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* Compact and lightweight but tough and very portable, weighs only 6.7kg including the cassette recorder.
* Maximum output power of 25W through the built-in 2 way speaker.
* Optional UHF or VHF wireless tuner using advanced space diversity system for ideal, wide-ranging reception.
* Input volume and tone control for microphone input / AUX input.
* External speaker output for connecting external speaker ( 8-16© , rated 20W) for total output power of 50W, using both speakers.
* Continuous operation for approx. 24 hours ( using alkaline batteries, non-cassette mode)
* Cassette deck ( WA-1822C) features 2-track / 1- channel monaural operation with recording function, playback volume adjustment, tape speed control and auto-reverse.
* Built-in storage for wireless / wired microphones on the back

Power Requirement AC mains, 50/ 60Hz
Batteries ( dry cells) ; 8 pcs. ( R20P or " D " )
Power Consumption AC: 46W ( rated output)
Rated Output AC: 20W ( Max. 50W with EXT SP.) DC: 8W
Battery Life Batteries ( dry cells) : Approx. 6 hours
Frequency Response 70 - 10, 000Hz ( deviation 3dB)
Distortion Less than 10% ( rated output)
Input Wired mic: -48dB* , 600© , unbalanced type, phone jack
AUX: -20dB* , 10k© , unbalanced type, pin jack × 2 ( monaural)
Output External Speaker: 8-16/ over/ 20W of rated input, terminal
" Internal speaker and external speaker " or
" external speaker only " ( selectable)
Line/ Rec.: -10dB* , 1k© , phone jack
S/ N Ratio Better than 70dB ( rated output)
Antenna Rod antenna
Cassette Deck Section Reproduction System Auto-reverse
Track System 2-track/ 1 channel ( monaural)
Usable Tape Normal tape
Recoding Method AC bias
Erasing Method AC erasure
Tape Speed 4.8cm/ sec.
Wow and flutter 0.2% WRMS
Fast Forward/ Rewind Time Approx. 100 sec. ( C-60 tape)
Internal Speaker 20cm full range speaker + tweeter
Operation Temperature AC: -10º C to + 50º C
DC: 0º C to + 40º C
Finish ABS resin, light gray
Dimensions 298 ( W) × 460 ( H) × 200 ( D) mm
Weight 6.7kg
Accessory Power cord ( 2m) × 1, Dust cover × 1, Screwdriver × 1
* 0dB = 1V

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Nama:Tn. FenLie [Pemilik/Pengusaha]
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Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. FenLie di Jl. Angkasa Kav B6, Kemayoran, Jakarta - Pusat (Samping PRJ / Pasar Mobil Kemayoran)
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. FenLie di Jl. Angkasa Kav B6, Kemayoran, Jakarta - Pusat (Samping PRJ / Pasar Mobil Kemayoran)
Alamat:MGK Mega Kemayoran Ruko Blok F No. 10B
Jl. Angkasa Kav B6, Kemayoran, Jakarta - Pusat (Samping PRJ / Pasar Mobil Kemayoran) 10610, Jakarta
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