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PT Saberindo Pacific
PT Saberindo Pacific
NIAGARA - Floating Pump
NIAGARA - Floating Pump
Low weight and small dimensions
in relation to high performance
at extremely low fuel consumption
Simple construction and simple operation
- reliable in action
Dry-work possibility
Long life (graphite-ceramic)
mechanical seal
Self-suction ability
Pumping out to the level of 1 cm
Unsinkable - glass fibre float filled
with heavy duty polyurethane foam
Modern sharp of float causes high
displacement enabling low drought
Possibility of pumping out of highly
polluted water
There is no need of inconvenient
Powered by HONDA engine
having world-wide service network
Engine equipped with automatic
revolutions controller ensuring
the set pumping efficiency

Niagara 1
Niagara 1

Ideal for fire services, emergency services, utilities, forestry, construction, mining, agriculture, civil defense, service ports, waterways, etc.
Small size allows connection of....

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