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Nomor telpon Tn. Rian di Jakarta Selatan
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Nomor ponsel Tn. Rian di Jakarta Selatan
Menara Rajawali Lt. 7.1. JL. DR. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12950, Jakarta
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GL2800 is designed for use in any live sound application, including theatres, music venues, houses of worship, festivals, corporate AV, stadiums, etc. With its neat, intuitive layout and straightforward analogue technology, clean audio and high dynamic range, its performance easily rivals that of the best digital consoles.


• 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 channel frames
• LR and M mix buses
• 8 Audio groups with pan and routing to LR and M
• 10 Auxes including a dedicated stereo send
• 2 multifunction stereo channels each with mic and stereo line inputs
• 2 dual stereos provide an extra 4 summed or independent stereo returns
• Fully featured 12x4 Matrix
• Proper dual functionality for FOH/ Monitor mixing
• Recording capable with channel direct outputs
• M can be used for LR mono sum, engineers wedge, or centre/ sub mix
• Matrix external inputs with level trims and common input capability
• Stereo channel mic inputs can cross patch into matrix for ambience feed
• Responsive 4 band, 2 sweep EQ
• 100Hz channel high pass filters
• Individual phantom power and polarity switching
• Wide angle channel and master meters
• Dedicated stereo monitor meters
• Per channel pre/ post fader aux switching for full flexibility
• Recessed pre/ post-EQ aux switching per channel
• ` Internal jumper plugs for aux, direct out and other options
• Mutes on all fader masters
• 100mm dust protected faders
• Assignable talkback to all outputs
• 1kHz oscillator / pink noise generator with external output
• 2-track monitoring and replay to LR
• 3 headphones/ earpiece sockets and local monitor outputs
• Electronically balanced XLR outputs with + 26dBu drive capability
• Preamp 74dB range with + 34dBu input capability for mic or line
• Ultra low noise mix head amp design
• Uses external linear power supply
• Built-in combiner for redundant backup supply
• Metal jacks, gold-plated XLRs, sealed pots and switches
• Individual circuit card assembly with nutted pots
• Solid copper bus bar grounding
• Sys-Link V2 console linking option
• 4-pin lamp sockets
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