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Suhu dan kelembaban ( sensor, sistem monitoring online, instrument)

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Suhu dan kelembaban ( sensor,  sistem monitoring online,  instrument)
Suhu dan kelembaban ( sensor, sistem monitoring online, instrument)

Thermometer - Temperature Data Logger

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Cara Pembayaran:Transfer Bank (T/T)
Keterangan:Thermometer - Temperature Data Logger
Thermometers are designed for record of temperature or temperature together with signal from a contact. Values are stored to a non volatile electronic memory. Data transfer to the personal computer for further analysis is performed via USB, RS232, GSM or Ethernet interface by means of a proper adapter.
Main thermometer applications:

* Transport of food or pharmaceuticals - tested by accredited laboratory in accordance with the European standard EN 12830 - Temperature recorders for transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen food.
* Food and beverage industry ( HACCP)
* Pharmaceutical industry
* Blood stations, pharmacies
* Horticulture and cultivation of plants
* HVAC ( heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling)
* Building and energy management
* Research and development
* Laboratories ( GLP)
* Warehouses
* Technological processes
* Museums, archives, galleries

Thermometer advantages:

* included traceable calibration certificate from the manufacturer - Comet
* fast data transfer to the PC ( full memory for approximately 30s)
* variability of connection to the computer - USB, RS232, Ethernet, GSM modem
* permanent connection to the PC enabled, data is possible to download even during logging
* large data memory 32000 values
* large dual line display with special symbols, switchable
* optional display of minimum and maximum measured values ( reset of min/ max memory from PC or by magnet)
* dual level alarm is enabled for each channel, alarm is indicated by blinking of the value on the LCD display or LED diode
* two alarm modes are enabled: instant or with memory ( detected alarm is indicated permanently till alarm memory is cleared from the PC)
* robust watertight case
* easy installation, locking enabled
* low power consumption from battery, battery life up to 7 years
* indication of remaining battery life, easy replacement of the battery
* standard temperature sensor is Pt1000/ 3850ppm, switchable to Ni1000/ 6180ppm external probes at range -50 to + 150° C
* it is possible to combine temperature measurement with logging of contact state ( e.g. door contact)
* logging start/ stop is enabled in several ways: at certain time and date programmed from computer, by delivered magnet or depending on binary input state ( type S0841)
* also special logging mode is enabled, when logging runs only, if some of measured values are out of adjusted alarm limits
* each logger is possible to describe with text of maximum 32 characters
* each channel is possible to describe with text of maximum 16 characters
* password protection is enabled to prevent unauthorized manipulation with logger

Operating temperature range of loggers R0110, R0110E without display: -40 to + 80° C logger R0110
-30 to + 70° C logger R0110E
Operating temperature range of loggers S0xxx with display: -30 to + 70° C
Accuracy of the Pt1000/ 3850ppm input without probe - loggers S0xxx : ± 0.2° C from -50 do + 100° C
± 0.2% from reading from + 100 to + 260° C
± 0.4% from reading from  90 to  50° C
Accuracy of temperature measurement of internal sensor: ± 0.4° C ( except economy models S0110E, R0110E)
Resolution of the reading: 0.1° C
Real time clock: year, leap year, month, day, hour, minute, second
Data logging interval: adjustable from 10s to 24h
Display and alarm refresh: each 10 s
Total memory capacity: 32000 values in noncyclic logging mode
Data logging modes: noncyclic  logging stops after filling the memory
cyclic  after filling memory oldest data is overwritten by new
Dimensions without connectors: loggers with display 93x64x29mm
loggers without display 93x64x26mm
Power: Lithium battery 3, 6V, size AA
Typical battery life in operation from -5 to + 35° C: 7 years R0110, R0110E
6 years S01xx
5 years S0141 and S0841
Battery life in continuous on-line mode with interval 1 minute: reduced to 70% of the above lives
Battery life in continuous on-line mode with interval 10 seconds: 1 year
Protection: IP67 - protected against influence of temporary immersion into water
Warranty: 2 years

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