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Small EPSAC ( SEPSAC) - Horizon E11 - E75 Compressor ( Elgi )

Harga:Sesuai Pesanan
Jumlah Pesanan: Tambah ke Keranjang
Cara Pembayaran:Transfer Bank (T/T)
Kemas & Pengiriman:Loco our Workshop
Negara Asal:India

Energy Efficient:
Power saving airend made under a joint technology agreement with the Center for Positive Displacement for compressors of City University, London.

Optimal capacity control:
Varion intake valve installed at the compressor inlet optimally controls capacity during start up; operation and shutdown.

Direct drive for transmission efficiency:
unlike belt-driven compressors; where slipping of the V Belt causes power losses and decreased efficiency, Elgi' s direct drive ensures efficient power transmission and constant FAD throughout life.

Superior Air Quality:
Oil separation by impact and deceleration enables efficient separation of air and oil, with minimum pressure drop. The Oil carry-over level is consistently less than 2 PPM. Elgi guarantees* this process for the life of the compressor. 99% bulk water free:
Elgi custom-designed centrifugal moisture separator removes over 99% of bulk water from the compressed air; so your end use equipment and tools are less prone to corrosion and have a longer life.

Maintenance Friendly: Durable:
Powder coated for corrosion-resistance and streamlined looks. User friendly ' Solid state MIMIC annunciation panel for easy fault diagnostics. ( Optional microprocessor-based control using industry standard PLC) ;

Tropicalised to perform at varying ambient temperatures and humidity, Dust protection with heavy duly suction filter ensures efficient filtration and increases life of airend. Reliable safety and interlocking devices

Kontak Perusahaan
Nama:Tn. S Nugroho [Pemasaran]
Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. S Nugroho di Wonogiri
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. S Nugroho di Wonogiri
Nomor Faks:Nomor faks Tn. S Nugroho di Wonogiri
Alamat:Jl. Purwantoro - Ponorogo Km1, Tegalrejo
Wonogiri 57695, Jawa Tengah
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