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undervoltage and overvoltage protection MVTU 11 & 12

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The MVTU range of relays provides
definite time voltage protection with a
choice of three versions.
The MVTU 11 and 12 provide definite
time undervoltage and overvoltage
protection respectively and can be
employed for the protection of plant
and feeder systems. An application of
the MVTU 11 includes the protection
of induction motors against the
restoration of supply following the
loss or severe reduction in that supply.
The MVTU 12 can be used for the
protection of synchronous motors and
motors driving high inertia loads.The
relay has been designed to operate
over a wide frequency range. It can
be used for the protection of hydrogenerators
against overspeed.
The MVTU 13 is a definite time
delayed neutral displacement relay,
which is included primarily for the
earth fault protection of alternator
stator windings where the neutral is
earthed through a voltage
transformer or distribution
transformer, as shown in Figure 4.
The relay is designed such that its
response to third harmonic
frequencies is suppressed, thus
making it inoperative to the third
harmonic load imbalance which
normally flows in the generator
neutral. The applications of the relay
also include protection against
unbalance conditions in capacitor
banks and the detection of earth
faults in impedance earthed, solidly
earthed or un-earthed systems as
depicted in Figure 5.
The MVTU 18 is a definite time
delayed neutral displacement relay
virtually identical to type MVTU 13
with a second time delay starting
after the first has elapsed.

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