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SHELL Rescue basket stretcher :
The Spencer basket stretcher, Shell, has been studied to confront the most difficult of emergency situations. It is ideal for rescue operations....

Life Jacket Manual Gas Inflatable Sigma Red 150 N
Life Jacket Manual....

Inflatable Life Jacket LALIZAS Sigma 150 N
Sigma gas inflation lifejackets slim fit light weight design, and rugged construction combine to form the ultimate in lifejacket....

Fireman Outfit
Fireman Outfit

Heat-insulation suit for fire-fighting
The DFXF-93-A heat insulation suit for fighting is made with a flame-resisting
Fabric coated and an aluminum plated film compound material....

Life Bouy Light Self Igniting
Life Bouy Light Self....

lifebuoy light
1) flare time more than two hours.
2) luminous intensity more than 2.0cd.
3) 50-70 times/ min
4) dry battery

lifebuoy light

flash frequency: 50-70 times/ ....

Work Vest Sea Hors
Work Vest Sea Hors

The flexible foam flotation pads cover a minimum body area to increase ventilation and promote freedom of movement. This means the wearer of Taylortec WV-10 can work more....

Life Jacket
Life Jacket

Features: 1) Used for the seamen and passengers in sea or river travel 2) In accordance with the amendment 1996 to SOLAS 1974, LSA, and MSC81( 70) 3) Outside material: polyester....

Foam Chemical Hercules
Foam Chemical....

FIRE EXTINGUISHER provides complete range of product, from portable to trolley unit, Using SEAMLESS CYLINDER, reducing corrosive risks. And complete with SAFETY VALVE for....

Life Vest Solas
Life Vest Solas

Features: 1) Used for the seaman and passenger in sea or river travel 2) In accordance with the amendment 1996 to SOLAS 1974, LSA, and MSC81.70 3) Outside material: terylene....

Fire Proof Line
Fire Proof Line

Features: 1) Used to pull fire fighters out of dangerous areas 2) We could manufacture different length in terms of customers ' ' requirements 3) Perimeter of rope: at least 32mm....

Emergency Escape Breathind Device / EEBD Huayan
Emergency Escape....

Description: Product Name: Emergency Breathing ApparatusModel Number: TH10& TH15Place of Origin: ChinaFeatures: 1) Mainly used in the condition of fire, heavy smoke, poison gas or....

CO2 Fire Extinguishers Hercules
CO2 Fire....

Features: 1) Model no.: MTZ2, MTZ3, MTZ5, MTZ6, MTZ7 2) Effective spray time: more than 8mins 3) Spray distance: more than 1.5 4) Jet surplus rate: less than 10% 5) Charging....

Dry Powder Extinguisher Hercules
Dry Powder....

Features: 1) Model no.: MFZL5, MFZL6, MRZL8, MFZL9 2) Fighting solid, liquid, gas and smock fire 3) Effective spray time: 13 - 14s 4) Min. spray distance: 3.5 - 5m 5) Spray....

Self Contain Breathing Apparatus / SCBA Huayan China
Self Contain....

Features: 1) Air cylinder volume: 5L , 6L, 6.8L2) Nominal working pressure: 30MPa 3) Weight: d16kg4) Alarm pressure: 4 - 6Mpa 5) Air storage capacity: 1, 500L; 1, 800L; 2, 040L6) ....

Pilot Ladder
Pilot Ladder

Description: Product Name: Pilot LadderPlace of Origin: ChinaLengths: 1) Short board: 525 x 115 x 28mm 2) Long board: 1, 800 x 115 x 28mm 3) Rubber step: 525 x 115 x 33mm 4) All....

Marine Navigation Light Double
Marine Navigation....


Double-deck Navigation Light IP56
Type: CXH1-101P
Voltage: 24V/ 2* 60W 110V/ 2* 60W 220V/ 2* 60W
Visibility: 3n.m
Lampholder: P28s

Marine Double-deck....

Navigation Signal Light ( Clear ) Single
Navigation Signal....


Navigation Signal Light IP56
Stern light CXH4-21P
Lamp holder: BAY15d
Bulb: 12V25W 24V25W
Color: Green Weight: 1.2kg

Navigation Signal Light


Day Signals - Black Conical Shape
Day Signals - Black....


Equipment required on board by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at sea, 1972.

Impa Code : 37 05 83

Equipment required on board by....

Signal Balls
Signal Balls


1) Diameter: 310mm, 610mm
2) Shape: black ball, black cylindrical shape, black conical s
1) Diameter: 310mm, 610mm
2) Shape: black....

Linethrowing Apparatus China

line throwing apparatus
1.Throwing range: above 230m
2.validity: 3years
3.Dimensoons: 280 x 345 mm

Bouyant Smoke Signal China
Bouyant Smoke Signal....

This product complies with relevant requirements of SOLAS 74/ 96 LSA stipulation and it is MSC. 218( 82) amendment and MSC. 218( 70) lifesaving equipment standards. It is....

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