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Tn. Hasan [Direktur/CEO/Manajer Umum]

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Jl. Raya Baliwerti No. 119 - 121 Kav. 9 Bubutan
Surabaya 60174, Jawa Timur

Menjual Kunci Hotel atau Hotel Lock murah, access cotrol dan Sidik Jari, Fingerprint Lock
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Hotel Lock ADEL 737UMB1003-PP
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Negara AsalChina


Kunci Hotel murah dengan kualitas bagus, telah terpasang diberbagai hotel di Kalimantan, Ambon, Sulawesi dan terutama di Jawa Timur.

Specifikasi :

British Style. Solid brass handle and solid brass cover .

Lock system can be linked with the reception desk of management system of Germany Fidelio company, we have obtained the permission certificate from Fidelio company.

Magnetic card as key card, take the advantage of low cost and easy operation. The card can be taken away by guest, so that spread the hotel logo widely, and prevent infectious disease for there is no repeated card using.
1. Multi-purpose card can be developed from magnetic card, to support lock system and hotel consumption system as credit card, to realize no-cash consumption.
2. Perfect key card management, 14 types function cards under 5 management levels, with clear authority.
3. Current latest 864 pcs unlocking records can be stored in " Black box " in the lock, guarantee the security management.
4. With ADEL encoder controlled by ADEL software to encode, erase, encrypt and set the IC cards.

Alarm function: long beep alarm will warn the guest or waiter, when the latches of the lock is maliciously operated or the door is not closed properly by guest.

Normal-open state can be set for meeting.

Outside handle is fixed while in locking state, the handle can be turned only in unlocking state.

Deadbolt indicating: as deadbolt draw out, LED will flash in red to show someone in the room .

Suitable for four or five star holiday with a large number of rooms.

Tersedia Type yang menggunakan Magnetic Card ( Kartu Magnetik) , IC Card ( Kartu IC) , Mifare ( kartu smart) .

Untuk informasi lengkap hubungi kami atau kirim email ke : kuncihotel@

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