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Hasil Cari 79276-79290 dari 308833
Jual : OTDR YOKOGAWA AQ-7275  18 Jun. 2013, 11:02:58

OTDR YOKOGAWA AQ7275 The AQ7275 Series Optical Time Reflectometer ( OTDR) is ideal for use in a wide variety of optical fiber installation and maintenance applications. Increased efficiency and a....

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  • Jual : OTDR ANRITSU MT-9083A / MT-9083C  18 Jun. 2013, 10:59:19

    OTDR Anritsu MT9083 Until now, installing and maintaining optical networks required technicians to carry a variety of equipment which was not only cumbersome, but also expensive. Hearing this common....

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  • Jual : SPLICER SUMITOMO T-81c  18 Jun. 2013, 10:56:59

    TYPE-81C direct core monitoring fusion splicer was developed on the basis of the concept of " ultra fast splicing in every environment." While compact, lightweight, rugged and durable, the TYPE-81C....

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  • Jual : SPLICER DVP-730  18 Jun. 2013, 10:51:18

    Description : The DVP-730 is used in various working conditions for field fiber splicing and can splice any type of fiber optic cables. The device is supplied with a kit of miscellaneous tools and....

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  • Jual : OTDR OPX-150  18 Jun. 2013, 10:48:06

    FUNCTIONS Optical time domain reflectometer ( OTDR) Optical Laser Source ( LS) and Power Meter ( PM) FTTx ready Passive Optical Network ( PON) testing Maximum 4 wavelengths, single mode and....

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  • Jual : Kabel Coaxial Rg6, Kabel Belden RG6 75oHm, Belden RG6 Coaxial, Kabel Repeater, Kabel Radio....  18 Jun. 2013, 10:46:00

    Kabel Coaxial RG-6 High Quality Merk Belden 9916S Info Hub : Aman 021 91052776 / 0856 730 9154 Kabel RG-6 iner tunggal impedansi 75 ohm ( cocok untuk kabel RF) Repeater, Pemancar TV, ....

    Penyedia: Anggota SMS Avtech Tunggal Mandiri [Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia]
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  • Jual : SPLICER FUJIKURA FSM- 12s  18 Jun. 2013, 10:45:07

    SPLICER FUJIKURA 12s Fujikura 12S Fusion Splicer The Fujikura 12S is the world’ s smallest, lightest and most portable fusion splicer available today. Despite its incredibly small size, this....

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  • Jual : ELECTRODA SPLICER FUJIKURA 60s, SUMITOMO T-39  18 Jun. 2013, 10:41:51

    ELECTRODA Fusion Splicer ( Fujikura 60s, Sumitomo T-39) Electrodes Fusion Splicer ( Fujikura 60s, Sumitomo Type-39) Meet and exceed specifications required for the Fiber Optic industry. 100% ....

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  • Jual : Fujikura CT-30 High Precision Fiber Cleaver  18 Jun. 2013, 10:38:48

    Fujikura CT-30 High Precision Fiber Cleaver Introduction: The CT-30 Cleaver sets the standard for portability, reliability and ease of use. Available for either single fiber or ribbon splicing ( ....

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  • Jual : SITE MASTER ANRITSU S331L, NEW  18 Jun. 2013, 10:35:06

    The Site Master S331L is an all inclusive 1-port cable and antenna analyzer covering the 2 MHz to 4 GHz range, with a built-in InstaCal™ module and a built-in power meter. Standard measurements....

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  • Jual : SITE MASTER ANRITSU S331E  18 Jun. 2013, 10:03:21

    To keep up in today ˝ s rapidly evolving wireless communications market, you need tools that enable you to efficiently maintain legacy networks in addition to the new 3G and 4G networks now being....

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  • Jual : SITE MASTER ANRITSU S332E  18 Jun. 2013, 10:00:49

    SITE MASTER ANRITSU S332E Spectrum Analyzer Description: To keep up in today' s rapidly evolving wireless communications market, you need tools that enable you to efficiently maintain legacy....

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  • Jual : GIGEBIT ETHERNET & RESPONDER ( IP TESTER)  18 Jun. 2013, 9:56:58

    GIGEBIT ETHERNET & RESPONDER The GigE Responder provides loopback functionality in a low-cost, palm-sized platform that is the perfect companion to the SunSet MTT Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet....

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  • Jual : BERTEST SUNLITE E1  18 Jun. 2013, 9:54:19

    Weighing a mere 0.3 kg, the SunLite E1 is the world' s smallest full-featured handheld 2.048 Mbps transmission test set. The SunLite E1 simplifies 2.048 Mbps E1 testing while providing more....

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  • Jual : BERTEST E1 Grandway Error Bit Rate Tester  18 Jun. 2013, 9:21:09

    BERTEST E1 Grandway Error Bit Rate Tester Grandway E1 Error Bit Rate Tester FHE-1 is a hand-held equipment of the international standard, which is approved by telecommunication measuring center of....

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