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Gedung Graha MIR Lantai 6 Zona A1, Jalan Pemuda No 9, RawaMangun - Jakarta Timur ., Kota Administrasi Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta - 13220, Indonesia

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We are PT. PUTRA TRITUNGGAL EKSPRESS is an International Freight Forwarding company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of shipping goods with Ex-Work, Fob conditions and Customs Clearance Import and Export of goods & Domestic Delivery to all regions in Indonesia. With such a long experience that our company has experienced system changes and innovative thinking so we choose staff – staff who are experienced in handling all Customs Clearance Import, Export services and up to shipping to all regions in Indonesia we serve to complement our needs and services, so that the services we provide to users of our company’s services are guaranteed to be safe and comfortable and to satisfy customers. With the extensive trade that exists between developing Asian, European and American countries, we make it easier for international companies to send their merchandise to all countries easily and safely because we have representatives in all Asian, European and American countries. We are very experienced in sending your merchandise to all countries or vice versa from Singapore, China, Bangkok, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, America (USA), Dubai, Turkey and Europe and other countries to all parts of Indonesia, so we are willing to help you with pleasure. VISION : To provide service wholeheartedly by thinking, doing every job with a ‘creative innovation’ system where each team of our company must have a plan before doing every job to avoid problems that will occur. Every team of our company must have the same thinking with the idea of ‘Simple, Creative, Fast and precise. MISSION : Because we have quality criteria to provide solutions and convenience for import & export companies. A. PT. PUTRA TRITUNGGAL EKSPRESS MAY SERVE THE FOLLOWING GOODS: – Fruits, Dates, Raisins, Chickpeas, Chickpeas, Garlic, Onions, Other Food Ingredients – New Machinery, Aluminum, Measuring Equipment, Water Pumps, New & Used Industrial Machinery, New & Used Heavy Equipment – Survey Equipment, Iron, Steel Plate & Pipe, Garment, Textile, Carpet, Other Accessories – Medical Devices, Electronics, New & Used Bikes, all used and new commodities – Chemical, Battery, Liquid, Perfume, Cosmetic B. EASY IN MANAGING EXPORT, IMPORT & DOMESTIC GOODS DELIVERY: We have permission and data transaction tools with Customs and Excise. NPPJK (Customs Service Management Code Number and EDI) (Electronics data interchange / PIB document creation (Notification of Imported Goods), as well as trucking that is ready to deliver to your place throughout Indonesia. C. SERVICE PT. PUTRA TRITUNGGAL EKSPRESS : 1. IMPORT DOOR TO DOOR SERVICES (BYAIR FFREIGHT &BY SEA FREIGHT) 2. EXPORT DOOR TO DOOR SERVICES (BY AIR FREIGHT & BY SEA FREIGHT) 3. DOMESTIC SHIPPING 4. TRUCKING & INTERSULAR 5. ALIBABA & TAOBAO GOODS PURCHASE SERVICES 6. RMB PAYMENT SERVICES 7. TRADING COMPANY & SUPPLIER OF IMPORTED GOODS
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