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The FLIR T440 Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera represents thermal imaging’ s most ergonomic and flexible hand-held cameras to date. The FLIR T-440 features a rotating optical block that lets you point the lens up or down along a 120° axis while keeping the large 3.5” ( 89mm) color touch screen relaxed at eye level. Additionally, the flexiblity of the Flir T440 allows the user to scan targets from tough angles without stress. Using it' s high resolution sensor, with a resolution of 320 X 240 pixels, the FLIR T440 infrared camera arm users with superior infrared imaging resolution that works harder to reveal trouble spots.

The new FLIR T440 is a substantial upgrade from the previous T400 series, Introducing MSX Thermal Image Enhancement as a new capability. MSX Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging adds the detail of real-time visible spectrum images captured by the built-in digital camera to thermal spectrum images, providing extraordinary sharpness, contrast and clarity previously unavailable in thermal imaging. The MSX enhancement funtion of the Flir T/ 440 instantly highlights where the problem area is for easier orientation to help customers and co-workers see what needs repairing. Other versatile imaging capabilities include scalable picture-in-picture and thermal fusion for easier image identification and added context. The Flir T-440 also uses a new parallax based auto-focus which operates at twice the speed of traditional auto-focus in thermal cameras.

High Thermal Sensitivity ( N.E.T.D) : < 0.045° C @ 30° C
Wide temperature range: -4° F to 2192° F ( -20° C to 1200° C) with ± 2% or 2° C accuracy
Focal Plane Array detector with 320 x 240 pixels infrared resolution ( 76, 800 pixels)
Measurement modes: Spot ( up to 5) , Area ( up to 5) , Isotherm, Hot/ Cold, Delta T
Interchangeable lens with 1X-8X continuous zoom
Manual/ Automatic focus camera with laser pointer, 3.5 " multifunction Touch Screen LCD display and 120° swivel lens
Built-in 3.1 Megapixel visible light digital camera with video lamp
Scalable Thermal Fusion and Picture-In-Picture ( PIP) , Voice/ Text/ Sketch Annotation & Image Sketching, IR Windows Correction, Instant Report, Periodic Image Storage
MPEG-4 Digital Video recording, Radiometric/ Non-Radiometric IR-Video Streaming ( via USB or Wi-FI)
Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging ( MSX) for details enhancement
METERLiNK™ Wireless communication & Wi-Fi connectivity for sending images and data to mobile devices ( iOS / Android)
SD card slot for image storage ( more than 1, 000 Radiometric JPEG images)
Complete with SD memory card, 2 rechargeable batteries, 2-bay battery charger, power supply, Bluetooth adapter, USB and video cables, stylus pen, lens cap, headset and hard carrying case
Includes FLIR Tools PC software for analysis of radiometric images