Talimas ( Certified Power Transmission Specialist) - Belt, Chain, Conveyor, Roller, Coupling, Pulley, Gear, Wire Screen, etc

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Talimas ( Certified Power Transmission Specialist) - Belt,  Chain,  Conveyor,  Roller,  Coupling,  Pulley,  Gear,  Wire Screen,  etc
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Nn. Marlene Wilianto [Pemasaran]
Nomor Telpon:
Nomor telpon Nn. Marlene Wilianto di Jakarta
Nomor Ponsel:
Nomor ponsel Nn. Marlene Wilianto di Jakarta
Nomor Faks:
Nomor faks Nn. Marlene Wilianto di Jakarta
Jl. Hayam Wuruk, Komplek Glodok Jaya no. 45
Jakarta 11180, Jakarta
Alamat Tervalidasi
talimas@ gmail.com
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Food-grade PVC Conveyor Belt ( white color) is also readily available in Talimas.

For stock info & pricing advice, please do feel free to contact us at talimas@ gmail.com
Belt Fasteners are commonly used on conveyor belts of any width and thickness to splice conveyor belts and to buckle any tear on these belts.
They are easy to install, and are....
Rough Top Conveyor Belts are used for transporting light weight goods, such as sacks, boxes and parcels, on inclined surface at angles of maximal 35 degree.

For more info, ....
PU Conveyor Belts consist of 1 or 2 layers of thermoplastic polyurethane, which have high resistance to greases, oils and chemicals, and thus are FDA approved.
They are also used....
Talimas also supply conveyor belts with cleats, called Cleated Conveyor Belt or “ SERSAN” .

Conveyor Belt with " Cleats " is generally used to transport materials at an incline....
PVC Conveyor Belt, made of PVC material, is used to transport materials from point A to point B.
Due to the nature of its material, it is clean and easily cleaned, thus giving....
Chain Cutter is used to provide higher efficiency in cutting or breaking a roll of chain links, in comparison to using conventional tools.

Talimas carries Chain Cutter in WHALE....
DID Apron Conveyor Chains are ideal for the transport of materials horizontally or in an incline.
The flat pans of the apron conveyor chain are equipped with vertical side plates....
Variable Speed Belt is specifically designed for drives where the belt can move variably, adjacent within the sheaves.

Its notches, cords, & special fabric on the belt allows....
PU Round belts are used in relatively low torque situation, and may be purchased in various lengths, cut, or joined using a welding machine.

For further details on sizes & ....
Talimas carries one of the most complete range of ready stock PU Timing Belts in Indonesia.
And they serve the same purpose as that of the rubber timing belt, except that the....
V-Belts are the cheapest utility for power transmission between shafts.
Belts are used with pulleys in drives; to help prevent various machines from overloading or jamming, and....
Used in many logging, farming, and mining situations, transmission belt is commonly used when high speed is needed.

Talimas carries a complete range of transmission belt sizes....
Link Belts are made from separate links that can be easily detachable to adjust their lengths to suit your application.
The unique material allows Link Belts to have high....
Talimas offers BOTH options of Open-Ended Rubber Conveyor Belts, as well as endless through splicing process: cold splicing & hot press.

For further info, please do feel free....
Rubber belt conveyors are commonly used to transport materials from Point A to Point B, as this is the most versatile and least expensive conveyor product.
In order to transport....
Roller Chains are designed for transmission of mechanical power on industrial machinery, such as wood industry, ceramic, cement, metallurgy industry, etc. They reduce friction in....
The lifetime of a belt drive depends on many factors; one of which is belt tension, pulley alignment, etc.
Therefore, it is essential to take preventative measures, using belt....
DID is the no. 1 brand for motorcycle chains in the world.

For stock info & quotation advice, please do feel free to contact us at talimas@ gmail.com
Chain Puller helps hold Roller Chain together during installation, so that user can place chain links with ease.

Talimas has all the sizes of chain puller tools in stock, ....
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