha untuk menciptakan dan menggali banyak ide untuk memperluas dan mengembangkan produk berkualitas, solusi yang selalu efektif dan efisien juga menyediakan produk dengan layanan terbaik Anda adalah mitra yang harus didengar sehingga Anda akan menemukan kenyamanan serta berkelanjutan dalam usaha anda Kami memberikan produk yang berkualitas dengan harga yang terjangkau, pengiriman yang cepat pelayanan yang terbaik, dan ditangani oleh tenaga yang ramah dan terampil8. Sumber Daya Manusia yang ramah, komprehensif, berpengalaman, terlatih dan kompeten   Fokus utama pelayanan dalam setiap aktivitas usaha kami adalah kepuasan anda. Dengan menyediakan produk yang berkualitas baik untuk keperluan lokal maupun ekspor, harga yang terjangkau, pengiriman yang cepat dan pelayanan yang ramah serta bersahabat dalam mendukung usaha anda. Gunakan segera kesempatan ini dengan bergabung bersama kami. Kami memberikan harga khusus untuk setiap pembelian rutin dalam jumlah besar. Jangan buang banyak waktu anda dengan yang lain, gunakan segera produk produk kami, dan kepuasan anda adalah fokus pelayanan kami. Marketing Office : Jl. Alternatif Cileungsi, Komplek Metland Transyogi, Green Palma, Sektor Tanjung XIV No.20 Cileungsi - Bogor 16820 Telp : +62-21-29628514 - 18Mobile : +62-857-80546222, +62-813-96082677, +62-812-80817048 BBM : 56A9C8B3, 5974AE9C, 59894767Fax : +62-21-29628515Email : info@worldexpertindonesia.com Ym : weiexpert Gtalk : weiexpert Skype : edicassanop
Alamat : Jl. Alternatif Cileungsi, Komplek Metropolitan Land Transyogi, Green Palma Sektor Tanjung 14 No.20
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Alamat : JL. Geluran, Taman- Sepanjang
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PD. MITRA ANUGERAH | Bahan Baku ID Card | ID Card PD. MITRA ANUGERAH | Bahan Baku ID Card | ID Card

PD. MITRA ANUGERAH | Bahan Baku ID Card | ID Card
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Perusahaan kami adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang penyediaan Bahan ID Card, PVC untuk Offset printing, Screen printing dan Inkjet Print.Bahan ID Card PVC tersebut kami import dari China yang kualitasnya tidak kalah dengan produk Eropa maupun lokal sehingga penjualan kami sudah menjangkau sampai ke seluruh Indonesia.Tersedia: PVC Sheets CORE Offset tebal 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.30mm dan 0.60mm size 310x400 mm.PVC Inkjet Sheets tebal 0.15mm, 0.20mm dan 0.30mm size 210x297 mm PVC INSTANT Laminating Standart 0.76mm size 200x300 mmOverlay Film Non COATED, Overlay Film COATED Offset size 0.1x310x400 mm dan Overlay Film COATED size 0.1x210x297 mm. Pemakaian bahan PVC tersebut menggunakan sistem mesin laminasi press Oven sedangkan PVC Instant menggunakan mesin laminator roll.Selain produk di atas kami juga menjual :* Kartu Blank Ultra Card HID CR79/80 * Kartu PROXIMITY HID 0.8-1386 ISOPROX II 125Khz * Kartu PROXIMITY EM 0.8-125Khz * Kartu MIFARE 0.8-13.56Mhz * Inlay EM 0.5-125Khz, A4-210x297 mm * Inlay MIFARE 0.5-13.56Mhz, A4-210x297mm * Hico Magnetic Card roll stripe 2750oeTambahan Produk Lainnya: Dengan seiring perkembangan teknologi dan waktu maka kebutuhan masyarakat akan pentingnya barang-barang produksi yang berhubungan dengan kartu plastik dan aplikasinya, maka kami memutuskan untuk mengembangkan usaha tambahan dalam memproduksi pencetakan ID Card, Tali gantungan ID Card, Yoyo+Logo perusahaan, ID Card Holder dan lain-lain. dalam hal pengembangan usaha ini kami mengalami kemajuan Yang sangat pesat dan signifikan dari tahun ke tahun, hal ini dapat dilihat dari jumlah customer kami yang bertambah dengan di tunjang oleh SDM yang kompetensi maka:PD. MITRA ANUGERAH mengutamakan kualitas Penjualan maupun produksinya.apabila anda ingin menanyakan harga-harga produk kami serta layanan ID Card dan aplikasinya anda dapat menghubungi:PD. MITRA ANUGERAHJl. Utan Panjang III No. 30 RT. 06/ 07 Kemayoran Jakarta 10650 Telp. (021) 4223584 Hp. 081280116013Email : achmadmitra@ gmail.com
Alamat : Jl. Utan Panjang III No. 30 RT. 06/07 Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat Telp. (021) 4223584 Email: achmadmitra@gmail.com
Jakarta Pusat Kemayoran • DKI Jakarta

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Perusahaan kami adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang penyediaan Bahan ID Card, PVC untuk Offset printing, Screen printing dan Inkjet Print.Bahan ID Card PVC tersebut kami import dari China yang kualitasnya tidak kalah dengan produk Eropa maupun lokal sehingga penjualan kami sudah menjangkau sampai ke seluruh Indonesia.Tersedia: PVC Sheets CORE Offset tebal 0.15mm, 0.20mm, 0.30mm dan 0.60mm size 310x400 mm.PVC Inkjet Sheets tebal 0.15mm, 0.20mm dan 0.30mm size 210x297 mm PVC INSTANT Laminating Standart 0.76mm size 200x300 mmOverlay Film Non COATED, Overlay Film COATED Offset size 0.1x310x400 mm dan Overlay Film COATED size 0.1x210x297 mm. Pemakaian bahan PVC tersebut menggunakan sistem mesin laminasi press Oven sedangkan PVC Instant menggunakan mesin laminator roll.Selain produk di atas kami juga menjual : * Kartu Blank Ultra Card HID CR79/80 * Kartu PROXIMITY HID 0.8-1386 ISOPROX II 125Khz * Kartu PROXIMITY EM 0.8-125Khz * Kartu MIFARE 0.8-13.56Mhz * Inlay PROXIMITY EM 0.5-125Khz, A4-210x297 mm * Inlay ACCESS MIFARE 0.5-13.56Mhz, A4-210x297mm * Hico Magnetic Card roll stripe 2750oeTambahan Produk Lainnya: Dengan seiring perkembangan teknologi dan waktu maka kebutuhan masyarakat akan pentingnya barang-barang produksi yang berhubungan dengan kartu plastik dan aplikasinya, maka kami memutuskan untuk mengembangkan usaha tambahan dalam memproduksi pencetakan ID Card, Tali gantungan ID Card, Yoyo+Logo perusahaan, ID Card Holder dan lain-lain. dalam hal pengembangan usaha ini kami mengalami kemajuan Yang sangat pesat dan signifikan dari tahun ke tahun, hal ini dapat dilihat dari jumlah customer kami yang bertambah dengan di tunjang oleh SDM yang kompetensi maka:PERUSAHAAN kami mengutamakan kualitas Penjualan maupun produksinya.apabila anda ingin menanyakan harga-harga produk kami serta layanan ID Card dan aplikasinya anda dapat menghubungi:PD. MITRA SARANA GLOBAL Jl. Kalibaru Timur III No. 91A Kel. Bungur Kec. Senen Jakarta Pusat 10640 Telp. +62 21 4222377 - 4223584 Hp.081280064966  (Call, Whatsapp, Sms) Email : msaranaglobal@gmail.com
Alamat : Jl. Kalibaru Timur III No. 91A Kel. Bungur Kec. Senen Jakarta Pusat 10640 Telp. +62 21 4222377 - 4223584 Hp.081280064966 (Call Whatsapp Sms)
Jakarta Pusat • DKI Jakarta
PT. ERMICH KARYA ABADI 021 47884619, 021-22861567, 021-22861579 PT. ERMICH KARYA ABADI 021 47884619, 021-22861567, 021-22861579
Pt. Ermich Karya Abadi Bergerak Di bidang Alat Tulis Kantor, komputer, dan perlengkapan kantor Hal : Penawaran Alat Tulis Kantor ( ATK)  Kepada Yth,  Purchasing Departement Di Tempat Dengan Hormat,  Bersama ini kami lampirkan daftar rincian harga untuk penawaran alat tulis kantor ( ATK) / Stationery di perusahaan bapak/ ibu. NO ITEMS BRAND TYPE QTM. UNIT PRICE 1 Absensi Card Apell re-100 2 Adhesive Label / label Tom & Jerry No. 107 pad3 Amplove Jaya 104 pad4 Balpoint Boxy 0016 Balpoint Snowman V-17 Balpoint Faster C-68 Battery Alkaline AA 9 Battery ABC kecil 10 Binder Clips / Double Klip Joyko 11 Binder Computer Bambi 34090 12 Binder Ordner Bindex F-4, Qrt, thin box 13 Board Maker/ Spidol White board Snowman 14 Book/ buku, 40 s. BO A-4 15 Box File Star keranjan16 Buku tulis 100 lbr Damai F-417 Calculator Citizen SDC 868L18 Cash Box Iciban IB19 CD - R non casing Verbatim 700 MB20 Cello tape / isolasi Panfix 21 Clear Holder / Map bening Daichi Filex Transparant Plastic/ IM02 22 Computer File Bambi 9 1/ 2 x 11 23 Computer Grade Sony 90P 24 Continous form kecil ( 9 1/ 2 x 11) Smart 1 ply25 Correction Pen / tip ex Kenko KE - 0126 Cutter / Pisau Kenko A - 30027 Desk Organizer / tempat ATK Microdot No. 8312228 Devider / pembatas Bambi 5110 A-429 Disket Maxel 3 1/ 2 HD30 Diskette / disket Verbatim 3 1/ 2 HD 31 Diskette storagebox/ kotak disket Micro Dot MD - 50 L 32 Double Tape Kenko 3 cm.33 Durable File Map IMCO 182834 Ear Folder / map kuping Diamond No. 600135 Electronic calculator Karce 10 digit36 Elevated Tray / Baki Surat Micro Dot 3 tray, 603 M37 Envelope / amplop Jaya Brown kabinet size38 Fax Paper Smart 210 x 3039 Fax Paper Fax 210mm x 30m40 File Box/ Kotak Arsip Bambi Jumbo41 Fine line / boxi Boxi UB - 10542 Flip Card kensi 75 x 10043 Folio book / buku tebal folio Bintang Obor Hard Cover ( Big)44 Glue/ lem UHU 21 gr45 Gunting Kenko Middle Size46 Gunting Best FM L size47 Hanging Map / map gantung Fujita No. S6748 Highlighter / Stabilo Joyko PP3149 Ink Cartridge / tinta printer Canon BCI - 11 Black 50 Isi Stapler Eton51 Lack Ban / lakban Joyko Cloth 5 cm52 Lack Ban / lakban Daimaru Brown Plastic 100 yard53 Laminating Plastic Taiyo Folio54 Lommer Pockets Bantex 204255 Name Card Case / Box KN Kenko 400 Carde56 Name Card Holder/ tempat KN Kenko 4 Card57 Name tag Multi 10158 Note Book / Notes ABE Spiral 1/ 2 Quarto59 Odner Gema 80160 Odner Prizt kwitansi61 Odner prizt Folio62 Ordner Goby 840163 Paper / Maker / Spidol biasa Snowman Small64 Paper Clips / Klip kertas Atom Jumbo Size No. 565 Paper Fasteners, jepitan map Acco Plastic & Colour66 Paper Folder / map kertas Diamond 500267 Pen Snowman AE-768 Pen / Pulpen Faster CX 60669 Pen / Pulpen Pilot BPT-P70 Pencil / pensil Chunghwa 2B71 Pencil Eraser / penghapus Steadler 526.B40/ Small72 Pencil Refill Pilot 2B 0.573 Pita Label Printer Casio KR-674 Pita Refill Epson 775575 Plastic Folder/ mapplastik+ jepitan Daichi Filex W/ Fasthener, 840 H-FC76 Printer Cartridge / tinta Hewletpackard77 Printer Cartridge / tinta Epson Stylus78 Punch Joyco 3079 Punch / pembolong Kenko No. 30 XL80 Push Pin / paku softboard Kenko PN - 30 box81 Quarto book / buku tebal Quarto Cl Hard Cover ( Small) pcs82 Refill Catridge HP black ( Original) USA 40ml pcs83 Refill Catridge HP color ( Original) USA 40ml pcs84 Ring Binder Plastic 5/ 16 rol85 Ruler / Penggaris Butterfly 30 cm86 Samp Pad / bak stempel Artline Size No. J Format NR 187 Solatip Gold 1/ 2x36 roll88 Spidol, Color Snowman BG-1289 Stamp Pad Ink / tinta stempel Pyramid 50 cc90 Stapler Max HD - 1091 Stapler Joyko HD-1092 Sticky Notes / post it 3 M No. 65493 Telephones Book / buku telepon Apell Book Size94 Transparant Sheet Yashica Foli95 Trigonal Clips/ KlipKertas Segitiga Joyko No. 3 Demikianlah surat penawaran ini kami perbuat, sambil menunggu kabar dari bapak/ ibu kami mengucapkan banyak terimakasih. NB : - Selain daftar diatas tersedia juga berbagai keperluan alat tulis kantor / office supplies lainnya, seperti :  Komputer set / rakitan, Printer, LCD, OHP, Mesin Photocopy, Filling Kabinet, Kursi, Meja dan lain - lain dengan harga yang tetap competitive. - Barang diantar ketempat tanpa minimum order untuk daerah Jakarta - Barang yang rusak / tidak sesuai permintaan dapat dikembalikan/ ditukar kembali. - Pembayaran Melalui Bank, Transfer Ke Rekening PT. ERMICH KARYAABADI Hormat Kami Erika S. 021- 46231328 / 021-22861567 0817 643 7788 ( XL)  0817 602 7788 ( XL)  0815 86 2121 88 ( Mentari)  081331472348 ( Simpati)  0813314666604 Chaerul Chong/ ErikaPT. ERMICH KARYA ABADI Jl. Waringin III No 12 Pulomas Jakarta Timur 13210 Telp. 021 47884619, 021-22861567, 021-22861579 Fax : 021- 47863587 Hp : 0813314723487, 08176437788 Email : pt_ermich@ yahoo.com Website: www.distributorATK.co.id www.pusatATKmurah.com Toko : ITC MANGGA DUA LANTAI DASAR BLOK E 2 TELP. 021- 47884619
Alamat : Head Office : Jl. Waringin III no 12 Pulomas
Jakarta Timur • DKI Jakarta

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Multi Sarana Industrindo sebagai agent dan distributor berbagai kebutuhan perusahaan anda dengan bermacam-macam merk dan product seperti dibawah ini : + GF+ SIGNET, Slow pH, ORP, Conductivity & Ratio Instruments Elcometer + GF+ SLOANE, PVC/ CPVC/ PP Pipes & Fittings, 3D, Precision Test Gauges & Calibration Units, 3M Touch Monitors, 3-STARS, TCT Circular Saws, Diamond Wheels, Knives, A KIRCHNER & TOCHTER, Flow Meters For Gases & Liquids, AALBORG, Variable Area Flowmeter, AALIANT, Target/ Vortex/ Ultrasonic Flowmeters, AALIANT/ HERSEY, Vortex, PD, Target, Magnetic & BTU Meters, ABZ, Butterfly Valves, AC MARINE, Marine Antennas, AC, Filters. ACCU-CODER, Rotary Optical Encoders, ACCULOK, Valves & Fittings, ACE GLAM, Special Glassware, ACEPACK, CD Stud, CD Centre, ACGIH, Industrial Hygiene Publications, ACME, Pipe & Accessories For Concrete Pumps, ACONA, Three & Five Way Manifolds Valves, ACP, Frequency Converters, ACR, Compact Self-Powered Data Loggers, ACROMAG, Signal Conditioners & Data Acquisition Systems, ACS, Alcohol Breath Testers, ACTARIS, Metering Systems, ACTARIS, Water Meters C/ W Pulser, ACTION HOSE COUPLINGS, Quick Action & Safety Hose Couplings, ACUTECH, Engineered Plastics, ADAC, Computer Plug In Data Acquisition Cards & Interface Equipment, ADSENS, Pneumatic Exhaust Mufflers, Filters & Sensors, ADTECH, Signal Converter, Transmitter & Isolator ,ADVANCED ILLUMINATION, Led Back Lights, Board Area, Diffuse, Ring, Spot, Darkfield & Line Lightings For Machine Vision, ADVANTEC TOYO, Industrial & Analytical Filter Papers, SyringeFilters, Membrane Filters, Thimble Filters, Etc, AEC, Industry & Marine Automation, GMDSS, PA, Intercom, Temp. Monitoring, Fire-Alarm, Gas System, AEC, Power Supply, GMDSS Terminal, Gyro Interface, Automation Central Panel, AEC, Shaft RPM, Rudder Angle Meter, Fuel Level Gauge, AEES, Battery Charger, AEG, Sensors, Controls, Switches, AEROQUAL, Handheld Gas Monitors, Gas Monitors For FixedInstallation, AEROQUAL, Ozone Meter, AGAR, Multi-Phase Flowmeters, Water In Oil Monitor, Probes, AGRU, High Purity PVDF Piping Systems, AIC, Display Monitors, Panel Meters, Etc, AIPHONE, Communication & Security Systems, AIR FLOW, Monitor Valves, AIR MITE, Air Arbor Pressess, Pneumatic Cylinders & Valves, AIR TECH PUMP, Regenerative, LH Serie, Orion Dry Rotary, LiquidRing & Medical Vacuum Pump & Systems, AIR TORQUE, Pneumatic Actuators ( Single Or Double Acting), AIRCONTROL TECH, Cooling Systems/ Package, AIRFLOW, Airflow Meters, Air Leakage Testers, Manometers, AIRGAS, Smart Indicating Regulator, Change Over Panel, Super Clean Gas Filter, AIRPAX, Magnetic Speed Sensors, Hall Effect Speed Sensors& Digital Tachometers, AIRSCREW, Fans & Blowers, AKATHERM INTERNATIONAL B V, PP/ PE Drainage Fitting & PP/ PE Pressure Fitting, AKATHERM, HDPE Pipes & Fittings For Drainage, Sison SlphonicRoof Drainage Systems, Akavent Drainage Systems, AKATHERM, PE, Drainage Pipes & Fittings, AKO, Pinch/ Sleeve Valves, AKRON, Nozzles, ALC, Centrifuge, ALCO, Valves & Manifolds, ALCOHOL COUNTERMEASURE SYSTEMS, Alcohol Breath Testers, ALDRICH, Standard & Chemicals, ALEPH HONG KONG, Electronic Components, ALFA MIRAGE, Densimeter, ALFAGOMMA, Industrial Hoses, Hydraulic Hose, ALFOR HAAR, Fuel Components, ALJAC, Basket Strainers, Close Circuit Samplers, ALJAR, Bonding Reels & Sampling Jar, ALKON, Brass Tube Fittings, Tubing & Pneumatic Valves, ALL AMERICAN, Autoclave, ALLEGHENY BRADFORD CORPORATION, Tanks, Filter Housings, ALLENAIR, Brass & SS Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders & Valves, ALL-FLO, Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pump, ALLTECH, Chromatography, Filtration,ALNOR( TSI) , Anenometers, Balometers, Velometers, A-LOK, Valves & Fittings, ALP, Autoclaves, ALPHA RESOURCES, ICP, AA & Accessories For Elemental Analyzers, ALPHA TECHNOLOGIES, Nickel Plated Tube Fittings, Quick Exhaust & Ball Valves, ALPHA, Safety Couplings, ALVAREZ-REDONDO, Centrifuge, AMCO, Gas Regulators, Meters, AMERICAN METER COMPANY, Gas Regulators, AMETEK JF INSTRUMENTS, Pressure & Temperature Calibration Equipment, AMETEK ROTRON, Fans & Blowers, AMETEK, Gauges & Transducers, AMF, Clamping Systems, AMICO, Bathroom Fixture & Fitting, Water Meter, Mixers, AMOT CONTROLS, Engine Safety System & Panels, Pneumatic, Electronic & Electrical Pressure, Etc, AMS, Panel & Switchboard Meters, ANALIS, Petroleum Testing Equipment, ANALOGIC, Distributed Control Systems & I/ O Devices, ANDERSEN INSTRUMENTS, Ambient Particulate, High Volume Samplers, Particulates Sizing Impactor, Stack Sampling, ANDERSON & GREENWOOD/ TYCO, Instrument Valve, Gauge Valve, Manifolds, ANDERSON & GREENWOOD/ TYCO, Instrument Valve, Gauge Valve, Manifolds, ANDERSON GREENWOOD VAREE, Tank Fittings & Biogas Systems, APCS, Analog Process Controls & Sensors Etc APOLLO, Ball Valves, APOLLO, Smoke & Heat Detectors & Fire Protection & AlarmSystem, APOLLO, Valve, APPLIED MOTION PRODUCTS, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor Stepper & ServoController & Driver, APS WATER, Water Purification, AP-TECH, Pressure Regulators, AQUA BOY, Moisture Meters, AQUA METRO, BTU/ Water Meters, AQUAFINE, Ultra-Violet Sterilizers, AQUAFINE, UV Sterilizers, AQUAMATIC, Portable Water Sampling System, AQUAMETRO, Flowmeters, Oil & Water Flow Measurements, AQUAMETRO, Oil Meters/ Flowmeters, ARBOGA, Drilling Machine, ARCCO, Cravitometers & Gas Sampler,, ARCHON, Liquid Level Gauges, ARCUS, USB Stepper Controller/ Driver, AREMCO, Scribers, ARGUS, DC Rectifiers, ARMANNI, Stackers & Trucks, ARNO AMARELL, Hydrometer, Precision, Lab Thermometer, ARO, Metallic & Engineering Plastic, Air DiaphragmPumps, ART ROBBINS INSTRUMENTS, Multiposition, High-Throughput Liquid HandlingDispenser, ASAHI, Water Meters, ASAHI/ AMERICA VALVES, Flanged, Pneumatics & Electric Actuators Ball & Butterfly Valves PVC, CPVC, Propropylene & PVDF, ASCO, Industrial Products, ASCOTT, Salt Spray Humidity Cabinet, ASHCROFT, Pressure & Temperature Gauges, Gauges & Switches, ASHCROFT, Pressure Gauges & Diaphragm Seals, Temperature Gauges & Transmitters, ASN SAFETY SOLUTIONS, Safety Contact Edges, Bumpers, Mats & Relays, ASSISTENT, Laboratory Glasswares, ASTI PURE, Pumps/ Valves, ASTI, Teflon Pumps & Fittings, ASTM, Reference Standard Materials, ASTORE ( AVF) , Compression Fittings & Clamp Saddles, AT VORTEX TUBE, A Phenomenon Cool Air-Gun, A-T, Controls, Ball Valves, ATAGO, Hand Refractometer, ATAL, Compact Self-Powered Data Loggers, ATEQ, Leak Detectors, Flowmeters & ElectricalMeasuring Instruments, ATEXIS, Thermocouples & RTD' s, ATLAS COPCO, Air Compressors, ATLAS HYDROGRAPHIC, Echo Sounders & Sub Bottom Profilers, ATLAS, Marine Navigation & Communication Systems, ATLAS, Polymer Evaluation Products, ATMI, Cable Float Level Switches, AURA, Three & Five Way Manifolds Valves, AURORA, Aluminium, Brass & SS Pneumatic & HydraulicCylinders, AUTENTO, 4 " LED Big Management Display System, AUTEXIER, Aluminium Bronze Valve, AUTOMAT, Magnetic Level Switches, AUTOMATIC VALVE, Solenoid & Manual Pneumatic Spool Valves, AUTRONICA, Fire & Gas Detection Systems, Monitoring & AlarmSystems, AUXITROL, Tank Level Gauging, Pressure & Temperature Sensors, AVCO, Cryogenic Ball Valve, 3 Piece Ball Valve, AVERY HARDOLL, Meter & Industrial Tanks & Hose Couplings, Meters, AVOCADO, Chemicals, AW METERS, Air Flow Monitors, Batch Controllers Food & Pharmaceutical Process Meters, AW METERS, Auto Paints, Gear, Helical Sealant, Sanitary Flow, Solvent & AW Positive Displacement Meters, AW, Flowmeters, AWA INSTRUMENT, Mono/ Multi-Parameter Controller PCX, AWG, Fire Fighting Equipment, AWH, Sanitary Valves, Sampling Valves & Sight Glass, AXELSON, Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valves, ESP Sensors, AXILOCK, Pipe Couplings, B HAGNER A B, Universal Multipurpose Photometers, BAE SYSTEMS, HF/ VHF/ UHF Receivers & Processing Equipment, BAILEY CASH, Gyogenic Valve & Regulator, BAILEY PEERLESS, Testing Plug/ Air Bag, BAILEY, Safety Relief Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Etc, BALDWIN, Filters, BAND-IT, Clamping Products, BANJO, Gasoline Engine Powered Pumps, Polypro HoseFittings & Valves, BANNER, Photo-Electric Sensor, Measurement & InspectionSensor, Machine Safety Products, Vision Sensors, BARBER COLMAN, Air Distribution Products, Variable Air VolumeBoxes, BARBER COLMAN, Diesel Control Systems, Auto Synchronizer &LoadSharing Modules, Temperature Controller & Etc,BARBER COLMAN, VAV, Induction VAV, Swirl Diffusers, Perforated Diffusers, Jet-Flo Diffusers,BARCOL-AIR, Chilled Ceilings, Radiant Cooling Products, BARIGO, Marine Clocks & Barometers, BARKSDALE, Pressure & Temperature Switches, BARKSDALE, Pressure & Temperature Switches, DirectionalControl Valves, Process Indicators, Etc, BARKSDALE, Pressure & Temperature Switches, Manual ValveControls, BARRINGTON AUTOMATION, Pneumatic Slides, Rotary Actuators, Grippers & Sensors, BARTON, Recorders, Turbine Flow Meters, PD Flow Meters, Pneumatic Controllers, D/ P, Indicators & Switches, BASIKA, Separators, BASLER, Protective Relays & Automatic Voltage Regulators, BAUMANN, Valves, BAUMER ELECTRIC, Sensors, Encoders, Counters Etc, BAYARD, Pressure Reducing Valves, BAYHAM, Liquid Level Tank Gauges, Level Switches & Controls, BBE, Water Toximeter, BEACH FILTERS, Desiccant Drying Filter For Extremely Clean & Dry Air, BEAVER/ MARS, Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Gate Valves, SwingCheck Valves, Y-Strainer & Piston Check Valve, BECKER PUMP, VTF400, VT Rotary & VTLF Vacuum Pumps, BECKHOFF, PC-Based Control, Fieldbus Components, IndustrialPC, BECKWITH ELECTRIC, Autodaptive Capacitor Control, Tapchanger Control, Relays, BEL-ART, Plasticware Products, BELT, Domestic & Industrial Gas Detectors & Control, BELUK, Auto Regulators, BENNETT, Dispensing Pumps, BERCO, Engine 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Stainless SubmersiblesPumps, BLACK TECKNIGAS, Auto Flume Cut Off, BLACKALLOY, Drill Units & Accessories, BLACKSTONE-NEY ULTRASONICS, Frenquency Range: 40KHz, 80 KHz, 120 KHz, 140 KHz, 170 KHz, 220 KHz, 270 KHz, Degreasers, BLACKSTONE-NEY ULTRASONICS,, Multi-Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner, BLH, Weighing System, BLUE WHITE, Variable Area Flowmeter, BLUE-WHITE, Flowmeters, BLUE-WHITE, Variable Area Flowmeter, BMETERS, Water Meter, BMS, Aircraft Refuelling Totalise Kits, BODINE, Fractional Horse Power AC & DC Motor & Gearmotor, BOECKEL, Boeco Centrifuge/ Dispenser, BOHLENDER GMBH, Desicator, BOLLMAN, Moisture Meters, BONS, Check Valves, BONZER, Can Openers, Cocktail & Bar Equipment, HotelEquipment & Supplies, BOPP & REUTHER, Safety Relief Valves, BOPP & REUTHER, Safety Valves, BOPP, Industrial Filter Mesh, BORGWALDT TEKNIK GmBH, Laboratory Equipment, BOSCO, Water Meters, BOURDON, Gauges & Thermometers, BOURDON-HAENNI, High-Performance Range Of Instrument For MeasuringPressure, Temperature,, Force & Acceleration, BOUSTEAD, Alarm Systems, Burner Manager Systems, TerminalAutomation & Control System, Load Control System, , BOUSTEAD, Tank Gauging System, BOUSTEAD, Well Head Control Systems, Wellhead Control/ Shutdown Panel, DCS/ PLC Based Control Systems, , BOWDEN,, Household/ Commercial & Industrial Gas Appliances, BRAINCHILD, GSM, Controller, Power Management, Paperless Recorder, BRANDT, I/ P & P/ I Transducers, BRANN, ODME, Cargo Monitoring, BRANNAN, Thermometers,, BRANNAN, V-Line Thermometers, Rain Gauges, BRANSON, Ultrasonic Cleaners, BRASSERT, Self Cleaning Filters, BRIDGESTONE, Hoses, BRINKMANN, Centrifuge/ Dispenser, BRISTOL BABCOCK, Chart Recorders, BRITISH ROTOTHERM, Recorders, BROAD, Air-Conditioning Systems, BROADY HULL, Valves, BROADY, Pressure Relief Valves, BROADY, Relief Valves, Safety Relief Valves, BRODIE, Meter, BROOK CROMPTON, Electric Motors, BROOKHAVEN, Particle Size, Zeta Potential Instruments & LaserLight Instruments, BROOKS INSTRUMENT DIVISION, Thermal 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Suppressors/ Barriers, CROMPTON, Panel Meters, Protection Relays, Transducers, CROSBY/ TYLO, Safety Relief Valves, CROSLAND, Filters, CROWN TIP, Saws & Cutters, CROWN, Argon & CO2 Flowmeter Regulators, CROWN, Diamond Wheels, CROWN, Positive Displacement Meters, CRUMA, Fume Cupboard & Laminar Flow Cabinet, CSI, Alarm & Monitoring Systems, CTRL SYSTEMS, Ultrasound Diagnostic Sensors, SophisticatedSignal Processing/ Maintenance Management Software, CYCLECT, Vehicle Inspection Mirrors ( UVIM) , CYCLONE, Generators & Pumps, D G COLOUR, Munsell Standards, DABICO, Aviation Fuel Hydrant Pit, DAHL, Filters, DAICEL CHEMICAL, Chiralcel, DAIDO, Bandsaw Blades, DAI-ICHI, Filters, Disc Pads & Brake Shoes, DAIKI, Scientific Instruments DAISY DATA, Computers, Workstations & Keyboards For Harsh & Hazardous Areas, DANFOSS FLOW, Electromagnetic/ Coriolis Mass/ UltrasonicFlowmeters, DANFOSS FLOW, Electromagnetic/ Coriolis Mass/ UltrasonicFlowmeters, DANFOSS, Industrial Pressure/ Temperature Switch, 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Gauge, DWYER, Pressure Gage, Switch & Transmitter, Flowmeter, Pitot Tube, Flow Switch & Indicator, Etc, DYNALCO, LCD Display Tachometers &, Instrumentation, DYNAPAR, Predetermining Counters, Rate Indicators/ Counters, Encoders, DYNAQUIP, Fittings Blowgun, E2S, Alarm Sounders, Sirens, Horns, Signalling Devices, EAGLE ENGINEERING, Pneumatic Ducting Systems & Components, MetallicSeals, EAGLE SIGNAL, Electronics Totalizing Counters, Elapsed & Electronics Timers, EASI, Meteorological Inst, Windmeters, EASYLUBE 150, Microcomputer Automatic Grease Lubricator, EATON, Filter & Strainer EBCO, Ball Float Valves, EBW, Service Station Equipment, ECHELON, Lonworks Integrator, ECIFLU, Aviation Fuel Handling Equipment, ECU, Speed Switches & Automatic Engine Controls, EDAMIX, Fume Cupboard & Laboratory Furniture, EDGETECH, Moisture & Humidity Systems, EDMOLIFT, Scissor Table & Hydraulic Cylinders, EDWARDS, Ex-Proof Detectors, Audible & Signalling Equipment,EESIFLO, Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeters, 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Pipeline, GIRPI, Safety Valves, Girair, Quickair & Compressed AirPiping Systems, GIRPL, Girair Compressed Air Systems, Kryoclim Air-Con, Refrigeration & Chilled Water System, GKM, Valves, GLADIATOR, Sail Boat Autopilot, GLASS EXPANSION, Equipment Supplies, GLEN SPECTRA, Standard & Chemicals, GLITSCH, Hydrogen Generation Plant, GLP, Gas Analysis Systems, GMI, Portable Gas Detector & Fixed Gas Systems ForMarine & All Industrial Use, GO, Pressure Regulators GOODFELLOW, Chemicals, GOODFELLOW, Heating Elements, GOODFELLOW, Materials For Research, GOODFELLOW, Precious Metals, GORMAN RUPP INDUSTRIES, Bellows Metering Pumps, GORMAN-RUPP, Aviation Pumps, GOSSEN, Instrumentation, GOTECH, Testing Machine For Textile/ Paint & Papers, GOTTFERT, Testing Equipment, GOYEN, Dust Collector Valves, GOYO OPTICAL, Wide Range Of Lenses For CCTV, Industrial, TVMacro, Telecentric, Mirco Head & Scanner, GP: 50, Melt Pressure Transmitters, Aviation & AerospacePressure Transducers, GP: 50, Transducer & 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& Protection Systems, EarthLeakage & Fault Monitoring, Etc, MEGA-RESTER, Water Hammer Arrestors, MEGGITT, Fuelling Products, MEI, Swing & Dual Plate Check Valves, MEIJI, Microscopes, MEINECKE, Water Meters, Flow Meters, MELCHER, AC/ DC-DC/ DC Power Converters, MEMTEC, Cross Flow Microfilters, MENCOM, Cables & Receptacles, Panel Interface Connectors, Junction Blocks, Cable, MERCER, Air Gauges, Air Plug, Air Ring, MERCOID, Switches & Controls, MERIAM, Manometers, Digital Calibrators, D/ P Indicators & Switches, MERIDIAN, Survey & Commercial Gyro Instrument, MERLAUD, Public Address System, MERWEDE, Valve, METAGLAS, Sight Glass For Hazardous Medias, METALFLEX, Wafer Check Valve, Foot Valve, METERPUMP, Dosing Pump, PH Monitoring Controller, Conductivity Meter, RX Meter, METKON, Polisher/ Grinder/ Microstructure Cutter, METRAWATT, Digital Panel Meters, METRIX INSTRUMENT, Vibration Switches, Sensors, Transmitters, Monitors, Alarms, Relays & Meters, METROHM, Insulation/ High Voltage/ Cable 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NETTER, Electrical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Vibrators, NEU-FLO, Butterfly Valves, NEUMO, Bio-Reactors, WFI Vessels, NEUMO,, ISO/ DIN Pharmaceutical Tubes & Fittings, Food, Beverage & Dairy Tubes & Fittings, Heat Exchangers NEW AGE INDUSTRIES, Plastic Tubings Hose & Fittings, NEW COSMOS, Gas Detection & Alarm Systems NEW FLOW, Flow Sensor, Variable Area & Thermal MassFlowmeter, Pressure Transmitter, Switches & Gauge NEWAY, Engine Valve Seat Cutters, NEWAY, Valves, NEW-FLOW, Diaphragm Pressure Gauge NEWPORT, Digital Panel Indicators, Temperature Sensors, Controllers & Recorders, pH, Conductivity NEWPORT, Rapid Visco Analyser ( RVA) , NEWPORT-USA, Measuring & Control Instruments & Accessories NEXT TWO, Industrial & Ex-Proof Loudspeakers, NFC, Flowmeter, NGK, Zirconia 2 Cell Type 02 Analyzer NIAGARA, Target/ Vortex/ Ultrasonic Flowmeters, NIBCO, Fire Fighting Valves, NIBCO, Fluid Handling System Plastic Pipe, Valve & Fittings, NICHIDENSHOKO, Electrical Connectors, NICKEL ELECTRO, Waterbath, Stirrer, Shaker, NICOLL, Nicoll Access Flap Door, Nicoll Channels ForSwimming Pools, Drains & Roads, NIEAF SMITT, Miniature Relay, Panel Meter & MeasuringInstrument, NIHON KLINGAGE, Gauges, NIKKISO, Syringe/ Infusion Pump, NIPPON AUTOMATION, Sensors, Data Transmission, NIPPON HAKUYO ELECTRONICS, Fire, Detectors & Alarm Systems, NIPPON SEISEN, All Metal Gas Filter, NISSIN, Refigeration Systems, NIST, Reference Standard Materials, NITTAN, Smoke & Heat Detectors, Fire Alarm Systems, NITTO, Flowmeters, NIVELCO, Level Switch & Level Transmitter, NIVELCO, Ultrasonic Level Sensors, NKS, Pressure & Temperature Instruments, NO CLIMB, Smoke & Heat Detector Testing Kits, NOGA, Deburring Tools, Magnetic Stands, NOHKEN, Level Measurement & Control Instruments, NOHMI BOSAI, Fire Detectors & Alarm Systems NOR CONTROL, Positioning/ Surveying/ Navigation/ AutomationSystems, NORBRO, Pneumatic & Electrical Actuators, NORCONTROL, Positioning/ Surveying/ Navigation/ AutomationSystems, NORE LL, NMR Precision Sample Tubes, NORIKA, Floor Trap Grating, Fastener, Rubber FlangeGaskets, Bracket, Valves, Bath Room Accessories, NORIS, Engine Monitoring System, NORIS, Engine Monitoring System, NORIS, Sight-Flow Indicators & Sight Glasses, NORMA, Pipe Couplings & Hose Clamps, NORWELL, Drum & Tank Samplers NOSHOK, Pressure Gauges, Transducers, Transmitters, Etc, NOTIFIER, Fire Detectors & Alarm Systems NOVASEP, Preparative Chromatographic & Purification, NOVASIL, Butterfly Valves, NOVO CONTROL, Printing Ink Equipment, NUFLO, Recorders, Controllers, Product Sampling System, Water-Cut Monitor, Safety Relief Valves, NUFLO, Turbine/ Ultrasonic/ DP Cone/ PD Flowmeters, Flow Totalizers/ Indicators, Orifice Fittings NUMATICS, Pneumatics Automation Products SerialCommunications & Air Preparation Equipment, Etc NUOVA FIMA, Pressure Gauges & Bi-Metal, NUOVA FIMA, Pressure Gauges, Thermometer, Pitt Pressure Gauges& Controls, OASIS, Dehumidifiers, OBERDORFER PUMP, Centrifugal, Rotary, Gear & Progressive CavityPumps, OBLES, Finger Joint Systems, OCEAN DATA, Echo Sounders & Acoustic Systems, OCENS, Satellite Weather & Email Program, ODE, Solenoid Valves, OFFICINE OROBICHE, Flowmeter, Level Switches & Rotameters, OGURA, Electro-Hydraulic Hole Punchers, OHNO, Valves, OHO, Valves, Stop Cock, I, L, T Style Water HammerArrestor Bronze Fitting OHO-7 Constant Flow, Etc, OKAZAKI MFG, Thermocouple/ RTD/ Thermowells, OKI, Fire Detectors & Alarm Systems, OLIVER VALVES, Valves & Manifolds, OMCN, Hydraulic Press, OMEGA, Digital Panel Indicators, Temperature Sensors, Controllers & Recorders, pH, Conductivity OMEGA, Filter Cassettes & Membrane Filters, OMEGA-USA, Measuring & Control Instruments, Heaters & Accessories For Strain, Force Environment, pH, OMEGA-USA, Measuring/ Control Instruments, Heaters/ AccessoriesFor Conductivity, Data Acquisition & Surgery, OMI, Compressed Air & Gas Purification OMIX/ MARUNISHI, Saw Doctoring Equipment, OMNI, Flow Computers For Custody Transfer, OMNI, Flow Computers For Custody Transfer, OMNIFLEX, Alarm Annuciators, Sequential Event Recorders( SER) & PLCs OMRON, Programmable Logic Controllers, Control Components, ONEAC, Communication Line Protectors, Power Conditioner, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Etc, ONGARO, Marine Horns, ONVIO, Servo Speed Reducers, Electro-Magnetic Clutches, Timing Pulleys, OPTICAL ACTIVITY, Automatic Polarimeter, OPW, Loading Arms & Visi-Flow & Refuelling Nozzles, OPW, Oil & Chemical Loading Arms, ORANGE RESEARCH INC, Differential Pressure & Flow Intruments, ORBECO-HELLIGE, Water & Waste Water Testing Equipment OREG, Industrial Butterfly Valves, OSAKA, Extensive Range Of Manometers, Gauges, TransmitterPressure Switches For The Petrochemical Industry, OSAKA, Filters, OVAL, Flowmeters, OXFORD, Single/ Dual & Self-Cleaning Filters OZONE RESEARCH & EQUIPMENT, Ozonators, PAC, Digital Panel Meters, Transducers & Transmitters PACIFIC ENVIRONMENTAL, Environmental Monitoring Systems, PALAZZOLI, Bells, Enclosures & Electrical Accessories,PALINTEST, Photometer,PALMER, Dial Thermometers, Pressure Gauges, Circular Chart Recorders, Thermowells, PAM, Hubless Pipes & Fittings, Drainage System, PAOLONI, Circular Saws, PAPAILIAS, Sight Glass, Flow Indicators, PAPERLESS OFFICE, Image & Document Management, PARKER COMMERCIAL, Pumps, Motors, Valves & Telescopic Cylinders, PARKER PNEUMATIC, Pneumatic Components, Cylinders, Valves, Accessories & Systems, PARKER, Fluidpower Motion & Controls Components & Accessories PARKER, Hose Clamps, PARKER, Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pumps, PARKER/ GREER, Bladder Accumulators, Greerolators Piston, Accumulators Pulse-Tones & Repair Kits, PASCALL, Ball Mills, Grinders, Mixers, Triple Roll Mills & Crushers, PATENT MACHINEBOUW B V, Band Tobacco Plants & Cigar Machinery PAUL & GARDNER, Paint Testing Equipment, PAULSTRA, Specialist In Vibration Isolation, Noise Reduction& Sealing, PBV, Ball Valves, PCL, Garage Equipment, PEAK SCIENTIFIC, Gas Generators, PEAK, Optical Instruments, PEDERSHAAB, Concrete Pipe Machine, PEECO, Flow Switches, PEECO, Flow Switches, PEG, Engine Rebuild Equipment, PEKOS, Flanged Ball Valves, PELCO, CCTVs & Peripherals, PENGUIN PUMP, Horizontal & Vertical Centrifugal Pumps ForChemical Applications, Filtration Systems & Mixers PENSTOCK, Valves, PENTA KB POWER, DC Motor Controls, PEPPERL + FUCHS, Photosensors, Proximity, Ultrasonic, Fiber Optic, Safety Sensors & Rotary Encorders, PERKIN ELMER, Machine Vision Strobes For Use In Industrial, Vision & Robotics Applications, Etc, PERM, Commercial Gyro System Heading Device, PERMA TANK, Fibreglass Underground Tank, PERMASEAL, Hose Fittings, PERONI POMPE, Reciprocating, Metering Pumps, PETROL INSTRUMENTS, Flowmeters, PFANNENBERG, Filterfans, Alarms, PFS, Venturi, Meter Tube, Orifice Plates, PGC SCIENTIFICS, Laboratory Equipment, PHD, Linear Actuators, Rotary & Multi-Motion, Actuators, Slides & Grippers, Proximity Switches & Sensors, PHILIPS, CCTV & PA Systems, PHILMAC, Compression Fittings, PHOENIX CONTACT, Modular Terminal Blocks, Signal Interface, SurgeProtectors & Suppressors, Interbus-S, Etc, PHONIX, Valves, PHOTOVAC, VOC Detector, PHOTOVAE, Portable GC, PILZ, Safety Relay & Text Display, PLAST-O-MATIC, Angle Relief/ By-Pass/ Back Pressure Valves, TeflonDiaphragm Relief & Bellows Solenoid Valves, PLAST-O-MATIC, Plastic Gauge Guard, Regulating & Relief Valves, PLASTOMATIC, Pressure Regulator, Pressure Relief Valve, Special Control Valves, PLATON, LPCB Approved Flowmeter, PLENTY, Steam & Air Traps, PMA, Control Technology, Indicators, Recorders, DataAcquisition Equipment & Software, PMC/ BETA, Multi-Channel Vibration Monitor, Solid StateVibration/ Temperature Transmitter, PMI/ AMT, Precision Ball Screw, Linear Guideway, PNEU HYDRO, Relief, Check, Hand & Shuttle Valves, PNEUMATIC PRODUCT CORPN, Compressed Air Dryer Systems, POLYFLEX, High Pressure Hose POLYMETRON, Analytical Testing & Measurement Instruments, POLYPIPE, Pipes, POLYS
Alamat : Villa Payung Indah B 29
Semarang • Jawa Tengah
Laju Jaya Tehnik ( LJT Surabaya) Laju Jaya Tehnik ( LJT Surabaya)

Laju Jaya Tehnik ( LJT Surabaya)
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Distributor dari berbagai peralatan, perlengkapan, dan kebutuhan Tehnik di Indonesia Spesialisasi dalam Hardware Tools, Abrasive, brushes, berlian, Cutting tools, Mesin Diesel, mesin, peralatan otomotif, dll Dengan harga yang bersaing serta pelayanan yang semakin ditingkatkan akan melayani kustomer dengan sebaik-baiknya Telah berpengalaman di dalam menangani industri Grosir di bidang kebutuhan industri, jika memungkinkan akan membantu didalam pemenuhan kebutuhan kustomer secara eceran   Email : peth1989@gmail.com (Hunting)
Alamat : Jl Kapas Krampung 198 A Depan Pom Bensin 081703497778 031-5036016
Surabaya • Jawa Timur

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CV. FOCUS TEKNIK BERSAMA yang kemudian dikenal dengan nama FTB adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang jasa perbaikan ( repair/ service ) dan rekondisi berbagai merk peralatan electronic pabrik atau industri, seperti : 1. Rewinding Motor. 2. Inverter Mulai dari 22 KW 2. Servo drive 3. DC drive 4. UPS 5. I/ O Module 6. Spindle Motor 7. Control Panel ( Touch screen) 8. Gulung Motor. 9. Electronic industri lainnya CV. FOCUS TEKNIK BERSAMA, bekerja dengan di dukung tenaga SDM yang berkompeten di bidangnya lebih dari sepuluh tahun dan juga di dukung oleh peralatan Lab yang handal untuk mendeteksi dan memperbaiki kerusakan alat-alat electronic. Kami siap membantu anda dalam mengatasi electronic perusahaan anda dan kami berupaya mengurangi biaya penggantian dan perawatan pada perusahaan anda. Kami mencoba memberikan pelayanan yang tebaik dengan cara tidak membebankan biaya perbaikan pada klien kami jika alat yang kami perbaiki tidak berfungsi dengan normal dan mendekati harga baru. Hub Donald Pakpahan 082123430321
Alamat : Jl. Panda V Blok C2 No 108 Jababeka-Cikarang Pusat
Cikarang • Jawa Barat
Fans Anugrah electric Fans Anugrah electric

Fans Anugrah electric
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FANS ANUGRAH ELECTRIC We are a company engaged in the General Contractor, Electrical, Panel Maker. Please send your request specifications     Perumahan. Malaka Caountry Estate, Jl. Malaka Biru VII. NO.10. Jakarta Timur. Indonesia. Please Send Your Specification Request   READY STOCK....!!!     EMAIL:   fansanugrahelectric@gmail.com   Phohe / Fax : 021-86616127/86616128   Mobile / Message / WhatsApp +62 813 842 3 999 3 Fans Anugrah Electric   * other type will be available on special request   This NEW product, , NO SECOND...! ! !    ................ SPECIAL PRICE ! ! ............... relay: 1. ALSTOM / AREVA 2. ARTECHE 3. Crompton 4. CIRCULOR 5. MICRO 6. MITSUBISHI 7. SIEMENS 8. SCHNEIDER 9. SEG10.ABB 11. etc   FUSE: 1. SIBA 2. ETI 3. EFEN 4. GAE 5. BUSSMANN 6. JEAN MUELLER 7. etc   HOT / GROUNDING STICK: 1. RITS 2. AB CHENG / HUBBLE 3. NEW PATH 4. NIHON 5. JITAI 6. etc   Insulating: 1. RAYCHEM 2. 3M 3. Denson 4. Elastimold 5. COOPER 6. etc   ARESSTER / CT / VT / PT / Panel Cubicle / Panel ATS / TR Control Panel / LV, TM / MV, TT / HV, (IM-QM, SM6, DM1A), (Floukit): 1. TRAFINDO 2. UNINDO 3. CISCO 4. SCHNEIDER 5. RIK 6. UNEL 7. SIEMENS 8. NGK 9. NIHON 10. NOKIAN11. LIFASA12. etc   SEAFTY / PROTECTION: 1. YOTSUGI 2. Nomex 3. REGELTEX 4. ELSEC 5. etc   GENSET / PART / AVR: 1. CATERPILAR 2. CUMMINS 3. DEUTZ 4. DOOSAN 5. FOTON 6. KOMATSU 7. LOVOL 8. MAN 9. PERKINS 10. MITSUBISHI 11. YANMAR 12. STAMFORD 13. etc
Alamat : jl. malaka biru VII no.10 pondok kopi jakarta timur Indonesia
Jakarta Timur • DKI Jakarta

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PRIMATECNO JAYA memproduksi dan menerima pesanan dari Toko, Suplayer, CV dan Industri. Kami menerima order Logam Cor dan bubut , karet , kulit dan plastik .Terutama logam alumunium,kuningan,besi dan Logam lainya.Kepuasan pesanan Anda adalah Tujuan Usaha Kami. Kami jg menerima order spare part, yg d sesuaikan pesanan. Untuk Info Pemesanan / Order Lebih Lanjut Dapat Menghubungi kontak Kami Di Nomor hp. : RONITEBU m3 = 085659779997, Wa / XL = 081806660500, Simpati = 082110109333 PIN BB = 2afd 5f65 E-mail : ronitebu@gmail.com Jl Industri Brawiyaja No. 45 , Rt 02/01 ,Lemahduwur, Adiwerna , Tegal - Jawa Tengah Salam Sukses Primatecno Jaya
Alamat : jl.industri Brawijaya no.45 ,rt02/01, Lemahduwur, Kec. Adiwerna
Tegal • Jawa Tengah

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CV. AGRO INDUSTRI SURABAYA Adalah Suplayer berpengalaman lebih dari 7 tahun melayani Kebutuhan Client dari Seluruh Indonesia.Berikut adalah Andalan Produk yang bisa kami tawarkan:Besi Konstruksi, Besi Profil, Steel Grating, Plat Grating, Floor Grating, Glasswool, Rockwool, buble foil, Aluminium, Expanded Metal, Perforated Plate, valve, Plat Timah, Timbal, Tin Plate, Plat Kuningan, Flow meter Oil and Water, Plat Aluminium. Dan masih banyak lagi.Salam Hormat,Rahmat082129847777
SURABAYA • Jawa Timur
CV. Surya Mandiri Cemerlang CV. Surya Mandiri Cemerlang

CV. Surya Mandiri Cemerlang
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CV. Surya Mandiri Cemerlang yang berdiri pada tahun 2001 dimana pada tahap-tahap awal kami hanya melayani penjualan dan service PC rakitan saja dan seiring dengan berjalan waktu maka CV. Surya Mandiri Cemerlang juga mulai merambah ke sektor penjualan dan service serta kontak dan penyewaan komputer yang meliputi: Server, Sparepart Server, Jaringan, Notebook, PC branded, Sisco serta CCTV dan maintenance. Dimana kami telah berpengalaman didalam komputer, selama hampir sebelas tahun, dan kami pun sudah mempunyai rekan diluar jakarta, seperti, makasar, Medan, Surabaya, Solo, Cirebon, Palembang, Kalimatan, Pekan Baru, Magelang. CV. Surya Mandiri Cemerlang telah berdiri selama sebelas tahun dan sampai sekarang pun masih tetap berjalan dengan baik semuanya ini juga berkat dari Tuhan Yang Maha Kuasa juga serta dukungan dan support dari pada distributor serta customer kami, dan kami pun juga tahu bahwa Customer adalah RAJA maka dari itu kami akan melayani customer kami dengan sepenuh hati sesuai dengan Motto kami : “ Bahwa customer adalah RAJA dan tanpa Customer kami bukanlah apa-apa” Dan maka karena didalam melayani customer dengan motto tersebut maka sampai sekarang pun customer kami hampir selalu bertambah dan cutomer lama pun tetap setia kepada kami diantaraya: 1. PT. Kompas.Gramedia 2. Carefour Indonesia 3. Direktorat Jenderal Pajak. 4. PT. Girder Indonesia 5. PT. Trakindo Utama Tbk 6. Departemen Perindustrian 7. Kementrian Pendidikan Nasional 8. PT. Citra Marghanusaphala Persada Tbk 9. PT. CPI 10. Sungai Group Tbk 11. PT. Mediate International 12. PT. Cross Mediate 13. PT. IMS Logistik Indonesia 14. PT. Induro International 15. PT. QDC Technologies 16. PT. Global Lingust 17. Rajawali Cyber Indonesia 18. PT. Djabesmen 19. PT. Asuransi Ramayana Tbk 20. PT. SML Technologies 21. PT. Perdana Bangun Pusaka Tbk. 22. PT. Citra Wasphutowa 23. PT. Astra Oto Pats 24. Universitas Manchung 25. Universitas Mercu Buana 26. BPR JABAR 27. PT. Travira Air Customer adalah RAJA bagi kami CV. Surya Mandiri Cemerlang telpon : 02122543584, 021 22522687 Fax : 021 22522688 email = suryamandiri89@ yahoo.com suryamandiricemerlang@ yahoo.com YM = suryamandiri89@ yahoo.com suryamandiricemerlang@ yahoo.com ad_ smc@ yahoo.com Skype = suryamandiri.cemerlang
Alamat : Roxy Square Blok B12 No.10 Lt 1 HUB 085100230773 0815420600 02122543584
Jakarta •
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