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PT Indo Regalo




The Mansion Bougenville Fontana Lt.27 Unit BF 27-J2, Jl. Trembesi Blok D, Kemayoran, Jakarta Utara 14410
Jakarta Utara
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Indo Regalo provides professional services to the world's leading corporations, emerging growth companies, small businesses, financial institutions, and their legal counsel. Our major areas of expertise include:

  1. Construction and Project Management
  2. Construction Claims
  3. Litigation Claims

Our skilled professionals are experienced in areas of different specialties. The unique blend of talent within our organisation distinguishes us from other construction and professional service consulting firms. Clients from all over the world have chosen to work with Indo Regalo for their most challenging and complex projects, and we have successfully accomplished them with timeliness.

Indo Regalo is founded on a single promise to clients - Do whatever it takes to deliver the right results on time and within the given budget.

Our clients' satisfaction is the reason for our continual success. Our rate of repeat and referral business has been extraordinary. Our success rate exceeds industry norms, and this is a testament to the integrity, dedication, honestly, and ability of our skilled professional team.

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