Pensky Marten Flash Point Closed Cup

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Rukan Mitra Matraman Blok B-12 , Jl. Matraman Raya No. 148, Jakarta
Indonesia 13150

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Test Methode :
For flash point determination of fuels, lubricating oils, liquids containing suspended solids and liquids that tend to form a surface film during testing.


  • Conforms to ASTM D93 and related specifications

  • Choice of electric or gas heating

Determines flash points of a wide range of products by a closed cup method with two option speed stirring of the sample. Extensively used in shipping and safety regulations for detection of contamination by volatile and flammable materials in fuel oils and lubricating oils, and for characterization of hazardous waste samples.

Smooth operating cover mechanism slides shutter open and applies test flame at the turn of a knob. Cover fits over brass test cup and includes pilot flame, test flame reference bead, built-in stirrer and plated brass thermometer ferrule.

Electrically heated model is equipped with a 1000W nickel-chromium heater with stepless variable control for accurate, repeatable temperature rate of rise settings per specifications. Heater unit is enclosed in a stainless steel housing with cooling vents. Includes line cord receptacle and switch for accessory slow speed stirrer.

Gas heated model has a built-in nickel plated brass natural gas burner, or can be supplied with an artificial gas burner or liquid propane burner. Both models are mounted on a sturdy cast iron base.

 Technical :

  • Dimensions 240 x 200 x 570 mm

  • Net Weight: 10.9kg

  • Conforms to the Specifications: ASTM D93; AASHTO T73-811; IP 34; ISO 2719; DIN 51758; FTM 791-1102;NF M 07-019 Electrical

  •  220-240V 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 3.4A 

Stirrer Motor

• Two speed operation
• Mounts in base of Pensky-Martens tester

Slow speed gear motor with twin pulley rotates stirrer of Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Tester at 115 RPM for the basic procedure or at 250 RPM for suspensions of solids and highly viscous samples.

Chuck accepts flexible stirrer shaft of flash tester.

Includes adjustable support bracket and mounting rod with threaded end for easy installation in base of K16273 or K16000 flash tester, and three-conductor line cord and plug.




Rukan Mitra Matraman Blok B-12 , Jl. Matraman Raya No. 148 Jakarta 13150

Tlp : 8512595 - 85918154 - 85902391-85918155

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