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Jl Pangeran Jayakarta No 87, Jakarta Pusat
Jakarta Pusat
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ALPINE COOL UTAMA GROUP was founded in 1993 to fulfill the demand of refrigeration business especially for Supermarket Business in Indonesia.


As Indonesian economy continues to grow, refrigeration system is becoming increasingly essential in almost all business sectors including agribusiness, fishery, food and drink processing, supermarket, restaurant , hospital, apartment and etc


To follow the ever growing demand for refrigeration system, we seek to continuously supply the latest devloped equipment. In addition, we recruit experienced and skillful technicians as well as engineers. Along with professional management system, we can then deliver high quality product. After more than 22 years, PT. ANEKA FROZE TRIUTAMA is now one of the biggest refrigeration system companies in Indonesia.

After more than 20 years, Alpine Cool Group (PT. ALPINE COOL UTAMA & PT. ANEKA FROZE TRIUTAMA) is now one of the biggest refrigeration system companies in Indonesia, with the support of PT. ALPIN SERVIS TRIUTAMA as it's after sales service subsidiary.

PT. ALPINE COOL UTAMA is an engineering company with capabilities of design, installation, commissioning, sales and service of insulated panel systems for cold storages as well as for clean rooms and processing rooms. With ecofriendly technology, our company holds expertise in providing Multi Commodity Cold Storage and refrigation System.

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