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Timbangan Gantung Kenko KK-300 H
Timbangan Gantung....

Harga: USD 4,000.00 / Set

Product Description
KK-300H merupakan timbangan gantung ( Crane Scales) yang sudah dilengkapi dengan body anti air ( waterproof casing) dengan demikian anda bisa menggunakan....

Timbangan Digital Kenko KK-500 FL
Timbangan Digital....

Harga: USD 5,000.00 / Set

Product Description
KK-500FL Menggunakan Display LED dengan Layar LED Back light berwarna grey
Kapasitas 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 20 Ton Komunikasi RS-232, Optional Ethernet, Koneksi....

SW-1RS POS Interface Scale,  10LB or 20LB By CAS Balance
SW-1RS POS Interface....

Harga: USD 3,000.00 / Set


AP-1 Price computing scale, 30LB or 60LB By CAS
CL-5000B Label Printing Scale By CAS
CL-5000R ( with pole display) Label Printing Scale By CAS
EB Series 60LB....

Timbangan Digital Kenko KK-300 W
Timbangan Digital....

Harga: USD 3,000.00 / Set

Timbangan KenkoKK-300W ialah produk bertipe timbangan duduk alias bench scales yang mampu menimbang berat 30 hingga 500 KG

Categories: Timbangan Badan, Timbangan Berat, ....

MB Series Moisture Analyzer
MB Series Moisture....

Harga: USD 4,000.00 / Set

Specification MB35
Capacity 35g
Readability 0.02% / 0.002g
Sample Size 3g to 20g typical, 0.5g min.
Output Bidirectional RS-232 w/ GLP/ GMP
Heating Technology Halogen....

PID Microactivity Effi Reactor
PID Microactivity....

Harga: USD 230,000.00 / Set

the advantages and explores the operation of Particulate Systems PID Microactivity-Reference Reactor, the most advanced modular microreactor laboratory system in the world for....

Particle Insight Dynamic Image Analyzer
Particle Insight....

Harga: USD 90,000.00 / Set

Typical Particle Insight Applications

Oil Contamination
Early detection of wear particles in lubricating
and hydraulic fluids is critical to having a

MA-1040 Magnetic Analyzer
MA-1040 Magnetic....

Harga: USD 300,000.00 / Set

System Concept
The MA-1040 Magnetic Analyzer
utilizes two matched air core coils,
one as a reference, and the other
receives the sample material to
be analyzed. The coils....

DVS Intrinsic
DVS Intrinsic

Harga: USD 120,000.00 / Set

DVS Intrinsic – Compact and Economical
Dynamic Vapor Sorption System

he easy-to-use solution to complex water
sorption challenges from SMS:
• High quality water....

DVS Advantage
DVS Advantage

Harga: USD 120,000.00 / Set

Dynamic Vapor Sorption with the Advantage
VS Advantage combines the best in
microbalance, gas flow and vapor
measurement technologies to deliver
unsurpassed performance in....

HEL Subsieve AutoSizer
HEL Subsieve....

Harga: USD 90,000.00 / Set

Crystallisation & Particle Sizing
Powder sizing by air-permeability
Improved Performance — the same data. HEL’ s Subsieve AutoSizer ( SAS) adds automated functions and

CF-10 Gas Purifier
CF-10 Gas Purifier

Harga: USD 300,000.00 / Set

Spesifikasi :

Chemical Reagents
Lecosorb, Anhydrone
Catalyst Materials
Oxygen Carrier:
Inert Gas Carrier:
Copper Oxide
Charcoal, Copper, Zirconium....

FP-528 Protein Analizer
FP-528 Protein....

Harga: USD 70,000.00 / Set

Highlight :


To enhance safety and convenience, reagent and reduction tubes are located on front side of the....

GR-20 Coarse Grinder
GR-20 Coarse Grinder

Harga: USD 40,000.00 / Set

The LECO GR-20 is a high-speed, heavy-duty,
wet or dry grinder engineered to quickly
accomplish the coarse grinding stage. It can be
used to prepare large or small samples for....

PR4X Mounting System LECO
PR4X Mounting System....

Harga: USD 500,000.00 / Set

Mounting Press

The PR4X mounting press creates high-quality samples efficiently and easily. Advanced features include a digital interface with durable stainless steel....

RC612 Multiphase Carbon and Hydrogen/ Moisture
RC612 Multiphase....

Harga: USD 120,000.00 / Set

Hihglight :


A block design with larger, more robust tube end makes installing the combustion tube quick and easy.

RHEN602 Hydrogen Determinator
RHEN602 Hydrogen....

Harga: USD 120,000.00 / Set

For over 70 years leading companies around the world have
recognized LECO as the authority in rapid elemental determinators.
Featuring state-of-the-art solid-state thermal....

SS-200 Grinder/ Polisher LECO
SS-200 Grinder/ ....

Harga: USD 35,000.00 / Set

SS200 Grinder/ Polisher
Grinder/ Polisher for
Low- to Medium-Volume Laboratories

The SS200 is a variable-speed grinder/ polisher with simple operation ideal for low- or....

Nitrogen/ Oxygen Determinator TC500 Series
Nitrogen/ Oxygen....

Harga: USD 120,000.00 / Set


TC500C Nitrogen/ Oxygen Determination with Windows® -based operating software, PC, and flat panel display
RO500C Oxygen Determination with Windows® -based operating....

Precision Diamond Saw VC50 LECO
Precision Diamond....

Harga: USD 40,000.00 / Set

Feature :
0 to 500 RPM variable-speed selection
Precision micrometer in inches or millimeters for accurate positioning of samples
Complete with a 5-inch ( 127 mm) x 0.014-inch....

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