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Jual Beli Produk Telepon Kabel

Jual Tlp Explosion Proof

Jual Tlp Explosion Proof

Telepon Kabel
PT Alvitama Sentosa surabaya as supplier and stockist Signalling Devices, Telephone and Equipment for Hazardous Area has ATEX Standard.
1. Telephone Explosion Proof.
General data : dST1 dST2 Housing, 
Colour : glassfibre reinforced polyester, black
Display : 2-line alphanumerical display with, pictograms/ visible area 78 x 26 mm
Keyboard : metal keypad with ice protection/ 21 keys with ABC lettering for name entries
Weight : ~ 5, 5 kg
Receiver : integrated, adjustable stabilizer bracket
Handset cord : stainless steel armoured handset courd V4A
Receiver inset: dynamic receiver with leakage field spool for inductive coupling of hearing aids
Mouth piece : electret microphone
Noise suppression mouth : > 3 dB due to integrated mouthpiece horn
Terminal data : 
Types of protection : II 2G EEx emb[ ib] IIC T6, II 2 D IP66 T80° C, -25° C dTad + 40° C, II 2G EEx emb[ ib] IIC T5, II 2 D IP66 T100° C, -25° C dTad + 60° Capproval, DMT 03 ATEX E 034
Protection class : IP 66 ( EN 60529) 
Impact protection : IK 09 ( EN 50102) 
Line voltage : 24 - 66 V DC
Line current : 15 - 100 mA DC
Ringing alternating current : 24 - 90 V AC ( at 21 ... 54 Hz ringing frequency) , 30 - 90 V AC ( at 16, 6 ... 54Hz ringing frequency) Ringing impedance > 6, 0 K© at 25 Hz and 24 ... 90 V AC > 4, 0 K© at 50 Hz and 24 ... 90 V AC
Inquiry key : flash function adjustable from 40 ms - 399ms
Dialling procedure : PD-DTMF operation to be set in the menu , DTMF operation according to CCITT recommendation Q.23PD operation - pulse/ pause ratio can be set to 1, 5: 1 or 2: 1 in the menu
W-conductor : connection for external secondary sounder
Terminals : up to 4 mm2 rigid, up to 2, 5 mm2 flexibleCable gland ( free) 1 x M20x1, 5; 2 x blind plug M20x1, 5
Operating temperature : -25° C to + 40° C ( T6) , -25° C to + 60° C ( T5) Storage temperature, -25° C to + 70° C
2. Electric Sounder Explosion Proof.
Type : dHE1, dHE2 Housing, 
Colour : glassfibre reinforced polyester dark grey, cone black
Terminals : d 2, 5 mm2 single, -, fine- or multiwire
Cable entry : cable gland M20 x 1, 5 blind plug M20 x 1, 5
Mounting : as required - swiveling mounting bracket, preferably sound outlet front or downwards
Numbe of parallel: switched sounders d 32
Signal tones : 31
Insulation class : II no equipotential bonding required
Weight : 5, 9 kg
Approval : PTB 03 ATEX 1232
3. Signal Horn Explosion Proof.
Type : dHH, dHHR Housing, 
Colour : glassfibre reinforced polyester, dark grey RAL 7024Terminal1, 5 mm2 fine wire, 2, 5 mm2 single wire
Cable entry : cable gland M20 x 1, 5 blind plug M20 x 1, 5, dHHR : 2 x cable gland M20 x 1, 5
Mountingas : required - swiveling mounting bracket, preferably sound outlet to front or downwards
OperationcontinuousInsulation class : II , no equipotential bonding required
Weight : 5, 5 kg
Approval : PTB 01 ATEX 1133
Lusiana - 082114000080
Email : lusi.alvitama@gmail.com
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Min.order : 1 buah
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Sidoarjo • Jawa Timur • Indonesia
Jual Fanvil - X3S Color IP Phone [Non PoE]

Jual Fanvil - X3S Color IP Phone [Non PoE]

Telepon Kabel
Kami merupakan authorized dealer resmi yang menjual Produk Fanvil
Jual Fanvil - X3S Color IP Phone [ non PoE] dengan harga murah

Spesifikasi :

Fanvil X3S IP Phone - Technical Specifications


  • 2 SIP Lines
  • HD Voice
  • No POE Enabled
  • Handset(HS) / Hands-free(HF) / Headphone(HP) mode (EHS support for Plantronics headsets)
  • Desktop / Wall-mount installation
  • Economical and Environmental friendly package
  • Industrial Standard Certifications: CE/FCC

Call Features

  • Call out / answer / reject
  • Mute / unmute (microphone)
  • Call Hold / Resume
  • Call Waiting
  • Intercom
  • Caller ID Display
  • Call Forwarding (Always/Busy/No Answer)
  • Call Transfer (Attended/Unattended)
  • Call Parking/Pick-up (depending on server)
  • Redial
  • Do-Not-Disturb (per line / per phone)
  • Auto-Answering (per line)
  • Voice Message (on server)
  • Local 3-way Conference
  • Hot Line

Phone Features

  • Phone Accessibility Control by User PIN
  • Intelligent Phonebook (up to 500 entries total)
  • Remote Phonebook (XML/LDAP)
  • Intelligent Contact Number Matching / Filtering
  •  Call log (300 entries total, in/out/missed)
  •  Voice Message Waiting Indication (VMWI) 
  •  Network Time Synchronization
  •  Multi-language support in screen and web UI: English, Chinese(Traditional/Simplified), Japanese, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Germany, Dutch, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, French etc.


  • HD Voice Microphone/Speaker (Handset/Hands-free, 0~7KHz Frequency Response)
  • Wideband ADC/DAC 16KHz Sampling
  • Narrowband CODEC: G.711a/u, G.723.1, G.726-32K, G.729AB
  • Wideband CODEC: G.722
  • Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC) – Hands-free Mode, 96ms tail-length
  • Voice Activity Detection (VAD) / Comfort Noise Generation (CNG) / Background Noise Estimation (BNE) / Noise Reduction (NR)
  • Packet Loss Concealment (PLC)
  • Dynamic Adaptive Jitter Buffer up to 300ms
  • DTMF: In-band, Out-of-Band – DTMF-Relay (RFC2833) / SIP INFO


  • Physical: 10/100Mbps(X3S/X3SP), 10/100/1000Mbps(X3G) Ethernet, dual bridged port for PC bypass 
  • IP Configuration: Static / DHCP / PPPoE
  • Network Access Control: 802.1x
  • VPN: L2TP (Basic Unencrypted) / OpenVPN
  • VLAN
  • QoS


  • SIP2.0 over UDP/TCP/TLS
  • STUN
  • DHCP
  • PPPoE
  • 802.1x
  • L2TP (Basic Unencrypted)
  • OpenVPN
  • SNTP
  • TR069


  • 354/1321/1350/1769/1889/1890/2131/2132/
    3264/3265/3268/3311/ 3489/3711/4346/4566/

Deployment & Maintenance

  • Auto-Provisioning via FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS/DHCP/OPT66/SIP PNP/TR069
  • Web Management Portal
  • Web-based Packet Dump
  • Configuration Backup/Restore
  • Auto/Manual Online Software Upgrade
  • Syslog

Physical Specifications

  • LCD x1: 2.4/2.8 inch (320x240) color-screen LCD
  • Keypad: 32 keys, including
    4 Soft-keys
    12 Standard Phone Digits keys
    5 Navigation keys 
    2 Line keys with tri-color LED
    5 Function key 
    3 Volume Control keys, Up/Down/Mute(Microphone)
    1 Hands-free 
  • HD Hands-free Speaker (0 ~ 7KHz) x1
  • HD Hands-free Microphone (0 ~ 7KHz) x1
  • HD Handset (RJ9) x1
  • Standard RJ9 Handset Wire x1
  • 1.5M CAT5 Ethernet Cable x1
  • RJ9 Phone Jacket x2: Handset x1, Headphone x1
  • RJ45 Ethernet Jacket x2: Network x1, PC x1 (Bridged to Network)
  • Main Chipset: Broadcom
  • DC Power Input: 5V/600mA
  • Working Temperature: 0 ~ 40℃
  • Working Humidity: 10 ~ 65%
  • Dual-Functional Back Rack x1: Desktop Stand / Wall-mount
  • Color: Black 
  • Package Dimensions: 275x215x62mm (W x H x L)

(Harga yang tertera di kolom harga, bukan harga sebenarnya)
Hubungi kami segera untuk mendapatkan informasi mengenai tipe, harga dan stok terbaru.
PT. Trkomindo Kharis Utama
Email : marketing@trikomkharisma.com

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Jakarta Pusat • DKI Jakarta • Indonesia
Panasonic KX-TG 8423

Panasonic KX-TG 8423

Telepon Kabel





pemesanan wilayah jakarta bisa COD


Hotline Service

Phone : 088212326979, 081932332206 , 088212852313

SMS : 081285866855

Outlet :

Roxy Square Lt.1 Blok B5 No.18 Jl.Kyai Tapa No.1

Jakarta Barat 11440


Email: sales@tanahabangbelanja.com

Panasonic KX-TG8423


Large full colour display 2.0" 65K (128 x 160 pixels)

Backlight colour : White

Display colours : Full Colour 65k

Blue illuminated keypad

Joy Stick Operation

Panasonic KX-TG 8423 Cordless Phone


Panasonic KX-TG 8423           


The Panasonic KX-TG8423 trio is a high specification and handsome model in the premium quality range of Panasonic cordless DECT phones. Boasting a sleek design, this telephone will look the part in even the most sophisticated of environments. It is compatible with ordinary telephone lines or even an analogue extension on a telephone system, making the KX-TG8423 ideal for the home or office. This eye-catching, contemporary home / office phone features an attractive handset with black finish and a relaxed, ergonomic design for comfortable use. The handset embodies a large two inch colour LCD display screen. The matching base station compliments the sophisticated design of the handset and includes a handy control panel with message indicator. The Panasonic KX-TG8423 has an integrated digital answering machine that records for up to 40 minutes and is fully operable through either the handset or the base station. With its 40 minute digital recording time this phone has a huge capacity for storing voicemail messages of incoming calls. Messages can be played back on the base station or the handset and can be remotely retrieved from an external phone using the remote playback feature. The base station includes a message indicator that displays when new messages are left. The Panasonic KX-TG8423 is more energy efficient than many comparable cordless phones and delivers up to 17 hours of talktime/180 hours of standby time, per battery charge, making the KX-TG8423 a perfect choice in the home for hours of leisurely chatting, or in the workplace for reliable, frequent operation. The handset can be used to chat in hands-free mode via the superb Panasonic speakerphone with exceptional sound quality and enhanced voice clarity. The Panasonic KX-TG8423 can be personalised with polyphonic ringtones, and contains many value-added features including incoming call barring. The phone has caller ID with a name & number call log, (where caller ID is available) and a large 200-name and number phonebook that can be transferred between compatible Panasonic handsets.






Handset ringers : Polyphonic (32 melodies)

Volume Control : 6-Step + OFF

Receiver Volume: 4-Step

Speakerphone : 6-Step + OFF

Nine VIP group with own melody

Microphone mute

Voice Enhancer: High Tone/ Low Tone

Call Management


Incoming Call Barring: 30 numbers

Caller ID

Caller ID Memory: 50 stations

Call Restriction

Call Share

Conference Call with outside Line

Intercom (Handset to Handset)

Voice AOH

Auto Redial

Redial Memory: 10

Five VIP group with own LED display colour (blue/ yellow/ green/ purple/ white)

Icon Operation

Any Key Answer

One Touch Dial

Mute (Soft key)

Call waiting

Chain dial

Handset Features


Date & time display

Alarm Clock

Key Lock

Night mode

Remote Operation from outside

Ringer Pattern: 6 tones | 14 melodies

Ringer/ Charger Indicator

SMS text facility with four mailboxes

Signal strength indication

Antenna : Integrated on base; Integrated on handset

Name and caller ID

Caller ID on call waiting

Call log entries : 50

Phonebook : 200 names and numbers

Headset Jack

Belt Clip Included

Answering machine Features


Plug & Play answering machine

Recording time capacity : Up to 40 mins

Visual Message List - (Handset LCD)

Recording Conversation

Call Screening

Remote Operation from Outside (DTMF)

Toll Saver

Base functions & other facts:


Eco Ideas - Standby power consumption reduced by 57 %

GAP Compatible

Repeater compatible

Ringer Pattern: one tone

Ringer Volume: High/ Mid/ Low/ Off

Expandable up to 6 handsets

PBX compatible

Base dimensions : 98 mm x 150 mm x 52 mm

Handset dimensions : 48 mm x 32 mm x 151 mm

Battery type : AAA NiMH

Battery type : Rechargeable

Charge time : 7 hours

Mains power : AC 220-240V - 50Hz

Number of batteries : 2 per handset

Standby time : Up to 150 hours

Talk time : Up to 12 hours

Base Weight : 180 grams

Handset Weight  : 105 grams

Range inside: up to 50 meters

Range outside: up to 300 meters


One year warranty

Harga : Rp.1.475.000
Min.order : 1 buah
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DKI Jakarta • • Indonesia
Panafax UF5600

Panafax UF5600

Telepon Kabel
Panafax UF5600 • 32-station One Touch Key & 168-station Phone book • 30-sheet ADF & 250-sheet Paper Capacity • 480-page document memory • Sequential Broadcasting ( 210 stations) • Multiple Copy with Sorting ( up to 99) • PC Interface: USB 2.0, 10Base-T/ 100Base-TX Ethernet • With PC-Fax / Fax up-load function Feature : • High Speed Scanning and Printing Speedy Faxing Boosts Work Efficiency A scanning speed of approximately 3 seconds per page* and a printing speed of 24 ppm let you quickly and smoothly send outgoing faxes and print incoming faxes. At the touch of a button, multipage documents are on their way and you' re free to do more important work. • Color Scanning Saving Data in Color Documents can be easily scanned into a PC in color. This lets you save colorful documents, such as leaflets, without losing the color information. You can also attach scanned files to an Email message and send them from the PC. • Large Capacity, 480 Page Document Memmory Large-Capacity Memory Eliminates Downtime The large-capacity, 8-MB document memory stores up to 480 document pages* . That' s more than enough memory to easily handle several highvolume jobs at once. • Job Build Send Large-Volume Jobs in a Single Transmission When a large job exceeds the ADF capacity, the Job Build function lets you batch feed the job into memory, and then assembles it into a single transmission. Because the recipient is able to receive a large volume of documents at once, it prevents the possibility that he or she will fail to receive everything or that the documents will get mixed up with others that were sent by someone else. • Junk Fax Filter Refuse Unwanted Faxes Block junk faxes by registering unwanted senders. This is a great way to prevent wasting paper, toner and valuable time on junk faxes.
Harga : Rp.6.100.000
Min.order : 1 buah
alamat terverifikasi membership anggota prioritas

PT.Datacomindo Mitrausaha

jakarta barat • DKI Jakarta • Indonesia
Panasonic Cordless Phone KX-TGA721

Panasonic Cordless Phone KX-TGA721

Telepon Kabel
Panasonic Cordless Phone KX-TGA721 • Optional Handset for KX-TG7200 • LCD Backlight • Polyphonic Ring tone • Caller ID • 150 Hours Stand bay Description : The Panasonic KX-TGA721 is the additional handset for the Panasonic KX-TG7220 and KX-TG7200 series. Extend your phone system with up to 5 additional handsets around the home. The Panasonic 721 handset has all the features of the 7220 handset and is fully compatible. Specification : • Large, Easy-to-Read Illuminated LCD • 50-Station Phonebook • Handset Speakerphone • Caller ID with 50-Station Call Log* • 5 Polyphonic Ringer Melodies / 5 Ringer Tones on Handset • GAP Compatible • Call Waiting Caller ID* • 10-Redial Memory ( Number & Names* * * ) • Multiple Language Display • Conference Call with Outside Line ( Up to 3-Way with Call Share* * * * ) • Intercom ( Handset - Handset* * * * ) • Up to 17-Hour Talk Time • Up to 180-Hour Standby • Rechargeable Batteries ( AAA ( R03) Ni-MH) * : Requires subscription to Caller ID and / or Call Waiting services. Please check with local telephone company for details and availability. * * : Optional handset ( KX-TGA721BX) required. * * * : Requires registration in Phonebook function. * * * * : KX-TG7200BX: Optional handset required. Package Content : • Handset Unit • Charger • Adaptor • Battery • Line Cord • User Guide • Waranty Card
Harga : Hubungi Kami
Min.order : 1 buah
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PT.Datacomindo Mitrausaha

jakarta barat • DKI Jakarta • Indonesia
Panasonic Expandable Handset KX-TGA560

Panasonic Expandable Handset KX-TGA560

Telepon Kabel
Panasonic Expandable Handset KX-TGA560 • Panasonic 5.8GHz FHSS GigaRange 174; Expandable System Cordless Handset with Hearing Aid Compatibility ( HAC) , Black Description : The Panasonic KX-TGA560B is a wall mountable cordless expansion handset for other Panasonic phones like KX-TG5622 and KX-TG5632 . Using the digital spread spectrum technology, the Panasonic KX-TGA560B operates at 5.8 GHz, to give you crystal clear voices over a long range with no interference with other wireless applications. The base system of this 5.8 GHz 1-Line phone has a five-line backlit LCD which shows the caller ID and phonebook. This cordless expansion handset has a speakerphone and a headset jack for plugging in headphones. This 5.8 GHz 1-Line phone provides two-way intercom facility and a handset locator. The Panasonic KX-TGA560B' s indicator flashes if you are out of range or have a low battery. Feature KX-TGA560B : • 5.8GHz Extra Handset / Charger • Caller ID / Call Waiting • Speakerphone • 3-Line Backlit LCD Display • 50 Station Name / Number Caller ID Memory • 50 Station Phone Directory / Dialer • Voice Enhancer Technology • Adjustable Ringer / Volume Control • Ringer ID / Light-Up ID Customize Ringer / Light-Up IDs for Incoming Calls • Intercom • Chain Dial • Redial • Hold • Mute • Flash • 2.5mm Headset Jack • Belt Clip - Included w/ Brand New Models
Harga : Hubungi Kami
Min.order : 1 buah
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PT.Datacomindo Mitrausaha

jakarta barat • DKI Jakarta • Indonesia
Telepon Cordless Panasonic KX-TG6845

Telepon Cordless Panasonic KX-TG6845

Telepon Kabel
Telepon Cordless Panasonic KX-TG6845 • DECT 6.0 Plus technology • Power back-Up operation • Dial keypad on base • Large, 1.8" white backlit handset display • Intelligent Eco Mode • All-digital answering system Description : • DECT 6.0 PLUS Technology If you' re looking for superb sound quality and long range, look no further than the DECT 6.0 Plus technology in Panasonic cordless phones. Thanks to error correction up to 80x, you get clear transmission even with extended range. Engineered to work in 1.9GHz frequency, our DECT 6.0 Plus phones won' t interfere with wireless devices such as routers, wireless keyboards and microwave ovens. Whether you use them in the basement or the backyard, our phones truly go the distance. • Answering Machine with Message Forwarding Thanks to advanced answering machine functions ( available on select 2013 models) , you can get messages wherever, whenever. At home, the base unit will beep to alert you to a message. And on the road, the phone will send a message to your registered cell or work phone. • Talking Caller ID Hear who' s calling from across the room. The Talking Caller ID feature uses text-to-speech technology, announcing the caller' s information in between rings. • Power Back-Up Operation ( Handset) Now a power outage doesn' t have to result in a phone outage. The powerful battery back-up system in this phone keeps you connected even when the power goes out. When you keep a charged handset in the base unit, you can still make and receive calls with the other cordless handsets. • Enhanced Noise Reduction Enhanced Noise Reduction ( available on select 2013 models) not only suppresses background noise but also enhances your voice at the same time. Which means the next time your teenager calls you from a concert, you' ll actually be able to hear him.
Harga : Hubungi Kami
Min.order : 1 buah
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PT.Datacomindo Mitrausaha

jakarta barat • DKI Jakarta • Indonesia
IP Phone / Smart Video IP Phone Fanvil C600

IP Phone / Smart Video IP Phone Fanvil C600

Telepon Kabel


PT. Trikomindo Kharis Utama merupakan dealer resmi yang mendistribusikan produk IP Phone Fanvil.

Fanvil C600 merupakan Enterprise Smart Video IP Phone dengan intelligent One-touch DSS features dan digunakan untuk perusahaan dari skala kecil sampai besar.

Fitur Utama dari Fanvil C600 adalah :

- HD Voice quality

- Full programmable DSS key and Soft Function Key

- DSS can support up to 100 Stations

- On line recording and Message Forwarding

- Call Conference Enhancement

- Flexible Dial Plan with Auto Provision

- Support LDAP and XML Phone Book

- Support WIFI/Bluetooth (optional)

- Display 7" TFT 800X480 Capacitive Multi Touch Screen

- Android 4.2 OS

- Support 6 SIP Servers and Backup SIP Proxy Servers

- WAN and LAN Ports are Gigabit Ethernet



Kami juga menjual berbagai model produk Fanvil lainnya seperti:

- IP Video Phone Fanvil D800

- IP Phone Fanvil C62

- IP Phone Fanvil C60

- IP Phone Fanvil C58 / C58P

- IP Phone Fanvil C56 / C56P

- IP Phone Fanvil F52/ F52P

- IP Phone Fanvil C66

- Headset Fanvil

- IP Gateway Fanvil A2

- MCU ( Multipoint Control Unit) Fanvil D100

- IP Phone Extension Module & ATA Fanvil C10

- IP Phone Metavoice MV100 / MV100P



Untuk mendapatkan informasi yang lebih detail mengenai produk fanvil, spesifikasi, datasheet dan artikel lainnya yang berhubungan dengan Fanvil, silahkan kunjungi website resminya di www.fanvil.com atau di www.fanvilphones.com

Hubungi kami segera untuk mendapatkan informasi mengenai harga dan ketersediaan barangnya.



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Harga : Hubungi Kami
Min.order : 1 buah
membership anggota prioritas


Jakarta Pusat • DKI Jakarta • Indonesia