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PT EPChem ( EPChem International Pte Ltd)

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PT EPChem ( EPChem International Pte Ltd)
PT EPChem ( EPChem International Pte Ltd)
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PT EPChem ( EPChem International Pte Ltd)

EPChem International Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based marketing and distribution company with subsidiaries in Jakarta ( PT EPChem) and China ( Shanghai EPChem) as well as representatives in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Established in 1992, EPChem supplies special performance chemicals in the Asia Pacific region dedicated to the area of wax and its related products.

EPChem has a diverse and comprehensive product range including:
Liquid paraffin
Petroleum jelly / petrolatum / vaseline
Paraffin wax
Fischer Tropsch wax
Microcrystalline wax
Polyethylene wax
Polypropylene wax
Styrenic Block Copolymer
Vegetable wax
Natural wax
Personal Care Ingredients
Purging Compounds
Processing Aids

With the range of comprehensive product we offer, we provide one stop shop experience to our customers from various applications including adhesive, sealant, coatings, bitumen modification, carbon rod, film packaging, plastic molding, masterbatch, EPS, PVC compounding, candle, textile, rubber compounding, MDF board, matchstick, personal care, pharmaceutical, food coating, TTR, gum base, polishes etc.

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