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From humble beginnings as a trading company, Duta Firza fight and decide to become players in the Oil and Gas sector.

Nearly 30 years in this industry, Duta Firza capitalize developing its existence, grow and to retain business for the long term.

Today Duta Firza, With Our services include end to end solutions for oil and gas industry from upstream to downstream, from the full supply to the Engineering Procurement Contract ( EPC) . We have been serving energy companies in Indonesia.

By Upstream and Duta Firza work together under a joint operation contract with Pertamina EP to operate the oil and gas field in East Kalimantan.

Duta Firza have growth outlook in the eastern part of Indonesia as a potential market of Oil and Gas, then, we have been given as an official partner with Pertamina to Build and Operate Owned a LPG terminal in Makassar.

Duta Firza will continue to develop sustainable business in the field of Oil & Gas, and now Duta Firza Exclusive Distributor Ashcroft Indonesia Pressure Gauges and Temperature Gauges

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