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ADIDAS GSG-9.2 Tactical Boots
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! ! ! ORIGINAL ! ! !
Standar Pasukan Khusus Jerman GSG-9 dan di[ pakai juga oleh para pasukan khusus lainnya di seluruh dunia.

A great JUMP boots and a good light weight PATROL and CQB boots !
Zero in on a tactical style advantage with this tough all-season boot. Made to serve and protect, it' s the same authoritative footwear worn by SWAT teams and Germany' s GSG9 special forces group.
It is not just great for urban training/ exercise/ protection. It will look good on you too!

The new boots for GSG-9 ( released Oct 2006) , which has been developed by Adidas together with worldwide Special Forces units.

Features :
* Full grain leather upper for comfort
* ClimaProof upper with seam-sealed membrane for water-resistance and breathability
* 3-Stripes saddle construction of abrasion-resistant adiTUFF material for superior midfoot support and protection
* High abrasion-resistant wrap insert in arch area for safer and extremely effective braking control during ' Fast Roping' assaults, Rope Assault Protection ( RAP)
* adiPRENE heel insert for comfort and shock absorption
* Engineered by Adidas, tactical outsole featuring Traxion outsole, a special lugs to aid traction lugs for ultimate grip on all surfaces.
* The supple leather gives a far greater maneuverability. The boots is very comfortable, very support, and very good grip.
* Imported

This Addidas GSG9 boot is great for training, tabbing, or just urban situations.
We have sold these to the Army and Police because they are great for driving too.

Warna : Hitam
Bahan : Kulit & Nylon
Ukuran : UK 5-14 / EU 39-48 / US 6-15
Stok tersedia : 39.3 ( US 6.5) , 40 ( US 7) , 40.7 ( US 7.5) , 41.3 ( US 8) , 42 ( US 8.5) , 42.7 ( US 9) , 43.3 ( US 9.5) , 44 ( US 10) , 44.7 ( US 10.5)

Berat netto : + / - 1.5 kg sepasang
Berat paket ( volumetrik) : 3 kg