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PT. Shaftindo Energi ( EPCI ) is national General Contractor highly specialized in Supply Materials / equipment, Maintenance / Repair Services, Fabrication, Labor Supply, Civil Work, Mechanical Piping & Structur Work, Electrical & Instrumentation Work, Engineering Services and Construction, to the Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Building Construction and Other Heavy Industries.

PT. Shaftindo Energi have fabrication yards is occupied with a complete set of precision equipments, electrical tools, instrumentation equipments, insulation, machining area, blasting/ painting area, maintenance shop, warehouse & storage room, tool room, electrical room, X-ray area, Dark room and other supporting facilities.
which based in Bekasi Jawa Barat Indonesia.

PT. Shaftindo Energi has implemented a full commitment of ISO 9001: 2008 standards applied in all its working procedures since 2007. ISO 9001: 2000 allows Shaftindo Energi offer the highest quality control and assurance for its products and services throughout the working process. PT. Shaftindo Energi also in the process OHSAS 18000

PT. Shaftindo Energi shops contain a variety of precision equipment capable of working to tolerances that will Satisfy your most stringent specifications. PT. Shaftindo Energi available to experienced in the following :
Technical service for
Engineering / Design, Construction and Commissioning.
Steel Fabrication & construction
Piping Fabrication & Installation
Electrical & Instrumentation Work
Welding Services and Labor supply

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